That girl.
That enigmatic, elusively touchable girl…

How did she suddenly seem to transform into me,
catching me unprepared and unsuspecting?

How did I not see her ebbing and flowing from my reality,
leaving my shores exposed, bare, scorched by the sun?

How did the wisps of her diffuse to then drown and disappear
in the nothingness of my sea of suppression and inattentiveness?

She became the shadow of me,
lengthening and thinning until indistinguishable
in the evolution of the day;
muting and evaporating
in the settling of night.

Gone is
the grace,
the laughter,
the joy,
the gentleness,
the sweetness,
the strength...
the love.

Truthfully, I mourn her,
as if no traces were left behind
to enrich me…
only the awareness of a difference
so stark as to instantly label:
Then and Now.

Gone is she.
Gone is me.

Because gone is he.