He missed killing things. He missed killing things a lot. He supposed that this was technically fair, for Jashin to trap him in this thing until the curse was completed and he could get his body back to start slaughtering people again, but right now, Hidan was bored and it sucked. When he was alive, or well, alive and in a body, he had actually been able to worship Jashin properly and he had thought his god was the only one who had a sense of humor when everyone else was so serious and annoyingly unbloody in their worship that it made him want to puke. But after fighting that damned kid- Hidan hoped that smart little bastard was the one who got him out of his current prison so that he could kill him as slowly and painfully as his body would allow him to die. He'd need his body back for that though first. Which meant he needed blood. That was the curse Jashin had done when he had sealed him inside of this, so that he would only be free when a drop of blood touched the smooth stone walls surrounding him. It would take an idiot to cut themselves playing shogi. Especially on the hisha. Hidan was glad to know he was right about Jashin having a sense of humor. Maybe he should cultivate his own to emulate the god. That sounded good to him and the little gray stone rook began to twinkle merrily in the sunlight as its inhabitant began to plan his revenge. After all, it wasn't like he didn't have all the time in the world.