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Pairings: Tosh/Owen, Jack/Ianto, Gwen/Rhys


"Are you scared Ianto?" Jack smiled kissing him.

"Of what?" Ianto asked.

"Me" Jack kissed Ianto's jaw line

"Terrified." Ianto caught his mouth "But I really do think you should remember that we are in fact," he continued to kiss him "standing in front of the team in the hub." Jack kissed him again and turned around to see the truly terrified faces of the remainder of his team.

"That is truly disgusting Harkness." Owen frowned

"What is your next?" Jack ran towards him, he ran away and hid behind Toshiko who giggled as he kissed her neck, she turned around and kissed him back.

"Now that is disgusting." Jack stuck out his tongue

"Boss and the tea boy." Owen replied

"Genius and the doctor." Jack smiled, Gwen giggled

"What?" Ianto looked at her

"Nothing just feel a bit left out."

"Aww." Jack smiled wolfishly looking at Owen and Ianto, they all ran over to her theatrically, Jack and Ianto kissing her cheeks and Owen her hand

"You guys are disgusting, I'll get Rhys over here and show you how couple's kiss."

"No please." They all got down in begging positions "You see Tosh, so easy to control torchwood men." She smiled walking over Tosh.

"What shall we have them do next?" Tosh smiled

"Coffee and some lunch would be nice." Gwen smiled Owen, Jack and Ianto stood up

"Not happening." Owen looked at Tosh who took a step toward him putting her hand on his chin and whispering something into his ear. Owen smiled immediately walked into the kitchen

"Nice, not going to work on us though." Jack smiled

"You're sure about that?" Gwen smiled pulling Jack right into her

"Coffee?" He asked smiling

"Thing is that won't work on me." Ianto smiled knowing he had a point, the girls smiled stepping forward the same time

"No Ianto you're easy, you know those boys are in there trying to use your coffee machine right now." Gwen smiled at Tosh as Ianto ran into the kitchen.


Twenty minutes later Tosh and Gwen were sitting in the board room with a mug of coffee and some sandwiches, the boys sat down.

"How did you do that?" Owen frowned

"It's quite simple actually." Gwen smiled

"We get you to do whatever we want by telling you things that are never going to happen." Tosh smiled as Owen's face went into total dispair.

"So you didn't mean what you said."

"Ha no" Tosh laughed at him and Jack patted his back

"S'alright mate."

"I hate this." Owen sulked