Nother new fic, ain't you lucky? Or should I be running again? Well, this one can be blamed on my reading some more fics earlier. One that really caught my attention was a time turner fic, and it inspired me to write my own. I am in no waying trying to copy their ideas; I have my own plot that I think might make for an interesting fic. Hope you like!

Disclaimer: Harry Potter is not mine, and when it is introduced, the references to InuYasha will not either. I'm just coinciding a couple of ideas and trying to make a decent romance story for the enjoyment of my readers, and nothing else.

- - - - -

"Fine! Have it your way, I'm leaving. I'm sick of trying to deflate your ego, so go have a bloody blast where ever the Hell you want!" The door slammed loudly behind me, keeping him out as I started to pack. My trunk had opened automatically as the magic around me swirled dangerously.

I'd had it with Ron and his endless parades of boasting. Our trio defeated the Dark Lord. Big deal. It's over now, so he needs to grow up and realize that the fame we have now is not going to get us by for the rest of our lives. I don't even want the bloody celebrity status! But so long as he does... and so long as I'm with him...

Well, enough is enough. I'm not dealing with it anymore. It was with only slightly tearful eyes that I laid my ring down on the bed, the rest of my possessions having already flown into my trunk. With a flick of my wand it shrunk to a manageable size, and I left the room, pretending to ignore Ron's pleas as I left the burrow and everything my life had once held dear for me behind.

I want a new life. One with as few ties to my current life as possible. There aren't many things for me here anyway. Harry and Ginny are off the coast of Florida as part of Harry's auror work, and my parents... I miss them so much. Damn the man we trusted! Their secret keeper... if only I had been their secret keeper they'd still be alive.

The rest of my friends have had little to do with me since the end of the war. Considering how Ron acted towards them, I'm not surprised. After it was all over fame covered our trio like nothing else. Harry and I shrugged it off. Ron adored it. It made him into a jerk, and made me start to seriously regret asking his proposal after only a few days. I had thought then that it would all blow over eventually and just wait it off, but I just can't do it. I tried, Merlin knows I tried, but he cost me most all of my friends, and when I got the job at Hogwarts I had felt the need to hide the letter from him, lest he take away that bit of happiness, too.

It may not have been on purpose, but still... his pompous attitude and recent need to flourish his wealth just drove us all apart.

I have no one to turn to, except for my waiting position at Hogwarts.

* * * * *

"Now I know this may seem completely unorthodox, considering the end of the war, but it was suggested by multiple Order members that we begin a new teaching method at Hogwarts. That is why from now on we will have a class devoted to learning defensive spells, simple but effective hexes, and even some medical charms. If we ever have to face another Dark Lord uprising, then we want witches and wizards to know at the least the basics for defending themselves. There will be an advance level class whose students shall be chosen solely by the professor teaching it, although recommendations will be available as well. The class will be available starting with students in their third year or higher, as an elected class."

Professor Mcgonagall had decided the best way to introduce the new class was to explain the background to the other teachers first. To do so she had called together a special board meeting, to specifically discuss it.

There were a few random questions around the table, and a few objections. The only ones who felt it was a bad idea were those professors replacing some of the ones lost in the war, such as Flitwick and Firenze, and Professor Snape.

Mcgonagall raised her hand and silence descended upon the table. "There is no discussing as to whether or not the class shall happen or not. We have already selected who shall be leading the class, and once you have met her I believe you shall find that there is indeed no one more qualified to do so. Miss Granger, please step forward."

With tentative steps I allowed myself to be noticed for the first time, coming forward from my hiding place amongst the shadows. There was surprise amongst my new colleagues, definitely, and I saw the newest divination teacher shake her head wearily, a knowing smile playing upon her lips.

* * * * *

"Professor Granger, a moment if you would please."

I looked up startled, as Professor Divvy [(how original, ne?)] walked into my classroom. "Oh, Professor, may I help you?" Figuring it rude to continue working while we talked, I decided to let the remnants that had been my potted plant rest where they were until I was alone again. My next several classes were going to be dealing with aiming, if I wanted anything in my classrooms to live after my third year students got through with them.

"It may be callous of me to ask this, but I was wondering about Professor Snape."

The sound of his name made me flinch, the way it always did. It was not out of fear, or anything of the sort. It hurt to hear it.

Instead of showing my apprehension, I gave her a false smile, knowing she could easily see through it. "And just what were you wondering bout the late professor?"

This time she gave me a smile, and her eyes widened in a somewhat manic expression, showing that she knew something I didn't. "Ah, but you are wrong! He is not the late professor at all!"

"What are you implying by that? I watched the man die. There is no way possible for him not to be so."

She nodded enthusiastically. "Yes, of course, he is definitely dead."

My false smile disappeared. This woman was starting to severely irritate me. It was like she was making light of Snape's sacrifice. "Then what on earth are you implyingby saying he isn't the late professor? You don't make any sense."

"Of course not."

I just stared flabbergasted at her, and decided I'd had enough of it. Ignoring her, I went back to trying to clean what used to be a plant. Those disarming spells could get nasty.

"Are you going to ask me what I mean?"

"No. I figure if you really want me to know, then you'll just tell me anyway, and I'd much rather not have to play games and make light of his death."

She gave me a sad puppy dog face. "Well, that's no fun... and you're wrong."

"Oh, Merlin's beard! How am I wrong?!"

"He's not dead."

"You just agreed that he was! I watched him die, don't you dare say that he didn't... it's a disgrace to his memory."

"And you're insistence that his memory is dead is not?"

My breathing hitched. "No, I do not mean that his memory is dead..."

"You do not believe that you shall ever see him in the flesh again, do you?"

I shook my head. "It's impossible to... magic can't bring anyone back."

"If you could see him again, what would you do?"

"I would thank him. For everything he has done for us, and I would apologize... for everything we have put him through." Tears threatened to fall from my eyes as I thought about everything that man had sacrificed to give us a fighting chance. In some ways, I killed him. In some ways, I might have been able t save him, and in others there was never anything I could have done. The remnants of pottery I held shook violently in my grasp.

As if popping up out of nowhere, suddenly Divvy was standing right next to me; I never saw her move. Her face no longer held the annoying 'I know something you don't' smirk anymore, and for the first time was deadly serious. Her eyes were not focused on me, but on nothing in particular. "You shall be reunited with Severus Snape soon, through the help of an unlikely ally."

Her eyes focused, and I realized she had just pulled out of a trance. If her words hadn't bothered me so much as she spoke them, I may have thought that for once we had a decent divination professor. Instead, I just stared blankly at the mess I was cleaning for the longest time, never noticing that I was alone in the room once again.

- - - - -

Well, that's it for this chapter. Sorry it's so choppy at the beginning. This is basically a prologue and somewhat a first chapter for this fic. Hope you liked!