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Chapter 1: "Die"

Location: G-1 Mobile Base SAZ Mt Fuji

"Heck, I could even order you to kill all the Japanese," joked Lelouch as he stared into the eyes of his half-sister Euphemia Li Britannia as tried to explain his Geass to her. Lelouch gaze never left her until he noticed her eyes were wide with fear as she started to say, "No... I can't... I must..." but suddenly halted as she grabbed her head in her hands and jammed her eyes shut. Lelouch was startled at what was happening until he saw his reflection off the mask of Zero. Lelouch stared at the mask in utter shock as he saw a crimson glow emanating the Geass crane that was held within his eyes. As Euphy still struggled, Lelouch's only thoughts were, 'Euphy? Geass? It can't be!' before turning around to see Euphemia kneeling on the floor, her head in her hands, shielding her eyes from anyone. Lelouch slowly began to approach her before jumping back as Euphemia slowly started to bring herself into a standing position, her head kept down, hiding her eyes.

"Euphy?" questioned Lelouch as he slowly stepped forward. "Lelouch-nii sama..." said Euphemia in an unusually cheerful voice while raising her head to reveal her violet eyes that was now rimmed in red before saying, "I must..." hesitating a moment as she reached for Lelouch's gun before continuing with a twisted smile on her face, "I must kill the Japanese!"

Location: Outside G-1 Mobile Base

Suzaku was kneeling next to the green haired girl that had collapsed in front of him, clutching her left eye as she screamed in agony. Suzaku could only stare at her screams slowly died down and replaced by raspy breathing. "Hey... Are you alright?" asked Suzaku as he slowly reached out. "Don't..." uttered the girl through deep breaths, "Don't... Touch me..." Suzaku was taken aback by her sudden outburst and slowly brought his hand back as he asked, "What's going on?" The girl on the ground jammed her eyes shut as she said in a pained tone, "Z... Zero... Something... Wrong..." His eyes widened in fear of something happening to Euphy and quickly asked, "What... What is wrong?!?" The girl gave a small smirk as she scoffed and said, "A man like you couldn't understand..." Suzaku started to get frustrated with her as he suddenly yelled, "TELL ME!" The girls golden eyes widened for a moment before breaking down into a fit of laughing. Suzaku stood next to her wondering if she had gone insane when she suddenly stopped and said in a more serious tone, "There isn't much time... If you want to save your princess, you'll pick me up right now and take me to where Zero and your princess are." Suzaku nodded and suddenly picked up the girl and started sprinting towards the G-1 base. In his mind, Suzaku thought, 'Euphy... Please be safe.'

Location: G-1 Mobile Base Corridors

Euphy was slowly getting farther and farther away as Lelouch urged his body to run as if his life depended on it. 'In a way, it does' thought Lelouch as he imagined what would happen if Euphy were to die now. 'No! I cannot... I will not let that happen,' thought Lelouch as tried to yell Euphy's name to get her attention or at least slow her down. 'Curse this unfit body of mine!' thought Lelouch as he started to lose his breath and slow down. 'Goddamit!!! Why the hell is she so damn fast?' thought Lelouch as he saw the entrance to the base slowly approach. 'I've got to stop her somehow... C'mon think...' thought Lelouch as Euphy rounded the last corner. 'Shit!!!' was the only thought that circulated through his head as he rounded the corner to see Euphy standing still in front of two strangers...

Location: Outside G-1 Mobile Base

"What happened to Euphemia?!" asked Suzaku as he carried the mysterious girl in his arms. "Simple humans should keep their noses out other peoples business..." Suzaku suddenly stopped dead in his tracks as he turned to face her, his eyes narrow and stern as he asked, "What has happened to Euphy? As her knight, I demand to know!" The girl just stared at the man before motioning for her to be put down. Suzaku complied as he placed her back on her two feet as she brought herself up to her full height before saying, "You've got some guts boya... Willing to go against me, The Grey Witch of all people..." Suzaku just stared at the woman before him as she allowed a smirk to grace her features before quickly turning to face the G-1 Mobile Base and saying "If you truly wish to know what happened to your princess, I'd suggest you ask Zero himself," stopping for a moment before saying, "After all... You probably know more about him than anyone else..." Suzaku stared at the woman entering the base that just said he knew Zero more than anyone else. "Wait!!! What do you mean?!" yelled Suzaku as he chased her into the Mobile Base, unable to understand how he knew more about Zero than anyone else. "HEY!!!" yelled Suzaku as the woman in front of him suddenly stopped. Panting, Suzaku came up beside her and asked through his panting, "What... Is going... On?" The woman didn't even turn her head as she said, "Quiet," and, "Listen..." Suzaku stopped his questioning for a moment as he heard the faint echo of footprints approaching, slowly growing louder by the second. "Why is there someone here?" he asked to no one in particular as he turned to the green haired woman next to him only to be greeted by the sight of a wide grin across her face. "What's the matter?" asked Suzaku as he saw absolutely no reason to smile given what was happening around him. The woman turned to face him, her golden eyes staring into his emerald ones as she replied, "It looks like we got here in time boya..." Suzaku tried to understand what she meant as the footsteps continued to grow louder before asking, "What do you..." but couldn't finish as the woman held up her hand to stop him. Before he could ask why, another girl with long tendrils of pink hair appeared, wielding a standard pistol. Suzaku stood in wide eyed shock as the person before him was none other than Euphemia.

Location: G-1 Mobile Base Corridors

"E... Euphy..." stuttered Suzaku as he stared at the princess before him. "Suzaku?" was the only word Euphemia said, her twisted smile still on her face. Suzaku stared at the princess before him, immediately noticing her over cheerful voice as he heard the woman next to muttered under her breath, "Damn... We're too late..." Suzaku turned towards her, wondering why she said they were too late when Euphy's voice suddenly asked, "Hey Suzaku... You're Japanese right?" Suzaku was shocked at the question she just asked him as he slowly replied, "Yes..." For no apparent reason, Euphy eerie smile returned once again as she aimed the pistol at Suzaku's chest as she calmly said, "Then die..."

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