(A.N)well yeah it my first fanfiction so dont judge to hard and let me know what you think. soo yeah thanks duces

This is about Bella beging a badass and a hard to tame fiesty Puerto Rican and white girl she wild you name she has done it already.

Edward is a player and he want to tame Bella but it snt an easy girl to impress



"Hey Jamie just letting you know that am fine and I made it in one piece. Ugh it rain well am going straight to FBS. I won't be able to stop at your place sorry. Well…bye" I flipped my side-kick. I shouldn't be I should be dead. My phone started to ring.

I've become so numb I can't feel you there

Becoming so tired so much more aware

I'm becoming this all I want to do

Is be more like me and less like you

I answered it. "Hey Bells sorry I missed your call been busy what do you mean you're not coming? I haven't seen you in like forever"

"Jamie it only been a few months I just had to clear my mine. Am sorry I left like that"

"Don't be a lot of shit has happen"

"Yeah ugh tengo tantas ganas de ir me y nunca volver" great no am rampaging in Spanish. My Spanish blood is kicking in. (I want to runaway and never came back)

"Someone is mad…you only speak Spanish when you're mad so what wrong honey?"


"Yes there is. Spill it. By the way what the hell are you doing there in the first place?"

"My foster parents are being jack-ass and I guess there fed up of me running and coming back a week later" I couldn't help but laugh. My foster parent you got to hate them yeah I ran way a few time then they call the cops on me. It was either boarding school or juvie.

"Hey I could bail you out and make it look like a kidnap." I laughed leave it to her to find a retarded solution.

"Tempting but they got me on check so no. Beside I bet every teacher is going to report to the principal if I miss one day. They probably know my history" I wish she would come and bail me from this shithole.
"Hey Bells changing the subject but are you okay I mean after what happen to your mom I can't help but worry. You know she was like my mom. And well something going down here at La Push I don't know is I should tell you…."

"Jamie just spill it out damn you know I hate when you do that to me" god cant she just say it up front.

"Well a few guys want to get revenge. And I mean revenge." What the hell revenge won't do anything.

"What the fuck Jamie tell them to drop that idea. It doesn't concern them. And it has been over 6 months damn. Que idiotas lo que paso, paso maldita sea." My Puerto Rican heritage is showing again.

"Bella I told them it a bad idea. What the hell your mom was like everyone mom she kept us together during hard time. Of course it concerns us. How could you think that yeah it been 6 months but it feel like it was just yesterday so cut the shit and stop pretending like it never happen. Why don't you show your feels god you acting like your rock solid. But you and I know your dying inside or am I wrong?"

No answer. I can't show how I feel or they'll take pity the last thing I want to be a charity case.

"No answer huh? Well Isabella I'll talk to you later" the line went dead. She only called me by my first name when she's mad. Great. I pulled in to the parking lot in my Toyota Tundra right on the trunk was my Harley Davidson Sportster 883 Custom bike. At least when my mom died she didn't leave me empty handed that for sure. I checked in went to my room and settle everything. The room needs a major make over it all green and blue. Bright colors aren't really my style that for sure. After that I settle down I changed into a black mini skirt that went to my thigh and had two buckles on the side. It wasn't cold but I put on a black sweater that had bones on it comes with bones on the chest and arms, the hood can zip up over the head and it has two eyeholes for a full skull effect. The back has a skeleton arm and hand that comes up to the head. Inside it has a small hidden pocket behind the neck. I love that sweater. I then put on my Black Matte vinyl boots that feature 8 rows of handcuff buckles down the front. I looked in the mirror on I liked it. Am probably giving people the wrong message but fuck them. I probably won't be here for long.

My phone started to ring the caller Id read Jamie. I walked over to the window and relize it stop rain and the sun was out wow Forks really weird one point rain the next all sunny creepy.

"Hey Jamie am sorry about that it just that I don't want to talk about it am really sorry" I apologize.

"No Bella it okay I shouldn't have snapped like that but I called to wish you good luck and raise some hell. Be your badass self and don't give a fuck about anyone but yourself kay?" she sure knows how to give a pet talk.

"Don't worry, Jamie I think am giving them the message hold on I'll send you a pic." I took a quick mirror shot and send it "What you think?"

"Damn Bella, you going to get kicked out with that skirt. Thank god Jake goes to that same school he going to be your bodyguard and keep them boys away" she laughed "Hey is Jake there yet or what?"

"No he said he might come a little late he had to make a stop don't know where he at but am going to take a walk around and wait kay talk to you later honey bye"

"Bye" I headed out and walked around campus I found all my class they all looked that same. I went to the court yard a couple of people where laying on the grass and just talking. Some guy where throwing a football around. They were jocks you could tell right away by the way they played right in front of the girls and how the accidentally throw it near them so they can talk yuck they make me barf. I turned around and started to walk to the parking lot I had to check on my car.


Ha I love days like this new girl which means fresh meat yum. Me Emmett and Jasper where throwing a football around impressing the girls that where chilling on the grass. These girls where so easy so far we have three dates this Friday. I was scanning the court yard when I notice these sexy ass girl yeah she was dressed in black and looked Goth but damn that black mini skirt and thigh high boots where breath taking. She had long black curly hair. Big brown eyes, and full lips. Nice creamy skin I like her, target set. We had to work hard because she was heading to the parking lot

"Hey Jazz, Em I have a new target" with my eye I showed them where she was. They nodded in approval and set the plan. Em was going to throw the ball and am going to run to catch it and accidently fall on her. Simple and yet affected. We then got ready.


This is hell it hell most defiantly I need to get out. Hmm I wonder where Jakes at. I hope he gets here before tomorrow I don't want to spend my first day alone. I was leaving to the parking lot.

"Head up!" someone yelled behind be I turned around and saw a football coming straight at me. The football was coming closer hmm I hope I don't break my ass but here it goes. I jumped and caught it before it hit me. Three guys came running to me. Great. I tossed the football in the air and caught I was playing with. That the oldest fucking trick they throw it and someone ran's into me by accident so stupid can't they think of a new one I turn to the three jocks. The where hot, nice and tall with muscles. One of them the tallest had blue eye, and a buzz cute not big fan of them but he looked good, nice body too muscular but not like those nasty bodybuilders. The second one had nice eyes they were bluish and grey nice silky blond hair and nice body as well. And the last one was a O.M.G one he was extremely hot I had to give him that emerald eyes and bronze hair that had that messy look but of course he had a body like a god. One thinks for sure that they can get any girl they want with their looks. They finally reached me and stood in front of me eww there looking at me like am a piece of meat. Jerks. Hmm I could throw the ball back and go to my truck it not that far really just a few feet's. No am going to face them.

"Whoa guys that were a really original trick let me guess you threw the ball." I pointed to the big one "you shouted 'heads up' " I pointed to the blond one "and you where suppose to accidently bum into me or am I wrong?" They looked liked I just shouted the biggest secret. "Hmm guess not well next time be more unique."

"You got it all wrong baby, it was an accident honestly good thing you caught it huh? Hey how about we make it up to you…well give you a tour and let you chill with us?" they big one asked. "Am Emmett by the way and you?"

Ugh he make me nausea "Me hanging out with you guys suppose to be an honor or something? And no thank you I have things to do. i don't give a shit what your names are like I want to get to know you guys, don't worry about my name hopefully this is going to be the last time we she each other." He got me mad who those he think he is. Fucking ass hole.

"Someone PMS-ing huh?" Emmett asked. He is so getting me mad right now.

"First of all who do you think you are you jackass" with that I slapped him across the face. His buddies looked at me in shock.

"Bella what the hell?" some shouted behind me I saw a black Harley pull over to the curb.