Disclaimer: This is a piece written in Edward's point of view from 'New Moon'. This work is credited to Stephenie Meyer.

My life was over now.

I had no reason to exist. My Bella was dead, and I was the cause of her turmoil. Her pain was my fault.

Bella had jumped off a cliff because I had left her to basically die. I had told her nothing but lies. What was worse was that I had led her to believe that I didn't love her. She had taken her last breath as she jumped off of that lonely precipice, thinking that I did not love her.

I lowered my chin and closed my eyes, rubbing my palms over my stone cold face. All I could see was the agony in her eyes and the defeat on her beautiful face when I muttered the poisonous words, "I don't want you."

And now, Bella was no more. She would never smile, laugh, or be loved ever again. I had hurt her enough for her to end her own life.

"My love," I whispered to myself, as I stepped into the shadows underneath the clock tower.

The warm sun rays crept toward me, like a puddle that was spilt near my feet. I wanted to die. I didn't deserve to live. Bella Swan was my soul, and now I would suffer as she did.

I peeled my eyes open slowly, and silently counted away the last seconds of my worthless life. This was it.

I took one step closer to the sunshine, anticipating a quick death. My shirt hung open and I stretched my arms, welcoming the hopeful chance that I would see Bella again, in another place. If only Carlisle was right that if I had a soul, I would soon join Bella again.

With five more seconds until the clock would chime, I pictured Bella in my mind and smiled. I could almost see her smiling back at me, her eyes shining with love.

I took another step, and another. I could feel the sun on my cheeks as I slowly put my right foot forward.

The clock tower's bell boomed once, twice, three times...

I could hear her voice, screaming my name in a distance. I knew she had found me, and now we would be together again.

Though Bella and I would be gone forever, our love would never die.

"Edward!" Bella's voice cried out again, this time closer. I could almost smell her now, her sweet fragrance. "Edward no! Look at me!"

And then her soft body was in my arms as she threw herself into me. I caught her and held her to me, inhaling her scent.

My lips spread into a faint smile.

I wrapped my arms tighter around her.

Then I opened my eyes and she was there, as gorgeous as ever. Bella was alive!

"Amazing," I murmured. "Carlisle was right." I lifted my hand to gently caress her cheek. To see the love in her eyes again was heaven. I didn't know how I had found her again, but I would never let her go, ever again.