10 Ways to annoy Bleach characters!!!!

First: Ichigo Kurosaki

1. Call him strawberry.

2. Tell Rukia that he stole her Chappy underwear.

3. Laugh hysterically when she beats the crap out of him.

4. Make him sing and dance the hare hare yukai in cosplay.

5. Take his zanpacku-tou and chop down a tree with it.

6. Show him a Yaoi pic of him and Renji.

7. Tell Hiyori he's been slacking off.

8. Watch her smack him with a wooden sandal.

9. When he goes to Soul Society, make sure he ends up in the Eleventh squad.

10. Show him this list.

(I will not be held responsible for anyone who gets hurt while doing this. I didn't make you read this, I just put it here.)

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