Just Us Chapter 1

Disclaimer: I don't own anything but my interest in these characters and their story.

It's the morning after Epi 16 Sonata. Mick has told Beth that he loves her, he spends the night at her apartment and yes they have finally slept together. I will let far more talented writers tackle that specific detail. ;) This story will focus on how Mick and Beth cope, or dont cope, with being together.

I started this as a sort of serious conversation between them as I don't think that they would wake up the next day and everything would be perfect for them. There was just so much that happened in that episode that was left hanging.

I love the playful Mick and Beth and of course, snarky Josef can't stay out of anything to do with their love life. It is what it is.

Beth lay quietly in a tangle of sheets still in a sleepy haze. It was dark outside and a few more hours of darkness remained before the first rays of light would peek through the window. She could just hear him talking on his cell phone, pacing up and down the living room outside her open bedroom doors. Watching him through sleepy eyes, she couldn't help but remember Josh doing the same thing on the morning that he was killed, trying to get police protection for her. To keep her safe.

Guilty tears threatened to fall at the memory. If she was completely honest she could admit that she had been thinking of Mick that morning as she watched Josh, remembering his face as she left him in NY to return to LA. She had felt so guilty for being intimate with Josh when she knew that she did not love him anymore. Her heart belonged to another but she didn't want to deal with the enormity of what being in love with a vampire meant. It scared her. It still did. She tried to carry on as if nothing had changed but in the end all she had done was to hurt them both - one because she didn't love him but couldn't tell him and the other because she did but wasn't ready to acknowledge it. They both deserved better.

Pushing those thoughts aside, she glanced back to watch him in the moonlight. His ruffled hair falling over his face as he talked quietly, wearing only jeans that he had hastily put on getting out of bed so as not to wake her, pulled low over his hips with the buttons left undone. His shirt was thrown over a chair where he had left it the night before. He looked so tired.

She closed her eyes again only to feel him sit down on the edge of the bed. His hands moved slowly across her body from her ribs down across her stomach to rest on her hips. She could feel the metal of the ring he always wore on his right hand gently scrape against her skin. Her eyes opened and she wondered how she would have ever been able to stay away from him. She had told him a few hours ago that she was ready to leave it all behind. She knew that it would have been impossible.

Beth hoped that he could sense her feelings because she didn't know if she could put them into words. Listening to her heartbeat and looking deep into her eyes, he smiled as if to answer that thought and bent down to kiss her.

He didn't want to leave her yet. They still had a lot to discuss about what happened between them last night. But that would have to wait for now. Josef had demanded his presence at his office and it was not wise to keep him waiting.

Damn it. He could deal with everything else if he could just have some time alone with her now. He needed it, they needed it. Was that too much to ask?

"You have to go?" she asked, trying to smile her voice husky with sleep and emotion.

"Yeah I do, in a little while." He took her hand in his before continuing. "Josef is on the warpath and no doubt the police will start investigating Emma's escape from jail first thing so we have to be prepared."

Mick rubbed his hand over his face. He was not looking forward to dealing with the fallout and the obvious questions that the police would have for him and Beth. They had been involved in the Monaghan case from the beginning. He could only hope that the plan they had put into place last night covered all the bases. The Cleaner and her crew had made sure that there was no evidence for the police to find. It would look like Emma and Jackson Monaghan had just disappeared.

Beth spoke bringing his attention back to the present. "Ok I'll try to find out what…."

She was interrupted by her cell phone ringing on the bedside table. Seeing that it was Talbot calling, Mick grabbed the phone before Beth could reach it.

"It's Talbot?" he looked over at her raising his eyebrows. "I wonder what he wants?"

Beth gave him a warning look and said, "Don't you dare Mick."

Looking back at Beth with a grin on his face Mick answered the call.

"Hey Talbot. Yeah it's St John. It's a little early for you to be calling Beth isn't it?"

Beth squirmed which made Mick grin even wider then he winked at her making her giggle rather loudly. It only spurred him on further.

"Yeah she is here but she's kind of busy right now, if you get my meaning. You can talk to her when she gets to the office." With that he ended the call. Now he just looked annoyed.

"Why did you do that? He's my boss." Beth knew that there was a growing animosity between them but she had to work with Talbot. It was bad enough without him thinking that he had interrupted them having sex.

Mick just laughed at her but then got serious again laying down on the bed and letting Beth move into his arms resting her head on his chest. "Um, about what I said last night…."

Looking up at him she knew from the expression on his face what he meant but played dumb. "What, that you know it's hard for me to understand vampire business?"

"OK now who's evading?" It was something that she had accused him of very early in their relationship when she wanted answers to questions he wasn't ready to give. "I meant it Beth, I do love you."

"I know, I'm sorry. I love you too." she smiled at him and bought her hand up to his face and kissed him. Settling back down she continued "But we still have a lot to talk about. This isn't going to work if you keep shutting me out every time something happens that you think I need protection from. If you don't trust me there is no use taking this any further."

Mick remembered how he felt when she faced him with those blue eyes that he loved so much, open wide with tears rolling down her cheeks.

"I don't think that I can do this anymore..."

From the very beginning she had always wanted to know everything about his world, whether he wanted her to know or not. Even if it put her in danger. If they were going to do this, then he was going to have be more honest and open and let her in. But he decided she was going to hear the bad as well as the good. No rose coloured glasses. No more protecting her from the fact that there were monsters out there, even if she didn't count him among them. No more hiding behind his fear of hurting her. It was the only way. He would still do everything possible to keep her safe. There was no way he could be without her. Hearing her say those words last night made that fact perfectly clear in his mind.

They were going to have this conversation now Josef would just have to wait.

"It's not that I don't trust you. This thing with Emma, the whole community was at risk. When you came to my place we were working out a plan to get Emma out. There wasn't much time and considering you work for the DA's office it was better if you knew as little as possible. Beth you know that she wouldn't have survived much longer in custody. She would have had to kill to feed and exposed us all."

"Okay, I get why you had to get her out but why couldn't you just let Emma and Jackson relocate instead of …killing them?"

"Because when she was talking to Jackson in the interrogation room she threatened to expose all the vampires in LA. She blamed me for taking sides with humans, for her being in jail."

"I remember that I couldn't hear what they were saying. I wish you had told me that."

"She wanted revenge. Every vamp in the city would have to leave or risk being killed. Can you imagine that? We couldn't let that happen. Exposing the community is a serious crime and the punishment is death. Every vamp knows that Beth, Emma and Jackson knew that."

"I guess I can kind of understand that. You told me that Jackson died too because he couldn't live without her. Emma told me how much she still loved him but she ruined everything by having an affair. Why would she do that to him after 150 years? He became a vampire for her so they could be together forever."

She was crying now tears fell silently down her face. All he could do was wrap his arms around her and hold her tight.

"I don't know Beth why does anyone have an affair?" His hand was stroking her back trying to comfort her. He pulled away so he could see her face.

"Forever doesn't always mean happily ever after. That's why we have to enjoy what we have right now. Who knows what is going to happen in the future? I don't want to waste any more time worrying about what may or may not happen."

Beth nodded wiping the tears from her face "Yeah, me too." She snuggled into his side just enjoying being close to him.

"Simone told me that she wants Josef to turn her. Do you think he will?"

"You talked to Simone about being turned?" Mick remembered his conversation with Josef about this and couldn't honestly say one way or the other.

"Not really. She came by to explain what happened when I walked in on you …you know." She held out her arm, wrist side up, to indicate feeding.

"Beth, about that I …"

Beth cut him off quickly by putting her hand up and saying "Don't. I'm still too angry to talk about it now."

"Oh okay." He didn't really have an explanation for her anyway. Better to wait till she had cooled off a bit.

Mick's cell phone started ringing in the awkward silence and although Beth tried to grab it Mick was too quick for her. Of course it was Josef.

"Let me talk to him it's only fair." Beth smiled sweetly.

"Careful love he is really pissed." He tried to warn her but she pouted at him till she got her own way.

Mick knew that Josef would be furious. He should have been at his office over an hour ago.

"Okay, but don't say I didn't warn you." He handed her the phone.

"Good morning Josef." Beth held the phone out so that Mick could hear the call. Josef was in fact extremely pissed. The loud shouting and foul language continued until Josef realised that it was actually Beth on the other end of the line.

Mick snickered picturing his friend in full flight ready to tear strips off him only to be confronted with Beth. He was a gentleman after all and the language he had just used was not considered polite in the company of ladies. Josef had to calm down a little to continue the conversation but he was still fuming.

"I apologise for that outburst Blondie. Listen, I'm so glad that you and that pain in the ass best friend of mine finally got it together but I need him here now. So kick his sorry ass the hell out of that bed of yours and tell him to get himself over here immediately, or I will come over there and we both know that it won't be pretty."

"Yes Josef." she answered in the voice that she used in his office when she was pretending to be an escort. "I'll take a raincheck on the threesome handsome but you can have him now. I've finished with him for the time being."

There was silence on the other end of the line and Mick just looked at her not sure how to respond.

"Josef are you still there?" she purred down the line.

"Yes Blondie. May I say that you never fail to surprise me. Just tell him I want him here in half an hour and I expect details." Josef ended the call.

Beth laughed and returned the phone to Mick who was not so amused. Getting out of bed he headed toward the living room to retrieve the rest of his clothes.

"Great! Now Josef is going to want to ask me questions all day about our sex life. Thanks a lot, he is relentless once he gets started. I might have to stake him."

Still in bed Beth laughed then called after him. "Oooh scary vampire, don't be mad you started it."

Before she knew it he was there smiling down at her with the smile that melted her heart.

"Yeah and I'll be back later to finish it. Try and find out what the police are up to and stay out of trouble. I'll call you later."

Mick kissed her goodbye then grabbed his coat and left the apartment.

"Can't wait." she said to herself before she got up to begin her day.