A/N: another idea coming to me just before i fall asleep. This one i was thinking what if something happened to me..? and it came from that.

Poppy Moore was hated by those that mattered most to her.

"Like You Care"

"What do you know about love"

"We thought you cared about him, we thought you cared about US"

And she's upset about it

"Daddy, I wanna come home."

"It's so hard Moll"

But when she gets in an accident




And might not survive

"She doesn't WANT to wake up"

Her friends will try anything to wake her up.

"Poppy we're sorry,"

"It wasn't you,"
"I'm So sorry I doubted you."

But is it to late?

"Maybe it'd be best if i wasn't around"

Accidental Crash