How To Annoy Bleach Characters Chappie 4!!!!!!!

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How To Annoy Byakuya Kuchiki

1. Blame him for Hisana's death. Why am I the only one that thinks he did it..

2. Force him to read the fanfics about Rukia and Ichigo- all M-rated. I can just imagine his face…

3. Tell Yachiru he's her babysitter for a year.

4. Ask him if his shikai release is related to his sexuality.

5. Call him an arrogant pansy b_ _ ch. Hopefully you understand what the word is. Ha ha!!!

6. Tell Captain Zaraki he wants to fight to the death.

7. After he finishes drawing something, throw it in the trash. Please remain hidden for a while after this…

8. Tell him Yoruichi is better than him at shunpo.

9. Get Renji to seduce him.

10. Record the strange noises from his bedroom.

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