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Chapter 1

Bella's POV

A shrill siren like noise rudely interrupted my sleep.

"WHAT THE FU… OOF" my face was mushed into the floor when my annoying brother and sister Alice and Emmett Swan walked in, they looked around my room for a while until they spotted me on the floor. Emmett being the idiot he was burst out laughing. Even my pixie for a sister couldn't help but chuckle.

"Emmett Swan while the fuck are you laughing at me? Unless you want a black eye on our first day to school I suggest that you shut the hell up." I said each word dripping with venom.

That shut him up I thought smugly.

"Bellaaaaaa" a high pitched whining voice penetrated the air " Please let me choose your outfit I swear I won't drag you along any more trips to the mall. Pleasepleasepleaseprettypleasewithcherriesontop."

"Hmm Alice let me think for a while, hmm how about no. N, O, spells no. For god's sake if I let you pick the outfit for me I'll probably go to school looking like a freaking prostitute."

Alice looked away quickly so I wouldn't see the tears in her eyes, she ran off and I swear I heard a sob. Emmett looked at me with disgust for making his precious little sister cry.

Right now I probably seemed like a cold-hearted bitch but it wasn't my fault. What could I say I wasn't a morning person and unlike them I couldn't forgive Renee my mom for running off with my FREAKING GYMNASTICS TEACHER I MEAN WHAT SORT OF MOTHER DOES THAT??? A whore or slut maybe but my mother. This just didn't seem right.

So now because she couldn't put up with us she has shipped us off to Charlie. Our father. I don't mind the place we live in because it's practically a mansion and my room naturally was filled with black. Black bed, black coloured walls, black flat screen plasma, black laptop, black desk, black closet filled with hoodies, leather jackets, shirts and a variety of ripped and skinny jeans.

I looked into the mirror. I saw a tomboy with brown boy like hair that covered one eye, my eyes plain brown with dirty flecks of yellow. I know weird right. The eye that was covered by hair a bright aqua colour.

"ISABELLA MARIE SWAN COME DOWN HERE THIS MINUTE" I saw my father Charlie look mad his face bright red and my brother and sister next to him. My sister the beautiful petite one with short black hair and large grey eyes currently filled with tears. My big brother Emmett with his massive figure and warm brown eyes narrowed at me with anger.

"Yeh I'm hear you geeze I'm coming what's the fuss all about?" I asked as I went down the stairs.

"What is this I'm hearing insulting your sister this early in the morning and threatening Emmett I gave you money for martial art class, judo, fencing and pistol fighting not so you can take it out on your siblings but so you can protect yourself!!! Young lady. Now get ready for school and all of you find away to get to school by yourself."

"Fine dad I understand" I mumbled. Deep inside I was thrilled not by getting that short speech from Charlie no but I get to take my Black Ducat 12 out. I rushed into my room grabbed a black t-shirt with a skull and splattered blood in the background threw it on with a pair of black ripped skinny jeans. Seeing as outside in Forks it was pretty cold I grabbed a black leather jacket. Which matched my cross and skull on a chain. I grabbed my bag and went downstairs grabbed a piece of toast and stuck the ear phones of my I-phone touch 3G.

I raced down to the garage where I saw that Emmett's Jeep and Alice's canary yellow Porsche turbo 911 were gone. I slipped on my helmet, which was naturally black and sped off at 180 miles per an hour.

Chapter 2

Emmett's POV

What is wrong with Bella? I wondered. Before mom ran off with Phil she was happy, nice and caring. Though she still hated shopping.


"NOOO Alice I beg of you don't make me go to another sale please!!!!!" Bella was clutching my arm with a grip that shut off all blood circulation to my arm. Back then Bella still had long brown hair.

End of flashback

I chuckled. That was one of the good old times until I remembered how badly it affected her when mom left us for Phil.


Bella ran into the house "No Alice stay away from my closet!" I chuckled and I walked in and saw Bella was reading a note attached to the fridge her face getting paler with each moment. Tears started to pour down her face several emotions flickered across her face I caught some of them. Surprise, confusion, anger, pain, more anger and when it finally settled. Her face resembled one of someone who was told that they were going to be burned at the stake.

End of flashback

That was a year ago. In a year she had become a new Bella a darker unstable person. She burned any evidence of mom from her life. We only had one small album of mom, which Alice and I had hid from her. Whenever we tried to mention mom her face would go even colder and blanker.

Not until a horn blared at me did I realise that I was at the school. I found a parking spot next to Alice's Porsche. I stepped out of my jeep when I saw a beautiful blonde heading towards us with two men behind her. One was also blonde and seemed to be the main attention of Alice and another bronze haired boy.

Alice's POV

OH MY GOD when I first new that I was going to start a new school I all but died what about my friends I though at first. But now a blonde, tall, god was walking towards me. I am so gonna love this new school.

Chapter 3

Emmett's POV

" Hey, I'm Rosalie these are my brothers Jasper" she pointed to the blonde guy behind her "and Edward" which was obviously the bronze haired boy. Suddenly a loud squeal of tyres against the road came extraordinarily fast towards us suddenly a black Ducats 12 was next to my jeep. Ahh Bella the same as ever. She took off her helmet and glared at me. When suddenly two girls came up to her. One a dirty blonde said in a sad attempt to be seductive.

"Hey handsome, nice ride you new here? Why don't we show you the way to the office and then I might be able to help you after."

Was it just me or did I hear a double meaning to that?! No one talks to my baby sister like that! I growled. A flash of annoyance, impatience and disgust crossed Bella's face. She snapped " No thanks let me state some rules rule one getting your groping hands off me, two don't touch my ducats 12, three stay the hell away from me unless you hear me asking for a slut got it?"

The two girls quickly backed away with fear. While Rosalie, Edward and Jasper burst out laughing however Alice and me stayed quiet we knew how unpredictable she could be.

Bella's POV

I arrived at school and took of my helmet when two girls came strutting up to me. The dirty blonde said in a voice that was clearly her poor attempt of being seductive "Hey handsome, nice ride you new here? Why don't we show you the way to the office and then I might be able to help you after." What the fuck for god's sake I don't even know her and I'm a girl.

And as far as I know I am not a lesbian. I suddenly realised that her hands were getting quiet close to an area that if I were a guy wouldn't want her to be near. In a flash of anger I snapped at her " No thanks let me state some rules rule one getting your groping hands off me, two don't touch my ducats 12, three stay the hell away from me unless you hear me asking for a slut got it?"

I heard three people laughing one particular voice made me want to listen to it forever it was smooth and velvety. But in my anger I turned around and growled, " What the hell are you laughing about?"

I saw three people but one of them caught my attention the most. He had bronze coloured hair with emerald green eyes and perfect features he stopped laughing and his eyes widened in surprise.

" Umm do you know him?" I saw the Barbie girl ask my brother. Angered I said in a low hushed voice " First that is my brother and second I ain't a boy I'm a girl at least I was the last time I checked"

Edwards POV

Rosalie my sister spotted the new people and we decided to go and check them out. When we approached the two it seemed like they had fallen head over heels with my siblings. I chuckled quietly under my breath. Quickly after Rosalie introduced us I heard a squeal of tyres on a road. All of a sudden there was a black ducats 12 next to the jeep. The rider took off his helmet. And I saw an extremely handsome boy with brown hair that had high and low lights. Ranging from near black to reddish brown and dirty blonde. Only one eye was visible as his gorgeous hair hid the other but this one was a warm brown with flecks of gold. Though the eye seemed cold and hard at the same time.

OH MY GOD I thought when I realised my heart was pumping at an extremely fast rate no it can't be!!! Could I be falling in love with a boy???? I am when I realised that I wanted to run my hand through his amazing hair. That's when I noticed his perfect small nose and full, lush lips. OH DEAR LORD I CAN'T BELIEVE IT I'M FREAKIN GAY!!!

I didn't notice until they were next to him the dirty blonde Lauren and her idiot follower Jessica. Then I heard Lauren say to him " Hey handsome, nice ride you new here? Why don't we show you the way to the office and then I might be able to help you after." I cut off the growl before it could escape.

Who did that slut think she was that was my man not hers WAIT DID I JUST CALL HIM MY MAN??!!! WHAT'S WRONG WITH ME? Anger flashed across his beautiful face and a bell like voice answered them " No thanks let me state some rules rule one getting your groping hands off me, two don't touch my ducats 12, three stay the hell away from me unless you hear me asking for a slut got it?"

My siblings and I burst out in laughter. It was about time someone told them off apart from us three. But mainly I was laughing from relief of those girls not being his type. Then he growled at us "What the hell are you laughing at?" we all immediately stopped laughing. Even with a look of anger on his face I couldn't help falling for him.

Rosalie asked the large fit new guy in a timid voice "Umm do you know him?"

He was annoyed at something but what did Rosalie say wrong? " First that is my brother and second I ain't a boy I'm a girl at least I was the last time I checked"

The first emotion that settled on me was relief thank god I wasn't gay but next confusion why did he I mean she look so much like a guy? Then I suddenly realised why she was so angry when Lauren called her handsome and the double meaning sentence. The bell rang and everyone except the rider jumped. She just quickly grabbed her bag and made her way to the door, which said front office.

Her hair brushed to the side when I saw that the other eye was an aqua colour and had blue as well as green flecks.

Bella's POV

I stalked of to the tiny box that had a sign saying "Front Office" honestly why did those three idiots and two sluts think I was a boy? Seriously I don't reckon I look like one. And the nerve of that Barbie bitch. I opened the door that revealed a red hair secretary about the age of my great aunt.

"Excuse me, I need my schedule… oh and my brother and sister's too" She looked up at me and gasped also turning a bright red.

" Just wait a moment please" she squeaked, OH MY GOD did she just squeak and did I see LUST in her eyes? I never realised that so many people here were homosexuals. I thought as I she walked towards the bathroom. Once the door was closed I heard her muttering several things. "Oh dear lord, that boy is sooo handsome, why on earth am I even bothering to put make up on? I mean his young enough to be my son. Oooh but I just can't help it with that outfit and dangerous vibe coming off him I can't help my self. I think I'm getting…"

Ugh I did not want to hear the rest of that sentence. A light chuckle came from behind me and I saw that my siblings and their new 'friends' were in the office.

"I think you have a fan club" a voice close to my ear said. I looked in shock to see it was the handsome bronze haired boy. He looked even better up close! How is that possible? Oh god I'm starting to sound like the sluts that walked up to me.

The ancient secretary finally came out of bathrooms and sat down. She fluttered her mascara loaded eyelashes at me. Uncomfortable extremely uncomfortable. "Sooo, Mr Swan you want your schedule right?" she purred.

Dear lord what the fuck is she scheming wait scratch that I don't want to know.

"Well big boy I have them right here, and it seems you get great almost always perfect scores I want to know if your good at anything besides that?" her eyelids fluttered SHE DID NOT JUST SAY THAT!! "If you want the schedules come here and get them"

I sighed and walked towards her when all of a sudden she leapt at me, grabbed my face and smothered her lipstick painted lips on top of mine and stuck her tongue in my mouth!!!!!

Oh not to mention grabbed my ass. WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH HER?! I quickly grabbed the schedules off her and jumped away.

"Hmm come to the front office anytime you want" she purred contently. Well I'm glad she's content but I sure as hell wasn't I needed bleach, Listerine, anything I'll take it.

I saw Emmett trying to hold in his laughter. "WHAT?" I snapped. "Your face has bright red lipstick marks all over it" I was about to walk out when I saw practically half the school staring at me. "Oh shit" I muttered.

The girls were starring at me hell some were even primping themselves up. One girl came up to me and handed me a handkerchief "Thanks" I muttered as I wiped off all the lipstick on my face. I handed it back to her and continued walking. Out of the corner of my eye I swear I saw a bunch of girls all crowd around that single handkerchief.

Oh great first class is gym you gotta be kidding me.

Edward's POV

I walked in just in time to hear Mrs Cope the secretary mumbling something I think is best not to be repeated. By the look of pain on her face I could tell that the girl I was infatuated with clearly didn't want to either.