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"LouBoutin, what excellent choice you have, my dear!"

"I couldn't agree more. This will go spectacular with the red Vera Wang dress that we purchased last week from New York."

"Oh, good gracious, of course it would not! She would look like a clothes' hanger!"

Hyuuga Hinata blinked, not quite sure if she was insulted or whatnot. She merely glanced at the metallic high heeled shoes inside the shoe shop, not exactly wishing to get it for herself. In fact, she didn't enjoy buying things for herself. If it weren't for her father and the two ladies who claimed to be her aunt, she would have stayed at home and practice for their speech choir in two days.

It had always made her nervous—to stand in front of an audience.


"I'm off to school." Sasuke said, grabbing his backpack before walking towards the door.

"WHY YOU…" The older man ran towards him and held him by his nape. The younger boy dropped his books and coughed at the force. "IF I TELL YOU TO GET SOMETHING," he shouted right at his ear, "YOU SHOULD GET IT AT ONCE!" throwing Sasuke to the floor.

"You most certainly have a point there, Aiko-san. Besides, the red soles will be fighting with the red silk—hideous."

"Mhm, and she's too pale to save her own life." Aiko agreed. She snatched a mirror from her pocket and quickly looked at her reflection before entering the store. Hinata and her other 'auntie' followed. "What amazing shop you have here, Monsieur,"

The tall and dark shopkeeper walked into her. "It is our pleasure, Mademoiselle, what is it that I can do to help you?"

"My niece, Hinata would like to try out that one," she walked into the pair of shoes on the rack. "What is it called?"

"'Ron Ron', magnificent choice, Mademoiselle! It's available in three other colors. This one's the metallic leather, it's highly comfortable and intricately designed." He said.

Sasuke wiped his face and glared at his 'father.' "I said I'm going to school."

"Well I told you to get me some beer!"

He stood up. "Go get it yourself."

Fugaku punched him, sending him to the old, wooden floor once more. "You really don't learn, do you?" He said under his breath and clenched his knuckles. "What if you don't go to school?"

"Oh, Hanako, I just remembered the dress that I found by Monique Lhuillier, the white one with the black skirt from the Spring collection, that would be perfect on these Ron Ron."

Hinata blushed yet again. "A-ano—"

Aiko sighed. "So, Hinata-chan, the gathering is in two nights. Have your prepared yourself?"

She choked.

"Oh, not a very good answer." Hanako clicked her tongue. "You do know that your father will introduce you as the heiress of Hyuuga Group of Companies on that very night."

"She's right, Hinata-chan. That's exactly why we are helping you polish yourself! Two thousand guests have RSVPed, and your father is awaiting the reply of six hundred more. This is huge."

The pale-eyed girl blinked and looked away hesitantly. If she couldn't speak in speech choirs, how ever can she face more than two thousand guests as the heiress of her father's business?


by: FourEyedWanderer

In the real life, where he is in pain and she is in luxury, they meet. This is where each chapter begins a new life, a new chance, a new hope, a new sorrow.

"Look at that. He's at it again."

"He's really amazing."

"Top one, what a shock."

Soft murmurs spread throughout the hallway like it was some kind of a virus. The voices were amused, but barely surprised, as their owners looked at the list of class rankings in the trimester. It was only the first third of the year, but the results were fairly predictable, but the number of disappointments and successes were overwhelming still.

"He is the coolest."

"Only if he wasn't so distant…"

Hyuuga Hinata tiptoed so she could see, to no avail. The swarm of people—and tall people—was too much for her—and her height. Instead of trying to somehow go through them, she resorted to standing that the back of the crowd, waiting for the people to slowly leave and so she can find out her class ranking. She could even feel her heartbeat. She was dead nervous. Just what would her father say if she did not get a high rank?

"Hey Hinata-chan! Where have you been" called out a familiar voice. A blonde lady stepped out of the rally and ran towards her pale friend. "Have you seen your rank?"

She shook her head. "A-ano, m-my aunties brought me to get a pair of shoes."

"I see. I like your sweater today, by the way. I'm guessing it's Chan—" Yamanaka Ino arched an eyebrow, suddenly realizing something. "You're not actually waiting for them to disappear, are you?"

Hinata looked down.

Ino sighed. "You are." She said. "But then again, what are the odds? You can wait there all you want, but your rank still won't fail you."

The lavender-eyed girl immediately looked up. "Y-you s-saw my r-rank?"

"Of course I did! You're fifth in the batch!" She grinned. "Congratulations! You're really a smart one, Hinata-chan."

"O-oh…" Hinata frowned before sighing. Fifth. "A-ano, wh-who's th-the first rank?"

"Is that really necessary?" Ino asked. "Of course it's Sasuke-kun." She smiled. "He's been top one for nine straight semesters." She sighed dreamily. "If only he could tutor me, my rank will get higher, I bet! Oh, speaking of topnotchers, your cousin, Neji, he's top one in his batch, too."

She smiled. "R-really?"

"Yes. Anyway, I'll get going now. I have to scold Shikamaru. He got a rank higher than I did—again." Ino rolled her eyes. "By the way, my dad RSVPed in the business event on Friday. We'll definitely be there! Bye Hinata-chan, see you in Advance classes!"

She froze. She almost forgot about the event, and apparently, Ino's family, was invited. Whenever she remembered the event, she would always somewhat feel queasy—just what would she have to do? What if her father would change his mind because of poor ranking? Hinata sighed the thought off her mind and walked towards the ranking list. What Ino said was true. Her cousin is first in his batch, while she only got fifth. Maybe even her younger sister was first in her batch in elementary.

But not long after thinking about her family, her eyes drifted into the highest pointers: Uchiha Sasuke, Uzumaki Naruto and Haruno Sakura. As usual, they were the top three, respectively.

Sasuke, she didn't really know nor care much about him. He was the coldest and most distant of them all, especially in Advance class, where they gather the top ten students for advance studies. Sakura, on the other hand, daughter of Haruno Aoi, a famous designer, is the captain of the cheerleading team. Aside from being one of the most desirable ladies in the campus, she also somehow managed to be the most intelligent girl in their batch.

Hinata can never compete with her.

Especially when it came to Naruto.

Naruto Uzumaki,… for years she had been dreaming about him. He is the bright, sunny, happy, jolly Naruto that she had always loved. He was hailed the Most Valuable Player for two championships in basketball, plus he is one of the most intelligent. However, unlike Sasuke, he is extremely friendly and caring. He isn't excluding himself from anyone at all. He can talk to the loneliest souls in the campus and be friends with the jocks. His father, Minato Namikaze-Uzumaki was the heir to the merged Namikaze-Uzumaki Corporation, and is one of the world's most famous businessman, just like her father.

"He's so smart…" she absently muttered.

"No he's not! He's definitely not!"

Hinata jumped up in shock when she heard the shout right behind her ear, but once she found out who it was, she would nearly faint.

"That Sasuke-teme, he only beat me by point somethingty-one in Calculus and he thinks he's the most intelligent bastard in the universe! Well, he's right about the bastard part! Oh, he'll see later in Advance classes…" Naruto grumbled.

Hinata froze. She didn't know what to do at all. She couldn't even hear what he was saying. She was at a daze.

It's Naruto-kun… she thought. He's right… he's right there!

"Urgh, if only I was given three more seconds to go through my notes I surely would've beaten him by a thousand points!" He crossed his arms, which were inside his orange sweater. That was another thing she loved so much about him. He could be himself, wear anything he want, say anything he want, without hesitation. "I'll surely beat him the next time." He faced Hinata, who turned maroon. "Right, Hinata-chan?"

She opened her mouth to speak, but nothing came out. Not even a squeak.

"AAAH! It's Sasuke-teme!" Naruto faced the raven-haired guy who was passing by. His forehead was wrapped in gauze.

"If it isn't the dobe." Sasuke stopped walking then quickly glanced at the list before looking back at Naruto. "Second place dobe,"

"GWAAAH! YOU SICK BASTARD! I bet you're wearing those bandages coz you tripped on your own ego!" Naruto retorted. "You think everyone adores you now, don't you?! You think you're all that and you're the smartest person in the world, well you're not! It was just my luck that day I got a question wrong in Calculus—it wouldn't happen again!"

"What are you doing here anyway? You know the results will be like this." He said, then looked at Hinata who was busy staring at the blond.


"I meant that you're stupid. You don't even see the people staring at how stupid you are right now." He said before finally walking away.

Naruto clenched his fists and shook in anger before facing Hinata. "Sorry about that, but that bastard's just so annoying! Anyway, congratulations to you, Hinata-chan! At least we're still in Advance class, neh? We'd still see each other there." He winked. "I better go after that arrogant bastard." He waved before running away.

"Th-thanks…" She managed to say once he was gone. She sighed, regaining her composure slowly.

Was that…

"Oh it fits her perfectly!" Aiko clasped her hands together over her shoulder and smiled. "You look gorgeous my dear!"

"Aunt Aiko is right, Hinata-chan! You will be the most poised, elegant, savvy yet very sexy girl in that convention hall on Friday!" Hanako agreed.

Hinata's cheeks tainted pink, suddenly feeling very uncomfortable. The dress was way out of her comfort zone—there were no sleeves, the top's neck-cut nearly reached her torso and the skirt hanging only up to the top of her knees. What more was the ten centimeter-high heeled shoes which she will soon, without a doubt, trip on when she walks.

"You look lovely my dear."

"You really do."

A knock on the door.

It was Mai, one of the maids in their house. "Aiko-sama, Hyuuga-sama has arrived from Moscow. He wishes to see Hinata-chan in his office as soon as possible." She reported.

"Alright, tell my brother-in-law that she will be coming." Aiko said. "Off you go now."

Mai bowed before leaving.

"Heard that, young lady? Go ahead and change and meet your father." Hanako said.

"We will be leaving now. Call us before you get dressed on Friday, okay? We'll see you then. Take care, darling." Aiko took her purse on the black coffee table and blew a kiss to her niece.

"Yes, send our regards to your father." Hanako said. "Don't forget to hang those and put them inside your special cabinet. You don't want any wooden antique smell on those, whatsoever."


"And do not put those shoes on the floor, they will get dirty! Put them in your mother's shoe rack, that was always most beautiful." Aiko said, putting on her gloves. "Alright, we shall go now."

"G-goodbye," she bowed, and as soon as they left, she wished they would come back. She didn't want to face her father—she was too afraid of what he would say, especially since he most likely has learned that she did not get the first rank—again. She sighed, took off the high heels and the dress. She never mentioned to her aunties that all of her mother's things were burned down after her mother had died nine years ago.

They never even knew. They were never on good terms with her father, or the other way around.

"I heard you're top five."

Hinata froze before she was able to close the door of her father's office. "H-hai,"

"Your sister and your cousin are both top one."

She bit her lip. "H-hai,"

"Sit down."

She breathed out, nervous as hell, and walked silently towards the red couch adjacent to where her father was sitting. She was sure he was mad, furious even, that his oldest child did get the first rank.

"Tell me who got top one."

"A-ano, S-Sasuke Uchi—"

"I know." He cut her off. "The list was sent to me by a friend of mine who happens to work in your school. He is followed by Uzumaki Naruto, Minato's son, and then Haruno Sakura, Keiko's daughter, then Aburame Shino, Shinbi's son. Their parents are some of our clients. They wouldn't be able to run their business as successfully if not for us. Yet they got a higher rank than you, Hinata. Shame,"

She clutched her skirt.

"Who is this Uchiha Sasuke anyway? Whose son is he? I don't think he's of any prestigious family's. Uchiha… never heard of them. Perhaps they're one of our customers?" He nodded to himself. "Must be… he must be one of your school's scholars—the ones that they take from the streets to get elite education so that the school will look immaculate, while we pay thousands and thousands of money."

Hinata felt herself tremble. This was how she had to deal with her father. He insulted others to insult her, make her feel bad to the core. "A-ano, I r-really tried t-to—"

"Of course you did. But it wasn't enough. You have to surpass them all." He told her firmly. "On Friday, you will be named the heiress of the company. I will not lie to you, I was shook when I realized that your cousin is perhaps more capable of handling the business than you, but I will not hand it over to him unless you refuse it and show me that you refuse it."

She was relieved, but not quite. If it weren't for the little bit of pride she had within her, she wouldn't want to be the president of Hyuuga Group of Companies. But what shame would it bring to her father if she actually declined?

"Will you refuse it?"

She shook her head. "N-no, I w-won't."

"Very well then," he stood up. "I shall see you, your sister and your cousin for dinner. Did your aunties drop by this morning?"

"Y-yes, F-father. They g-got me sh-shoes for the—"

"That's the only thing they are good at anyway. Wasting money. Go ahead now, I have things to do."

She stood up and walked out of the office. The moment she turned around after closing the door, her cousin, Neji, was standing right before her, wearing a poker face. He blinked slowly before offering to shake her hand.

She was shocked by this.

"I heard that you have won." He said. "You will be taking the position of president once Uncle Hiashi resigns."

"A-aah…" she said, hesitantly taking his hand and shaking it.

He then released her hand from his grip, walked away, and wiped his hand on his handkerchief. She knew very well that Neji really wanted the position, and yes, he deserved it more than she did.


"You're late you fucking asshole." Greeted his father the moment he entered their old wooden house.

He lived in the slums, and usually came home past seven—minutes after their school has closed. He hated his house. He despised every bit of it—the yellow light, the smelly floor, the cracked dartboard, the dial TV, the cooler, the stove, his father, especially his father.

"I came from school."

"Well isn't that your excuse all the fucking time?"

He laid his bag on the tilted table. The house was even dirtier than it was before he left. Beer bottles, cigarettes, ashes… even a used condom were all over the place. He sighed, fortunate that he had done his homeworks in school (and kept them there) before pulling his sleeves up, revealing a series of scratches and wounds that were barely healed.

Sasuke then began picking up the trashes while his father lied on the sprung-bound couch that he had stolen from a bargain.

"That's why I like havin' ya around, kid." He patted Sasuke on the back.

The contact made Sasuke shiver. He would never get used to the man laying his hands on him. Not when he never had any good intention.

Well, it was better. This is better than how it would usually be. At least he wouldn't be tied on his wrists on the barb wire that hung from the ceiling and be lashed with the belt 'for entertainment'. At least, he wouldn't be forced to eat rotten rice like a dog. At least, this time, he wouldn't be locked up in the bathroom that stunk like it hadn't been cleaned for a decade.

He grunted, putting the bottles in the trash can.

Just two more years…

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