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"NOOOO! Charlie why? Why are you doing this to me?" I nearly screamed into my cell phone as I sunk to my knees, I was at the Cullens house and they were looking at me with weird expressions.

"C'mon Bells you're sisters." Like either I or her give a shit.

"Please don't do this to me. She ruins my life. Don't do this to me. I'm eighteen years old. Pleaasse." I begged.

"Sorry Bells but she's already coming...I told her yesterday." He said sheepishly.

"YOU DID WHAT NOW?" I shouted. The Cullen's covered their ears.

"S'rry Bells...and maybe I should tell you that she just got here. You'll be sharing a room. Say hi to your sister." He said. There was a pause and then a nasly voice said.

"Hi sis. I just wanted to let you know...that we'll be such great roomies. I hope you don't mind that I'm taking your bed until mine gets here." she sneered.

"You bitch!" I yelled. THe Cullen's looked at me with shocked eyes, I hung up my phone. I shut my eyes. "God why are you doing this to me? I will be a good girl from now on! I will read the Bible. PLease don't do this to me!" I shouted at the ceiling.

"Bella love what's wrong?" Edward asked.

"My twin sister, if coming to stay with me. Why oh why?" I said dramaticall. Edward swooped me up and put me on his lap.

"It won't be so bad....how long is she staying?"

"The rest of....are you guys ready for this....the rest of my life. Ugh!"

"Charlie has no clue what he's just coaxed into happening." Alice said shaking her head.


Edward took me home and when we went into the living room I saw boxes with my things in them on the living room floor. I ran up the stairs. My room was now covered in posters of Zac Effron. This could not be happening. She had her shoes on my bed. MY bed. Edward was by myside. Daniella had dyed her hair blond. Ugh. She was wearing a super short min skirt and a white tube top. Edward gagged.

"I know the feeling." I wihspered so low that only he could hear. He chuckled.

"Oh hey Bella!" Daniella said as she walked over to us. "Hey hottie." She said seductively to Edward.

"Hello...I'm Edward Cullen." He said never taking his eyes off me. "I'm Bella's boyfriend." She scoffed.

"Seriously your dating that hag?" I'm still in the room? What a ditzy bitch.

"Hello ditzy ass bitch I look just like you." I told her. "Minus the blond noodel hair." I told her.

"But I can wear it better." I rolled my eyes. Edward put a reassuring hand on my shoulder.

"But Eddie you need a real woman..."

"Bella is a million times more woman than you'll ever be." He told her.

"I highly doubt that." She said as she walked away.

"What did you do with my stuff?" I asked her.

"It was in my way so I boxed it up." I was angry she was pissing me the freak off. I started taking her things putting them back in the boxes.

"Bitch this is my room!" I yelled. "Go get a fuckin' apartment." I shouted. She glared at me and pushed me away from one of the boxes, Edward caught me and threw a baleful glare at Daniella.

"Maybe YOU should." She said. This was my room and I know she's not about to kick me out. I rolled my eyes.

"Kiss my ass you ditzy as bitch." I told her.

"THere's nothing to kiss."

"Look in the mirror." I told her. This was going to be horrible. Then Charlie came through the door.

"Hey girls I'm back!"

"CHARLIE!" I yelled angrily. Edward was right on my heels.

"THat b.. I mean that horrible wench packed up all my stuff and put it down here." I screeched,

"Oh come on. She wouldnt."Charlie said. I glared at him and pulled him to the living room.

"Oh..well maybe this is.."

"No she's trying to put me out of my room, now please do something about it before I knock her square out."