Just Us Epilogue

The difficult, dangerous and complicated was never just going to go away.

Here is the last bit.

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Josef was on the phone making the usual threats to business associates on the other side of the world about the importance of honouring deals and the consequences that would rain down on them if they dared to cross him. It was a scene that had played out over and over many times since they had been friends. Sensing Mick approaching, his gaze flicked up watching intently as Mick crossed the room and took a seat across from him.

"You look good, happy." Josef smirked at him as he ended the call. "The time away has agreed with you."

Mick thought it was better to come to Josef rather than have him turn up unexpectantly at the loft. "I just spent a week alone with Beth, of course I'm happy. Actually I feel amazing."

"All Beth, all the time makes Mick a happy vampire huh?"

"Something like that." Mick crossed one leg casually over the other when he noticed Josef was looking at him a little too closely.

"So did you ask her?"

Mick had promised his wife he wouldn't say anything to Josef about their marriage so he concentrated on holding his emotions in check.

"Ask her what?"

"I missed lunch today." Josef walked over to the bar and offered his guest a drink which was declined. "Don't be so dim Mick. You know what I'm talking about."

"We talked about it, that and some other things. Let's just say we are engaged to be engaged."

"You know Beth is perfect for you. Why are you so determined to drag your feet?"

"This is it for me Josef. I want Beth to be sure about everything that's all. She has agreed to move into the loft as a kind of trial run."

Josef snickered, "I don't blame her for that. You are pretty hard to live with."

"Right, okay, whatever. I have to get over to the morgue before I pick up Beth at her apartment so if there is nothing else."

"There's a poker game here Friday night. Are you in or will the little lady be vetoing your playtime with the boys now that she is making your sleepovers a more permanent arrangement?"

"Hey, you know Beth isn't like that. I'll be here."

"Now we have that out of the way, what's the deal with the beach house?"

"Beth was right, we have no privacy." Mick grumbled. If Josef had seen the deeds to the house their secret could be blown already. "How do you know about the house?"

"A couple of digits come off your bottom line and I get to hear about it. I could have negotiated you a much better deal on the finance."

"I appreciate the advice Josef but it all happened rather quickly. Beth and I have stayed down there a couple times and we both love the house and the area so it made sense to buy it when it came up for sale."

The truth was the beach house hadn't actually come on the market. Deciding he wanted to buy the place for Beth, Mick had tracked down the owner to make an offer. He had been surprised to find out who owned the house and very happy that Logan was eager to sell.

Josef sat at his desk looking a little put out his friend had not sought his advice for such a large financial transaction.

"A mortgage, really? Haven't I taught you anything over the years? You could have bought the place outright. We could have made it look like you were paying it off in case anyone was looking at your finances. Do you realise how much interest the bank is going to gouge out of you for the next ten years?"

"It doesn't matter Josef. Beth would never accept me just buying the place outright for her. I knew she would want to contribute financially and this way we will be paying off the mortgage together."

"Just like a human couple you mean."

"Josef….please don't give me a lecture, not today okay."

"No lectures. The house is a little small and needs some work but it's a sound investment."

"It's big enough for us to use as a weekender and we've already made some plans for the renovations."

It's a damn expensive price to pay so you don't have to have all that junk Beth has in her apartment at the loft." Josef quipped as a smiling Mick stood ready to leave.

"I'll tell her you said that. Why don't you drop by tomorrow night after dinner for a drink? Beth would love to see you. Just make sure you call first."

"Right, cos I wouldn't want to walk in on you two making out on the couch or anything."

"Exactly." Mick waved a hand as he headed out the door.

Josef turned back to the reports on his laptop but they couldn't hold his attention. Mick had told him once being with Beth made him feel strong, like he could do anything. He was different somehow, happier, bolder, more confident in his skin. The vamp in him was more obviously present than usual. The man had literally just strutted out of his office.

He couldn't help but think it was another, more permanent decision about their future together that had Mick walking so tall. That had to be it. The thought made him smile. Josef didn't know why they were being so secretive but he could play the game.

"It's about damn time brother."


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