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Poppy sighed,trying to sleep , her lips slightly parted, why couldn't they all just leave her alone, why was everyone asking her to "please wake up?" she would wake up in the morning. If she hadn't been so tired she might have wondered why everyone sounded so sad. Kate then chose that moment to ask her to "Please wake up Poppy, I'm so sorry." Poppy was sure this was some kind of trick so she just mumbled "Piss off Kate!" before rolling over and going back to sleep.

Freddie sat in the chair beside Poppies bed that he hadn't vacated in well over 24 hours, His mother walked into the room and placed a hand on his shoulder, "Freddie." she said softly "It's been a month, I know you are coping the best you can but, Maybe... M.. Maybe the doctors right maybe everything became to much for her and it's cruel to keep her like this."

"Mr. Moore" Doctor Smith called out. Poppy's dad stood up and walked towards the doctor, "We have some news about you daughter come this way." the doctor turned and walked towards the door quickly. Poppy's dad beckoned to Mrs. Kingsly and Freddie before rushing to catch up with the doctor.

When the three distraught people were sat in front of Dr. Smith she looked at them with sympathy, how was she supposed to tell these people the tragic case of the young girl.

"We tried all we could with your daughter," she said addressing Mr. Moore "and she physically seems fine..." she trailed off, this was the hard part, "Poppy doesn't seem to WANT to wake up, it's almost as if she has given up the will to live, like some great tragedy has occurred in her life," She took a deep breath before finishing "We have to keep her on oxygen.... but maybe it would be best if we just let her go..."


Kate lay curled up in a little ball on Poppy's bed, a habit she had developed over the past month. She knew this was all her fault, and the glare's everyone were sending her were bad, the undeserved sympathy from her friends was worse. But the worse thing for Kate? the murderous glances Freddie had been sending her.

She knew what she had been doing to Poppy had been wrong, and deep down she knew that Poppy hadn't sent the e-mails and she was sure that she hadn't bribed the teachers, and she knew that Poppy did love Freddie.

So had she been so bitchy to Poppy? she wondered to herself, she honestly had no clue. Maybe it was the fact that Freddie was so in love with her (not that Kate liked him, just the girls were beginning to think he was and then Poppy comes along and BAM its love), maybe it was the fact that her best friends all wanted to help this girl they didn't like, or the fact they DID end up liking her, Maybe it was the fact she could say to Harriet what she actually thought about her, or Maybe it was the fact Mrs. Kingsly liked it, or maybe it was none of these, Maybe Kate was really just hurt.

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