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I opened my eyes brashly as I turned to face the bright clock on the bedside table of my hotel room. I groaned as I watched the red dots between the digits blink repetitively. It was only 3:15. How was I supposed to face them tomorrow if I couldn't even get a full night's sleep? I knew if I didn't fall asleep soon, I would be burdened with the task of unsuccessfully trying to cover the gigantic bags under my bloodshot eyes. I was annoyed with the stress I was undergoing, and I wasn't even sure if I was doing this for the right reasons. Sure, I enjoyed watching wrestling, and I even enjoyed doing it after Emily had begged me to go to school with her so she didn't have to do it alone, but it wasn't my career goal. I did it for the fun of it; plus the rock hard bodies of my peers weren't a sight too hard on the eyes either. I had to admit, I had taken a liking to the sport and it definitely kept me in better shape than I had ever been in before, but I never took it too seriously; looking back, maybe that's why I excelled at it.

When Emily asked me to join IWF wrestling school with her, I scoffed at the idea. We had watched WWE for years together, throwing parties for all the pay per views, and going to every show that was near our hometown of Clifton, New Jersey. We were definitely big fans, and anyone who knew us knew this much. After countless days of nonstop begging, and her agreeing to put up the money for the class, I reluctantly gave in.

Emily put her heart and soul into that ring twice a week and on weekends for eight long months; I kept up, although I have to admit I wasn't as passionate about it as she was. We attended every seminar that was held at our school, and after graduation we continued to train, always working to better ourselves, and eventually participating in shows held by IWF. We had been wrestling for three long years, and while it was fun, and I loved doing it, I knew there was something else that I wanted to do.

I had an infatuation with the world of music. For as long as I could remember, the only thing I ever wanted to do with my life was sing. I was proud of the voice I had been blessed with, but I had a problem with singing in front of people which kept me from pursuing my dream. Emily thought it was hilarious that I could get up and wrestle in front of hundreds of people, yet I wouldn't sing in front of two. I half-heartedly hoped my experiences in the ring would someday help me to face my fears and follow my heart.

It was a Thursday afternoon when they put up the sign for another seminar that would be hosted by a WWE superstar. According to the sign, John Bradshaw Layfield was scheduled to attend along with a surprise guest. Of course, Emily signed us up immediately, never wanting to miss a chance to learn just what it took to be in that business from the best in the business.

The weeks leading up to the seminar, all we could do was guess who the surprise guest would be. I was sure it would be Bautista, as he was the champion at the time. Emily was convinced it would be Vince McMahon himself, and that he would be scouting for potential superstars. I scoffed at her remarks, as I was sure Vince didn't do the scouting; he had people to do that for him.

The weeks came and went and before we knew it the Saturday of the seminar was upon us. We met there early, as Emily wanted to get the best spot, and piled into the room with our peers to listen to see who would be gracing us with their presence. Before we knew it, John Bradshaw Layfield was onstage giving us the same spiel that we heard at every seminar; always practice, in order to feel good about yourself you need to look your best, and work on your character. I didn't want to be rude, but I couldn't help but role my eyes. I had heard this enough times; couldn't anyone change it up for once? I had zoned out for a few minutes, and missed the ending of his speech. I wasn't too upset, I was sure I had heard it many times before, but what came next was something new to my eyes.

He approached the stage in a calm fashion, his blue eyes washing over me like a wave as he scanned the room before he spoke. He was beautiful, there was no denying it. He stood tall; I was guessing over six feet, and his shirt clung tightly to his toned body, which seemed to be begging for release. I couldn't seem to pull my eyes away from his masculine physique as I studied every tattoo that I could make out under the short sleeves of his blue polo shirt. At that moment, I thanked Emily silently for dragging me to that damn seminar so early because from where I was sitting, my view was perfect.

He spoke fluently yet concisely, explaining the ins and outs of the business.

"It's very hard to get into this business, and even harder to get out of it. The first time you get out there in front of all those people, it becomes an addiction. You're going to thrive on the pure sensation of stepping into the ring in front of thousands of screaming fans, and when you walk backstage you're going to feel like you just walked into a house full of family because that's what the WWE is, a giant family. It's a great business, but it tends to take a toll on you emotionally and physically and if you don't keep yourself in good shape, you'll be likely to burn out fast. Speaking of shape, if you're looking to get into the business, I suggest you stay in top condition at all times, because if the WWE comes knocking, they're not going to wait for you to get yourself in that shape. It's a now or never kind of deal, and you'd better be ready for it."

He finished his speech, and the time came for us to wrestle in front of our guests so that they could offer any advice. When Emily and I were set to perform, I was a nervous ball of energy. We squared off, doing the best we could in front of our new critics, but I felt my routine was a little sloppy. By the time it was over, I was more than happy for it to be done and to get out of the ring and head home.

"Nice job, girls." I heard him say, as we were heading to the locker room.

"Thanks." Emily and I answered in unison.

"I'm Randy." He said, reaching his hand out first to Emily then to me.

"Kayla." I responded with a smile. I watched him as he looked both Emily and I up and down.

"How long have you been training?" He questioned.

"About three years." Emily answered as I nodded my head to let him know my answer was the same.

"Well, you're both really good. I'll be surprised if someone doesn't pick you up soon." He answered honestly, as Emily nearly shrieked in response. I, again, nodded my head; I was indifferent to the situation. Like I said, it wasn't my passion.

"Well, ladies, it was very nice to meet you. Maybe I'll see you around town." He said, in a manner that seemed as if he wanted us to volunteer to hang out with him. Neither of us did.

"Yeah, maybe. Anyway, it was really nice meeting you, Mr. Orton." Emily swooned.

"Randy." He corrected her. "And the pleasure was all mine." He said, taking her hand and lifting it to his mouth to kiss it. He then took mine and did the same. I half rolled my eyes as I looked away; what a charmer.

After we changed out of our ring attire, I was asked to hang around because someone wanted to speak to me about something. I assumed it was my mentor critiquing my skills in the ring that day and letting me know what to brush up on, but I weren't sure. I convinced Emily to stay with me for moral support, expecting to be ripped for my performance that day. When the rest of the students finally cleared out, two men approached us.

"Hello again." The voice was familiar and we turned to see Randy staring at us accompanied by John Cena, whom we didn't even know was there. I rolled my eyes, hoping this wasn't the reason I was asked to stay. I really had better things to do than deal with some egomaniac wrestlers who thought they were too hot to handle.

"Hey, I'm John." He said as he held his hand out, first to Emily then to me.

"Kayla." I responded.

"We didn't know you were here today." Emily chimed in, obviously excited to be chatting with two of her favorite performers. I, on the other hand, was ready to get out of there if this was the only reason I was asked to stay. Don't get me wrong, they are both gorgeous men, but I was under the impression that I was asked to stay for something important.

"Yeah, I hung out in the back observing. You girls are really good." He said, turning to look me in the eye. "You shouldn't be wrestling these no-name shows, you have real talent. That's why we wanted to talk to you."

My eyes grew wide as I turned to Randy, who was smirking at me. I guess he must have picked up on my attitude. I made a mental note to apologize someday.

"John's intentions for coming weren't just to host a seminar. He was scouting talent, and you caught his eye." Cena explained to me.

They went on to explain that Vince would be calling in a few days to offer me a contract. Apparently, I would start in OVW for training and eventually work my way up to the WWE.

A lump the size of a golf ball seemed to have lodged itself in my throat, and my lungs were finding it harder to take in air. I couldn't believe that these men were basically telling me that the WWE wanted me, and Emily was standing right next to me not being offered the same thing. Couldn't they see that she was the one who was passionate about this? Didn't they realize how much more effort she put into wrestling than I did? I felt sick to my stomach at that moment, and tried to block everything around me out; until I saw her storm away.