Unknown POV

I watched as the two families greeted each other. It felt like months had passed since that night but it had only been a few weeks. How she was holding up so well was beyond me. For a human she'd taken the situation she'd been thrown into stride and hadn't let it slow her down as much as it would've anyone else. It was impressive really.

I watched from the tree line, scanning the windows of the house for her face. There, watching from her bedroom window as her adopted family greeted the new comers with open arms. Her face was a mask of indifference, but her eyes, it was her eyes that gave her away. She was worried, and there was something else there…hurt. Perhaps that these strangers were so obviously more a part of the family then she was.

She knew what their secret was, but she couldn't share it. She believes that if she let them know that she knew that she would have to die. Whether she was made into the main course or turned into one of them was irrelevant, either way she would die, her heart would stop beating, she would become cold and lifeless. I wonder what scared her the most, dying and being stuck in the ground, or being turned into one of us. Forever cursed to walk the earth but never being able to age, never being able to have children, never being able to walk in the sunlight without alerting the human race to what she was.

I suppose I could ask her, but not now. If I asked her now then I'd be revealing my self, and that wasn't part of the plan. The time would come when I could look her in the eyes again; see her face to face, but now wasn't the time. No, doing it now, though it would bring me so much happiness would ruin everything I've been trying to put into place. No she would remain safe for now, in her new home with the literal living dead, no sister to comfort her properly, just an apparition that couldn't even hold her as she cried.

Bella POV

I moved away from the window the moment i saw Edward's head twitch. It was a good thing too, because not a half-second later, he looked towards my window and confusion crossed his face. I didn't know why seeing the beautiful blonde throw herself at Edward like that made my heart clench. He was such a douche, and he did nothing but tell me what to do, all the time. Except for that time at the shops, when he'd tried to help me get all my stuff and I'd opened up to him about my sister and her boyfriend, and the day that they'd left for their camping trip. Everyone else had already left except for Alice and Jasper. I'd already had to push Rosalie out the door before she could completely change her mind about 'camping' and stay with me. However, Edward hadn't left quite as easily.

He had stayed behind maybe ten minutes longer, making sure that I knew where everything that I could possibly need was. Making sure that his number was programmed into my phone (on speed dial 2 in case anyone was wondering, he probably would've put it as speed dial 1 if it wasn't already reserved for my voice mail) and then he added everyone else's numbers into my phone and told me not to hesitate to call if I needed anything. Then as he was leaving he looked as if he was about to pull me into a hug, which I wasn't so sure if I was readying for just yet, something he must've sensed and backed up, instead opting for a sweet sounding fair well with a small smile and a slight wave.

Then to go from that to the jack ass that stormed into the house a few days ago when Jake and I fell asleep on the couch and from this morning when I had again mentioned Jake. What was it about Jake that made him act so...jack ass-ish. Maybe, just maybe, he likes you. Sorry Jiminy Cricket but that was not the right answer. And you think I'm wrong because... The one thing I hate about that voice in my head, is how whenever it's being sarcastic, it sounds so dry. Sometimes it's funny, but right now, it was just annoying.

I remembered that I was supposed to be meeting Jake and the others at his place and surveyed my attire. Skate shoes, skinny jeans, a black tank top with a blue flannel t-shirt left open. My hair was out and I decided to slip on the black wrist band that Sean had given me when I'd won my first race. It had blue flames embroidered on it. Cali had one just like it from when she'd won her first race, no one else had them though, and it made me feel a lot closer to them both. Maybe I should call Sean, see how he is and everything. Writing the reminder down on a sticky note and pressing it onto the wall next to the doorframe I left to go downstairs, not forgetting my keys, mobile or wallet.

As I entered within earshot of the living room I couldn't help but listen to the hushed conversation. "So, does she know about us?" an unfamiliar voice asked, it was sultry and dripped of sex, probably the blonde that I'd seen jump on Edward. I'd reached the top of the stairs by now and could see them, but they couldn't see me. Sure enough sitting on the lounge, with his arm resting along the back of the couch was Edward and the pretty blonde, who was nothing short of a goddess was sitting beside him, her head on his shoulder, strangely though it didn't seem overly romantic, more how a friend would rest their head on another friends shoulder when they're tired.

"Well...it's, complicated," Carlisle almost struggled to say the words, another first for him since I'd been here. "What's so complicated? Does she know about us or not?" I chose this as my moment to descend the flight of stairs. I knew what she was asking, even if they didn't know I knew. She wanted to know if I knew they were vampires. "Actually not really, I'd only heard you were coming yesterday and haven't had much chance to hear about you. Although Edward never mentioned he had a girlfriend, how rude of you Edward," I scolded him, I wasn't sure where this hostility was coming from, but I didn't like it. I sounded jealous that Edward and this mystery blonde were together, which I was not. I did not care if they were together. Sure, you just keep telling yourself that. I swear if Jiminy had a face, he'd be smirking at me right now.

"Bella!" Edward yelped as he jumped up from the couch, causing Tanya to fall, unceremoniously on to the couch cushions. "No need to stand to attention there Eddie, I'm just going to Jake's; the bands meeting up again for practice." Edward looked slightly embarrassed by his reaction, good, he'd been a complete jack ass as of recently and he should feel embarrassed for a change. "Esme, Carlisle, there was something that I wanted to ask you about but it can wait until later. Just wanted to say hi and introduce myself before I headed out, you know, let you all catch up and whatever it is you guys do when you get together." They nodded telling me it was fine and Carlisle stared at Edward for a moment, probably sending him some telepathic thought.

What ever it was the Carlisle said it made Edward jump to attention and he suddenly introduced the blonde as Tanya. I held my hand out for her to shake and said my name politely. Her skin was just as cold and hard as every other vampire I'd encountered (the counts up to nine now, just for those of you who are counting). He then introduced Carmen and Eleazer who I also shook hands with (Eleven). Eleazer got a strange look on his face but it was gone in a second and I decided to just let it go…for now. The two sisters were apparently out with Rose and Alice shopping or something. I'm just glad they didn't ask me to go with them. It was shudder inducing how fanatic they are.

"Alright well I should probably get going. They'll be waiting for me. I'll try and be home before dark," I couldn't help but notice how awkward I sounded, like I couldn't wait to get out of there, which was true enough. Esme gave me a smile, which actually alleviated a little bit of my uneasiness, "Of course dear, and we'll talk about what ever it is you wanted to talk about then." Before anyone else could say anything, namely Edward, I exited through the front door as quickly as I could. As soon as I stepped out on to the front porch, I could feel the tension easing from my body. Guess it was being in a room full of vampires that made me so…un easy.

Cali appeared at my side as I slid into my car, she looked like she wanted to say something but must've decided against it since she stayed silent. "This is going to be a long visit isn't it Cali?" She looked at me and sighed, 'Yeah, it does, it really does.'

Edward POV

Why did I always screw it up? I'd been so close, if I'd held my cool for just a little it longer then she would've- I don't know, maybe opened up to me a bit. We didn't exactly get off on the right foot, especially when I snapped at her about Jake the other day and then again today. I still don't know why my emotions go crazy when she's around, usually I can keep a pretty closed lid on them but ever since she got here that night, they've been going haywire.

And those visions that Alice kept having, of Bella and I together, confessing our love for each other and she was a vampire. If Alice saw Bella becoming a vampire then it was going to happen. Then the vision changed and Bella and I weren't together any more. What did that mean? Was it a decision that I had made or was it something Bella had decided?

ARGH! This is infuriating.

"They're here!" Alice yelled out cheerfully through the house. Oh joy of joys. The Denali's were like family that was true enough, but Tanya was just so…clingy and she never seemed to get the point that I didn't like her. She was like an annoying cousin that I barely tolerated, that was all. The rest of the family was okay though. I liked them, not saying that I didn't like Tanya, because I do, just not in the way she wants me too. Hopefully this visit will be different.

Pft. Who am I trying to kid? It's going to be a week of escaping grabby hands and flirtatious looks. Finally the Denali's pulled into the drive way and parked. I noticed that Bella wasn't among us and futilely tried to read her thoughts only to come up blank, again. Jasper, noticing my annoyance pointed towards the ceiling indicating that Bella was in her room. She probably felt uncomfortable, she still wasn't completely comfortable around us and throwing five strangers into the mix probably wouldn't help her either.

We left the house to greet the Denali's as the got out of their cars, looking as graceful and beautiful as vampires could. The three sisters were beautiful, there was no denying it, but truth be told, I like brunettes. Before I knew what hit me Tanya had catapulted her self into me, wrapping her arms around my neck, mine went around her waist to steady her so that neither of us fell over from the force. I sense someone's gaze on me and looked up to Bella's window but she wasn't there, only the rustling of the curtain to prove that she'd been standing there moments before.

"Tanya…uh, nice to see you again, so glad you could all come down for the week," I tried to keep my tone sincere it was a lot harder then it looked. "Edward," her tone turned deadly, the tone that said 'don't-fuck-with-me' which was strange since normally her tone was that which said 'please-fuck-me'. "Why didn't you come to me when you first started having girl problems? I would've given you some advice," and I'm pretty sure that in that moment my face resembled that of one of those emoticons, you know the one, the what-the-hell face. "Um..." and that's all I had, no seriously, I had no idea what to say. It was as if she had sucker punched me and I'd lost the ability to form actual words.

"Edward, stop your babbling and tell me everything, from the very beginning," and so I did. I told her about my mixed feelings towards Bella, and how just when Bella and I seemed to be on the verge of connecting or her opening up to me, I went and screwed it up, either by saying something stupid or getting angry and telling her that she can't see her wolf pack friends anymore. By the end of it, Tanya was shaking her head and sighing in disappointment. "Jesus Edward, I seriously thought that you'd be better at this whole talking to girls thing. You've been around for a hundred and ten or so years."

I couldn't help the glare, "Yes, now that we've established that I'm not the smoothest shot of vodka, help me." I couldn't believe that I was asking Tanya for help, she is the last vampire I would've thought I'd ask for help. Especially when it had to do with a girl that i barely knew and had only had a one-on-one conversation with a handful of times. None of which were successful and ended with me feeling slightly scared, despite the fact that I was one of the most dangerous predators on the planet and she was nothing more then a measly human being who could barely walk properly on a flat surface.

"Edward, I'm not just going to help you talk to this girl, I'm going to help you get the girl. All you have to do is follow my lead all right. I'll tell you what to do and when, just listen." It was still a shock that Tanya had agreed to help me and I couldn't help but wonder if she had an ulterior motive for doing this. If she didn't then I couldn't tell because she was blocking me from her mind, sneaky little- I also wondered what her plan was going to involve, hopefully nothing too...scandalous. I did grow up in the early nineteen hundreds after all. "Alright, I'll do it."

I didn't really like Bella's part, but I thought it kind of needed to be in there any way. It'll give some context to the next chapter. Anyways, I hope you enjoyed this chapter and proceed to follow the long lived and long loved tradition of Read and Review.

Written; 29/9/11

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