"Where's Holly?" asked Will agitatedly. "She said she'd be back with the water an hour ago." Rick sighed. The last thing he wanted was for his children to start squabbling. If they didn't work together, they might never get home. Rick was jerked from his reverie by a cry from Will.

"Dad! Look up there! What's that light?" Will was standing at the opening of the cave, pointing to a spot in the sky. Rick hurried over to look with him. A bright orb seemed to be suspended in midair over a part of the jungle. It looked as if it were rotating. Then, abruptly, it plunged to the ground and disappeared from view. "Dad, what was that?" asked Will excitedly.

"If we're lucky," said Rick, "That's our way home." They climbed out of the cave, running towards the spot where they'd seen the light. "Holly!" called Rick, pulling out his mirror and flashing it at the sky.

"Holly! HOLLY!!!" yelled Will, cupping his hands around his mouth for volume. He was about to call for her again, but his father stopped him.

"If we keep yelling, Grumpy will hear us," he told him quietly. "We'll look for Holly once we figure out what that light was and if it will take us home." Will nodded slowly, and they continued on into the trees.

After a while, Will stopped short. "Dad, this is where the light was. I'm sure of it." Rick nodded.

"I think so too." He began to search the low ground, glancing into the sky at times to see if the orb was still there. Will, however, was staring at something a few yards away.

Holly and Chaka were walking past the strange pyramid that had seemed to posses magical powers. "Holly!" called Will, running towards her. Holly appeared not to see him.

"C'mon, Chaka, we have to get the water," she instructed.

"Oso?" asked Chaka hopefully.

"Yeah," answered Holly. "Oso." Suddenly, Chaka tripped and collided with the pyramid. As Holly bent to pick him up, they suddenly both disappeared. Will froze. Strangely, unexplainably, Holly and Chaka appeared again, where they had previously been standing. Will stared at his sister in disbelief.

"C'mon, Chaka, we have to go get the water," repeated Holly.

"Oso?" asked Chaka again.

"Yeah," said Holly for the second time. "Oso." And then, Chaka tripped, and the effects exactly mirrored those of when he had first tripped. Will watched the scene replay a couple of times, until, finally, he felt his father's hand on his shoulder.

"Will," he said gruffly, "They made it. They got home."