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Warnings: There are situations in the first and the second part that could be considered dub-con.

Part One

It figures, Sasuke thought while watching the shadows on the ceiling and clenching his fists until they hurt. It figured he would end up regretting his decision to share a room with that fucking idiot. Naruto had been too distracted with trying to see under Sakura's tiny inappropriate skirt to complain about sleeping arrangements and Sasuke hadn't thought that it was important enough at the time - but it was important and he just hadn't been thinking.

He was regretting it now, because it seemed as if he had only just managed to fall asleep despite the roars and the lightshow of the traffic outside, when a rather loud moan startled him out of it. It was meant to be relaxing, this fieldtrip. Sasuke had been looking forward to a week away from home. It was just his luck that he would be up most of the first night listening to Naruto having a wet dream, of all inane things.

The sounds coming from the other bed were constant. His ears were tuned acutely to each separate groan and it was enough to squeeze the air right out of his lungs. Naruto was loud, occasionally frantically humping the bed. Even when he tried to unconsciously hush the moans they'd just end up as half-choked, hoarse noises that Sasuke was quite certain were the most amazing sexual thing he had ever heard in his life.

He refused to touch himself. He was hopelessly turned on; his arousal was slowly becoming a painful experience. The aching need to close his fist around his cock - or go over and make Naruto close his mouth around it – was almost unbearably strong. If this continued for much longer, he would go insane from it. It was normal for a person to be aroused. There was something downright delicious in witnessing someone's wet dream. The commotion Naruto was making was the hottest, most erotic thing Sasuke could imagine and was likely to haunt him for the rest of his life. That was humiliating enough; he was not about to lower himself to jerk off over the class moron, though. His hands were clutching the fabric of the sheet at either side of him, sweaty from the struggle. Sasuke was beginning to shake with the effort not to move, because if that happened, he would end up either fucking, or killing Naruto, and neither was acceptable right now.

Then, Naruto sighed deeply between the moans and murmured a single, soft 'fuck'. Sasuke was pretty damn sure that he just confirmed the theory you can actually come in your pants without anything but air near your crotch, simply by witnessing something, pressed forward by the force of your imagination. The sensation was strong, tightening his muscles and making him jerk his hips forward. It felt like the last wave of an orgasm, but it didn't bring the relief. He finally snapped.

His pillow was too soft but it would have to do as the only thing that could reach the other bed from his own, so Sasuke grabbed it and used it to hit Naruto a couple of times in the head. Naruto snatched at it automatically, opening his eyes to examine the thing in his hands and then Sasuke.

He was flushed and sweaty, with that damned bright hair knotted up and falling all over his eyes – and Sasuke felt his hands shaking again, because he wanted to touch, to feel, to taste and that was just not going to happen.

"What the fuck?" Naruto asked, sounding irritated. A violent shiver suddenly shot down Sasuke's spine at the raw and sleepy quality of the words. He had to swallow to clear up his voice, but Sasuke was good at feigning so words came out exactly how he wanted them at the moment - clear and annoyed.

"You're too loud. I can't sleep."

Even in the moonlight, it was obvious Naruto face became red – redder - with embarrassment. Sasuke's mind swarmed uncontrollably with half-formed fantasies, alive with choking sounds and the smell of sweat, fleshed out with images of Naruto as he was in his bed right then, flushed and debauched. Not wanting to see any more of him - because he was only human and this was becoming unbearable - Sasuke lowered his head to the pillow that he had snatched back and turned to face the wall.

"Sorry." Naruto said after a moment. His hollow tone scraped at Sasuke's chest. With his intimate voice still ringing in his ears, it felt like Naruto was cheating. There was some shifting in the other bed. He was likely trying to get back to sleep. Sasuke felt a little disappointed but, at the same time, relieved as he closed his eyes and followed the example.

In vain, it would seem.

The moans and Naruto's voice were echoing in his head no matter what position he tried. After a while Sasuke had to acknowledge that he was still so hard, he would make a hole in the mattress before the morning if he didn't do anything about it. He wondered if Naruto was asleep, if he could take care of it right there or if he should go to the bathroom. From the other bed, the shifting started again.

Sasuke pulled his covers higher when Naruto stood up, casting a shadow over him. Naruto merely stood there for a while. Just as Sasuke thought he should maybe ask what was wrong, Naruto made couple of small steps and stopped next to Sasuke's bed.

"Sasuke?" he called quietly. "Are you okay?"

After a couple of rather loud heartbeats, Sasuke said, "Fine."

If he ignored the itch in his fingers that wanted to grab onto something, if he ignored his shallow breathing and how flustered he was, if he ignored everything that he had heard, seen and smelled that night… Maybe he was fine.

But Naruto didn't retreat. Instead, he asked again, uncertain but pushing nonetheless. "You sure? You're tossing around and sighing and…"

He trailed off and Sasuke made the worst mistake if his life - he turned up to look at him.

Naruto was still flushed, his hair was messy, he was chewing on his lip…and he was shirtless. He was bent low enough for Sasuke to catch a whiff of nettle and fresh sweat on his skin, both sharp and promising. All his determination not to do anything just faded as he inhaled deeply.

He was really not capable of fighting it any longer – he was not in any condition to think at all – so Sasuke grabbed Naruto's shoulders and, before they both knew what he was doing, Naruto was pinned to the bed, and Sasuke was spreading his legs with his knees to make the room for himself.

"What do you think you're doing?" Naruto demanded, as if it weren't obvious. He was struggling, violently enough for some of the blows he aimed at Sasuke to be painful. It didn't help; the scent of his skin and his body heat were intoxicating. Sasuke was currently in the dominant position and very determined to rid himself of all the sexual tension Naruto had caused, now.

Naruto's struggle provided the much-needed friction; every time he moved, squirmed against Sasuke's stomach or slid against his hips, an explosion of sparks ripped through his body from his knees right up to his brain. It just wasn't enough, though.

"Shut up." Sasuke growled after Naruto let out an angry cry. "This is your fault."

Naruto went completely still under him, his eyes suddenly wide and fixed on Sasuke's face. It was probably the tone of Sasuke's voice; breathy, savage, and desperate. Or maybe there was something on his face, too. Sasuke couldn't bring himself to care; instead, he used Naruto's surprise to get a hold of his wrists.

"Sasuke…" Naruto said again, this time almost pleading. He wasn't struggling at all any longer. A little taken aback, Sasuke found Naruto's eyes with his own. There was no fear in Naruto's face, just some fading surprise and flickers of some unidentifiable emotion.

"Your fault," Sasuke repeated, still looking down and wondering why there was no real contact between their bodies. Was he waiting for consent? What would he do if didn't get it? "You're always so loud. You can't keep your voice down even in your sleep."

"Oh." Naruto breathed, before biting into his lip. Still waiting, Sasuke glanced at his mouth just in time to see it forming more words. "Let go, I'll need my hands for this."

While the words were still breaking though the thick, lusty mist to Sasuke's brain, Naruto grinned underneath him. It should have been inappropriate. Instead, the mischief in Naruto's eyes made his mind bubble up with anticipation and Sasuke realized that at some point his shallow breathing had transformed into panting.

Naruto then arched up from the mattress, crossing that final line. His hands, damp and hot, found their way around Sasuke's back – when did he let go exactly? He couldn't remember deciding to do so - and under his shirt. Naruto pressed hard until they were flat against each other, until their chests and cocks were rubbing together. Thrashing feverishly, they landed back on the bed. Sasuke thrusted down into the heat of Naruto's crotch once, and then several more times, but the friction he achieved was not enough, not nearly enough after so many hours of wanting to touch him. Sasuke's hands found their way to Naruto boxers, and he pulled them down, only vaguely aware that Naruto was doing the same thing with his pajama bottoms.

Then, there was a hot hand closing around his cock and Naruto moved it up and down a little, experimenting in the limited space. Sasuke couldn't help but let out a hiss, long and needy. He grabbed Naruto's hand on his cock, directing the movement, but even that wasn't enough. His hand found where Naruto, wet and just as hard, was rubbing himself on the outer side of his own wrist, and wished he had time to lick his palm. He closed his fist around Naruto's erection, enjoying the feeling of the soft skin and lines of veins under it a bit too much. Naruto threw his head back, eyes sliding shut, and his grip loosened.

Sasuke cursed at the loss mindlessly under his breath. Useless, the moron was completely useless. He had to do everything himself, like always. Sasuke opened his palm, circled it around Naruto's weak grip and his own cock, and squeezed it all together. Naruto choked, just as he had done before in his own bed, the fierce and urgent need in the sound almost causing Sasuke to finish right then. He let go completely and Sasuke was left to hold onto both of them, to keep them joined while they both thrusted violently against each other.

Then Naruto's hands found their way up to Sasuke's head, where his fingers entangled in his hair, pulling Sasuke down to him. No, Sasuke wanted to say, this is not about that, but before he could form any words, Naruto was already pushing his tongue into his mouth. The kiss was hard and potent - good enough to make Sasuke forget why this was a bad idea. Naruto kept letting out gasps and groans, responsive to every movement of Sasuke's hand and body, and everything was blurry and hot and just perfect. Naruto would kiss and wrap his leg around Sasuke's waist to keep them close and make small noises that were just close enough to what he'd heard before for Sasuke to forget everything and give in. A second later, with a shallow groan that slid past Naruto's tongue, he was coming all over his fingers as Naruto's erection still pulsed in between them.

He didn't move, but he wasn't able to continue either, so Naruto, still kissing him just as eagerly, smuggled his right hand down again and reinforced Sasuke's grip. It was apparently enough, because Naruto stopped kissing, and his head fell down onto the pillow. His mouth was open and wet from a mixture of his and Sasuke's own saliva, and his hips were moving in vicious little jerks. It was quite obvious he was coming, even though Sasuke's hand was too warm and wet to feel it.

Sasuke needed to let go and move, but he couldn't. His eyes wouldn't leave Naruto's face, and he had to fight with a great effort not to mesh their mouths together again. Then, Naruto opened his eyes and focused on his face.

"So what was that?" He asked, still breathless.

It helped to clear Sasuke's mind of confusion. He managed to untangle himself and sit back on his heels. Naruto propped himself up on his elbows, slightly disoriented but demanding.

"You weren't complaining a minute ago." Sasuke snapped.

Naruto frowned. "I'm not complaining now - I just want to know what it means."

Sasuke averted his eyes from Naruto's insistent look. Did it have to mean anything? The moron was hot when he was turned on, that's all. They could go to sleep and pretend it never happened – right after they found a way out of spending the rest of the field trip in the same room.

"It doesn't mean anything." Sasuke said aloud. "It happens all the time, it's nothing special."

The traitorous part of his mind laughed at him mockingly, flashing the picture of Naruto's flushed face, choking on a moan. Sasuke stood up from the bed and went to bathroom, not waiting for Naruto to process what he had said. He cleaned up, trying to stop his mind from engraving what had happened too deeply into his memory, with little success. When he finished, Naruto passed him to use the bathroom without a single word. Sasuke told himself he was not disappointed and went to bed, not quite as annoyed as he wished he were with the fact that his pillow and sheets still smelled like Naruto.

After Naruto came back, they laid each in his own bed for a long time, Sasuke very much awake and sure Naruto was as well. Right when he was starting to fall asleep, Naruto said, "Sasuke? How often?"

"What?" Sasuke snapped, because that made no sense and he was finally starting to forget. Naruto talking wasn't helpful.

Naruto hesitated until Sasuke gave him a long, annoyed look across the dark room, and then finally continued.

"How often does it happen?" He asked, sounding amused. "If it's, er, normal?"

"What, getting off with a classmate on a field trip?" Sasuke could hear the sneer in his own voice, but he was really not in the mood to deal with Naruto's confusions right now, whatever they were. "Getting off with another guy without any consequences to your sexuality?"

"No," Naruto said, uncharacteristically low, so Sasuke turned again to see him looking down at his own hands, "How often does it happen to you?"

When Sasuke failed to answer right away, Naruto raised his head and gave him his typical fox-like grin - only this time, Sasuke could feel the promise in it.

"Often," he answered vaguely, but his mouth was dry at the thought that Naruto might want to repeat this sometime, maybe soon. Like, first thing in the morning.

"Oh." Naruto answered, still smiling. He got back under the covers.

Well, it looks like they wouldn't be bothered by the sleeping arrangements, Sasuke thought. Then he finally fell asleep.