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I've been toying with this idea in my head for ages. It's crazy juggling two stories at one time so bear with me if at times I take long to add chapters. Any similarities between what I write and stories from other writers are purely coincidental.

This is my version of an AU BB story, so at times they're gonna be a little OOC. Plus I might change some facts around a little so it fits into the story I have in my head. Bear with me there, this is afterall AU. What would have happened if BB lived happily ever after?

Doctor Temperance Brennan sat in her study, staring at her laptop. She was a world renowned forensic anthropologist and best-selling author of numerous novels. Her publisher had been bugging her to write her own biography for a couple of years now, but she never got down to it. Now with her youngest son having left for college, she found that she had some time on her hands. Perhaps this would be a good time to write.

She couldn't figure out why anyone would be interested in reading about her life. There wasn't much to it. Sure she had a slightly different childhood than most girls. Her parents were criminals in the eyes of the law; she had been abandoned at the age of fifteen and had been in and out of foster homes. She had, still does have a genius IQ and multiple degrees under her belt. She spent most of her adult life putting cold-blooded killers away and writing novels.

She was well-off, comfortably so but that didn't stop her from working, neither did it make her complacent. She didn't work for the money, but because she loved her job. She loved working with her team and most of all she loved working with her partner. Her partner in more ways than one.

Brennan's heart warmed at the thought of this one man, this one man who had single-handedly made her life better. If anything she would write, so that people would know her story their story. So at the ripe old age of fifty-five Doctor Temperance Brennan decided to heed her publisher's advice and write her life story. Who knew? Perhaps the book would fly off the shelves in a similar fashion that her novels did. She wondered where she should begin. She smiled when the thought popped up in her head. She knew where to start. She would start on the day she realized that for some strange reason she was attracted to who was possibly the most pompous, arrogant, pig-headed alpha-male she had ever come across, who also unfortunately had chiseled good-looks, a charm smile that could melt anyone, and a well-toned muscular body to die-for.

Her hands began to fly across the keyboard, the room became filled with the clackity-clack of her fingers striking the keys.

Her words flowed easily, this was the story of her life thus far.....

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