Just like to say this real quick. When I was looking for a name for Bella's sister the examples for names were Jacob and Isabella. Just found that a really funny fact. Anyways, on with the prologue.


My name is Isabella Swan.

I can see how you're going to die.

There were no glowing green meteors called Kryptonite.

Clark Kent isn't going to come and save me from myself.

This isn't an episode of Smallville.

This is my life.

Last week I was made an orphan.

My parents died in a car crash.

Or so that's what the papers say.

My sister was killed the same night.

A man came to the house.

She told me to run.

I ran.

I ran out of the house.

I ran to the forest.

I just didn't run fast enough.

I wasn't fast enough to escape my sister's screams of pain.

Not fast enough to escape him.

He found me.

Faster than I thought humanly possible.

He wasn't human.

He told me he'd let me live.

For now.

He said that he'd be back.

He said he'd find me.

And when he did he'd give me the same fate as he gave my sister.

That night I lost everything that was once important.

Charlie and Renée Swan – My Parents.

Calisto Swan – My sister.

38 – The age of my parents.

17 – The age of my sister.

16 – How old I am.

18 – How old I have to be to live by myself.

1 – How many weeks I've been by myself.

4 – How many hours until I meet my new 'family'.

They were too young to die.

They didn't deserve to die.

I didn't deserve to live.

But no one deserves to see how others will die.

I've been seeing that my whole life.

And now I have to see the deaths of seven more people.

I didn't see how my parents were going to die.

It happened too fast.

When they left they were going to die old.

Just like every other time I'd seen them die.

Calisto was going to die old.

But now I'm going somewhere where he'll never find me.

He's faster.

He's stronger.

He's a vampire.

His name is James.

He's killed my family.

I'll find a way to kill him.

Before he finds and kills me.

Thanks for reading the prologue. Chapter One will be up shortly.