so uhm basically here's the 411 on shit

a) yes i AM planning on updating this 4realz soon, i've just been uber busy you have to understand... i'm in a show for the summer and i have a life on top of it too. but i just reread this and i loled at myself, which is always reason for updation.

b) an anonymous reviewer informed me i'd been copied and i really wish they weren't anonymous cause i want to thank them a BAJILLION times. (THANK YOU SO MUCH LIKE REALLY YOU HAVE NO IDEA. im sooo glad someone told me). plaigarizing is NOT COOL. i wasn't able to see the lj -- it mustve been deleted? i'm not familiar with lj so ... idk -- but like, i wasn't even flattered that i'd been copied. ... okay i guess i was a little bit but i was mostly just FUCKIN HEATED that someone would do that. seriously? i fuckin wrote this. from my own head. i'm proud of it. like ... don't take credit for it, what the hell do you get out of it? "O YA DOOD I COULD COPY THIS FRUM SOMEONE ON FF LOL IM TH3 MAN"

... nope

c) uhhh anybody else see the season finale?

and um wtf who else is gonna die? F U jess


that is all. thanks for reading, sorry for the false alarm, whoever plaigarized can GTFO with liza minelli, glory to god in the highest

love you people
or, the ones who aren't plaigarizers

(review w/ your thoughts? anybody with me on all this crazy shiz? or you can just be angry for the almost-update... srsly, im sorry. i still love you guys though :D)