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Violet eyes wide from shock, he could only manage to utter one word, "Euphy…"

Chapter 10: Promises

Location: Rooftop Entrance, Academy Clubhouse, Ashford Academy, Area 11

… Words escaped Lelouch as his mind tried to process what was happening in front of his very eyes. His sister, staring at him with something akin to fear in her amethyst eyes, her whole body trembling as she tried to back away from him. Trying to regain what little composure he had left, he tried to approach her, only to earn a flinch in response. Lelouch tried to hide his grimace at the movement as he tried to speak to her in a soft tone, "Euphy... Its me... Lelouch..."

He got not response from her... Instead, she drew her knee's up to her chest and buried her face within them, the pose reminding Lelouch of the times when he'd used to find her being scared by thunder or lighting during dark nights in the Aeries Villa. Reaching his hand out, he tried to caress her cheek in a similar manner he used to do back when he was still a Prince to calm her, but she still turned away from his touch, causing a stab of guilt to pierce his chest.

"Euphy..." was all he could utter before he was suddenly cut of by a soft, whispered voice...

"...Scary..." Euphy slowly started to look up, almost scared at the prospect of looking at the man in front of her.

"Euphy?" was all Lelouch could say before she suddenly lifted her head to look at him, her amethyst eyes almost brimming with tears.

"You were scary Lelouch! You looked so much like him! Acted like him! You..." Euphy all but screamed before she was suddenly engulfed in a warm embrace...

"Euphy... Calm down..." Lelouch said in a warm tone as he slowly lifted her while his arms were wrapped around her. Bringing her to a standing position, he stood and held her as he felt her breathing slow and her muscles relax, while at the same time wondering who she meant when she kept saying 'him,' though he already had a good idea at who she possibly meant, he decided he would confront that issue at a later time... Right now it was more important for them to get out of Ashford Academy before Suzaku comes.

Looking down on her lightly shuddering form, he asked in a soft voice, "Euphy, are you feeling better?"

Receiving only a shaky nod in return, Lelouch quickly said, "We have to leave now, but I promise I'll explain everything to you once we're back in the base... Okay?"

Again, he only received a shaky nod in return. Taking that as her answer, he slowly released her before softly taking her hand and leading her out of the Academy.

Location: Clubhouse Rooftop, Academy Clubhouse, Ashford Academy,

Suzaku could only sit and stare at the door Lelouch had just exited, his mind still dazed over the confrontation that had just occurred. He knew most of what Lelouch said was true, how the chances of him being accepted into the Knight of Rounds would be the same as the Emperor suddenly declaring himself as an advocate of World Peace. But at the same time, he still stubbornly held onto his beliefs on the system being changed from within. At the same time, he also knew that he had probably lost his best friend after today, considering the warning Lelouch gave him as he left, though in all honesty he couldn't blame him... After seeing the video of himself shooting Euphy, he slowly began to doubt himself and at one point actually began to question his sanity and prayed to whatever deity that still looked over him that he would not become like the overly eccentric Lloyd Asplund.

However, what still had his mind reeling was none other than Lelouch himself. The way he had spoken and held himself reminded him of the Emperor whenever he rose to make a speech, though what truly scared him was his eyes... Cold, harsh, unforgiving... That was the best way he could describe it and to him, it truly felt as though he was looking into the eyes of a demon who was about to take his soul. He shuddered at the idea but couldn't stop himself from thinking, 'At least we know he's the Emperor's son...'

Trying to stop a sigh from escaping his lips, he let himself fall back onto the cold, hard roof in defeat until his phone started to go off. Giving off a sigh, he reached into his pocket and whipped out his phone before putting it to his ear, "Hello?"

Nothing could stop the sudden shock Suzaku's heart was given as his ear was suddenly assaulted by the scolding tone of Cecile Croomy, "Suzaku where are you? We need you back at the base right now!"

Regaining himself, Suzaku quickly asked, "Whats wrong? Is it the Black Knights?"

In a more calmer voice, Cecile said, "No Suzaku, Prince Schneizel has ordered for your immediate return to base... Apparently, it's quite urgent..."

Before Suzaku could give his reply, he suddenly heard the overly cheerful voice of Lloyd Asplund in the background asking, "Suzaku! On your way back, can you please buy some pudding? We've just run..." but was suddenly cut off by the sound of a sudden 'smacking' sound followed by a sudden scream of pain.

Suzaku tried to not flinch at the sound he heard in the background when Cecile suddenly started speaking again, her voice now taking on a cheerful yet menacing tone as she said, "Suzaku, please ignore Lloyds request and come back to base as soon as possible... Understand?"

Suzaku could practically hear the threat dripping off her last word as he uttered a quick affirmative and prepared to hang up, ignoring the fading sound of "Cecile! That Hurts!" as he closed his phone.

Giving of a small sigh, he thought to himself, 'Pull yourself together Suzaku! You've already angered one prince, let's not anger another one which can actually kill you with a wave of his hand...' Suppressing the brief shudder of the idea of Lelouch having the power to cause his death, he quickly got up and dusted himself off before running off...

Location: Lelouch's Safe house, Main Hall,

Lelouch let out a sigh of relief as he brought Euphy into one of hidden safe houses he made in case they were ever found by the Emperor or the Military. Lelouch couldn't help but let loose a chuck at the thought of his safe house, his bastion from the prying eyes of his family, was now being used to shield a member of said family... Though in hindsight, Lelouch always knew that Euphy was different than the rest of his family and didn't share their Darwinistic ideals, a trait he was glad she held.

Looking down towards Euphy, he was dismayed to see that she still kept her eyes downcast, as if she was almost afraid to look at him. This felt like a stab in the heart to Lelouch, to see one of he few people he truly cares for being afraid of him...

Leading her over to one of the sofas, he slowly guided her to sit down, before kneeling down in front of her and asking in a soothing, yet pleading tone, "Euphy... Please tell me, what's wrong? Please... Why are are you so upset?"

Without looking up at him, her body still shuddering, she whispered softly, "… You," her voice so soft it was as if she was afraid that speaking would get her in trouble.

Lelouch was confused at her answer, wondering what it was that he did that had upset her so much when a sudden realization occurred. 'Perhaps she is upset at how I treated Suzaku?' he asked himself… Looking at his sister now, he could understand why she would have been so upset at his treatment of Suzaku. He knew that she considered Suzaku as a close friend and perhaps something more before the whole incident with the SAZ. Perhaps…

Lelouch quickly shook himself out of his thoughts, instead choosing to focus on the more important matter of comforting his sister. Slowly drawing himself closer, he said in a soft tone, "Euphy… If this is because of what I did to Suzaku…"

However, before he could even finish his sentence, Euphy suddenly lifted her head, bringing her face to face with him and revealing her lilac eyes now tinged red due to her tears as she yelled, "That's not it!" before dropping her head again and whispering in a more softer tone, "… that's not why…"

Lelouch was now thrown for an even greater loop as the reasons he thought caused his sister to become so scared were essentially thrown out the window by her sudden rejection. At a loss at what to do now, he merely asked, "Euphy… What have I done that made you so upset?"

As he was saying this, he slowly put his hands on her shuddering shoulders, slowly making her face him once more, revealing the same red tinged lilac eyes from before.

Eyes filled with fear, Euphy quickly looked away, her eyes downcast as she softly replied, "Lelouch… do you not realize?" At Lelouch's confused look she slowly continued, "On the rooftop at Ashford Academy… when you were arguing with Suzaku… you looked so much like him…" her voice suddenly raised as she continued to say, "…You looked like our father!"

Lelouch felt as if he had been stabbed and that someone was slowly beginning to the twist the knife within him as he heard Euphy's confession. 'Me… Look like our father? That man? How?' were all that could go through Lelouch's shell-shocked mind as he slowly uttered out, "H…how?" his violet eyes now wide in shock and disbelief.

Regaining some of her composure, but still unwilling to look Lelouch in the eyes, she softly said, "When you were yelling at Suzaku, you were so ruthless… unforgiving and your eyes were the same as fathers, cold… emotionless, like you didn't care about what happened to Suzaku. When I saw that, I couldn't help but feel as if you were starting to become more like father, that you would stop caring for all of us… I became scared that you would turn into a monster and..." she stopped for a moment and raised her head, showing lilac eyes now tinged with fear as she said in a more fearful voice, "I thought I would lose you Lelouch…"

With that said, Euphy lowered her head once again and folded into herself as if she was trying to shield herself from her fear of her brother, leaving Lelouch kneeling in shock as he slowly began to process what Euphy had just told him...

'I looked like him! I resemble the Emperor?' was all that could go through Lelouch's head as he slowly began to look down at his trembling hands, his violet eyes wide with fear as his mind continued to race...

'Am I becoming like the very man that I swore to kill?' Lelouch asked himself as he slowly looked at his sisters form, her body still shaking from her soft sobs... 'Am I becoming a monster?'

Almost immediately Lelouch shook his head in denial as quickly shouted to himself 'No! I will not become a monster... I will not...' before he suddenly stopped... Slowly looking up towards Euphy once again, Lelouch's violet eyes slowly widened as if he had a sudden realization before he softly whispered to himself, "Yes... She won't let that happen..."

Once again Lelouch slowly began to approach the shuddering form of his sister, his hands no longer shaking as he slowly wraps his arms around her in a soft embrace. He slowly begins to whisper into her hear in a soothing tone, "Shh... Calm down Euphy... I am still Lelouch... You no longer need to cry for me..."

Slowly, but surely, her soft sobs began to decrease as Lelouch continued to softly whisper into her ear, until eventually all that could be heard was the soft breathing of the two siblings. Seeing that his sister had finally calmed down, he slowly pulled back, before placing a hand on his sister's still lowered chin and gently raised it so that he could see her face, her cheeks still moist from her tears as he softly said, "Euphy, I promise that I'll never become like our father... I'll never become a monster like that man...

Tears slowly began to form in her eyes as she began to ask in a more desperate tone, as if she was trying to assure herself of his words, "You promise? You promise you won't become a monster? You promise that you'll always stay as Lelouch?"

Lelouch gave her a soft smile before nodding and saying in a reassuring tone, "Yes Euphy, I promise..." however, before he could finish, he was cut off as he was suddenly hugged tightly by his sister, her face buried in his chest as she kept whispering, "Thank goodness."

Lelouch gave a soft smile as he slowly stroked her silken hair when he suddenly asked, "Euphy... Can you also make me a promise?"

At this Euphy stopped whispering into Lelouch's chest as she slowly pulled back to reveal a confused expression on her soft face as Lelouch continued to ask in a more serious tone, "Can you promise me that you will stay by my side until this is all over? That you will make sure that I do not stray from my path and become a power-hungry monster like our father?"

At this, Euphy slowly lowered her head once again, almost as if in doubt of herself. For a few moments, Lelouch began to worry that the silence was her way of rejecting his promise before she suddenly raised her head to look Lelouch in his eyes, allowing royal violet to meet clear lilac as a soft smile began to spread across her soft lips, lighting up her features once more as she said in a confident voice, "Yes Lelouch... I promise," before moving forward and softly embracing him once gain... An embrace which he gladly returned.

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