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Booth opened the door to the diner, not the one him and Brennan frequented. He was glad this was the decided meeting place, he didn't want to chance being recognized. He hated this part. Keeping things from his Bones. But he had been left with little choice. He slipped the sunglasses off and scanned the diner. It was relatively empty, and he immediately spotted the person he was looking for.

Booth walked briskly up to the table, then slid into the chair opposite the dark-haired woman. He glanced at the baby in the infant carrier. He was sound asleep, oblivious to the world around him.

The waitress came to take his order but Booth waved her away. He wasn't intending to stay long.

"Took you long enough."

"Traffic." Booth grunted his reply. He reached into the inner pocket of his suit jacket, pulling out a white envelope. He slid it across the table.

The woman picked it up, tore it open, smiling at the figures on the cheque.

"This is the last time Eva."

"That's what you said before. You'll be back, when I call. Can't let the Ray starve now can we?"

Booth cast a quick glance at the baby.

"Get a job. That's what I've been telling you." Booth clenched his jaw. He should never have agreed to this in the first place, never tried to cover this up.

"Come on. Your wife is loaded. You can afford this. No one will ever know."

Booth glared at the woman facing him. His gaze shifted to the sleeping baby and his heart softened. His head screamed no, but Booth reached out and smoothed the boy's cheek with his index finger. He remembered when his children were this little. He knew he didn't have it in him to simply walk away.

"Can't say no to him can you? After all he's family."

Booth bit his lower lip and sighed. "I have to go. Take good care of him."

"You know I will."

Booth got up, spinning round he came face to face with Angela. She has this look on her face that told Booth he was in for trouble.

Angela shook her head. "Never in a million years Seeley Booth."

"Ange, it's not what you think – "

Angela held up her hand. "Forget it." She spun round and stormed out into the street.

"Angela wait!"

Booth dashed out to catch up with her. Behind him he heard Eva exit the diner. She stopped next to him, giving him a smirk. Ray was waking up and began to cry.

"I need a ride Seeley."

Booth watched as Angela got into her car and drove off. He let out an angry breath. Ray continued to fuss. He watched as Eva set the carried on the sidewalk then picked the crying baby up. He stopped crying soothed in his mother's arms.

Booth motioned towards his SUV.

"Come on."

Booth dropped mother and baby at her apartment. He was getting back into his car when a man in a blue suit walked up to him.

"Seeley Booth?"


The man handed Booth an envelope.

"You've been served."

Booth frowned. A disgruntled perp he had arrested? He tore open the envelope and opened the letter hardly believing his eyes. No freaking way. Even if Angela did know where Bones was there was no way….. not unless Bones already suspected something. Booth kicked himself mentally.

He has to set things right. Had to. He climbed into his SUV and gunned the engines heading for the Jeffersonian. He found Angela in her office, working on the case form this morning.


"Go away Booth. You disgust me."

"Just, just let me explain."

"I'm not the one you owe an explanation."

Booth walked to Angela, forcing her to stop her work and look him in the eye.

"I just got this."

Angela raised her eyebrows.

"Bones wants a divorce. Papers cited marital infidelity."

"Can't blame her. Now get out of here before I shoot you with your own gun."

"Ange, it's not what you think."

"Not what I think?! I saw you at the diner, with that woman, couldn't be much older than Rachel. And a baby? I mean no disrespect to Rebecca but you would think after Parker you would be more careful."

"Angela, I love Bones. I would never ever ever do anything to hurt her."

"So what was that I saw? A drunken one night stand?"

"No. Was that why she left? She knew? I thought I was careful."

"Ah so you're admitting to having an affair."

"You're crazy! No. I would never. Look, couple of months back, I get this phonecall from this woman, Eva."

"The one I saw you with."

"Yeah. She said she was Jared's mistress. Said he knocked her up, promised to divorce Linda. After the baby was born, he changed his mind. Didn't want anything to do with her or the baby. She told me the baby was sick and she was broke. I couldn't turn away. That baby's my nephew."

"Why didn't you just tell Jared?"

"Eva told me the baby was sick, needed money for doctors. Said Jared wouldn't help. The first couple of times I gave her some money, then I realized she was bluffing. The baby, Ray, he was perfectly fine. I went to Jared, told him to handle this. He begged me to keep this a secret, promised he'd tell Linda, work out this mess. Said he needed time, had some big Pentagon thing to do then he'd fix this. Begged me not to tell a soul."

"And you agreed to."

"I shouldn't have."

"Are you telling me the truth Booth?"

"Of course I am."

Angela regarded Booth for a moment. The pleading look in his eyes and the fact that she knew Booth loved Brennan more than anyone else in the world told her he was telling the truth.

"She knew."

Angela shook her head. "I don't know. She told me the reason she left was because she messed up on that Dawson case. If she thought you were being unfaithful she never told anyone."

"Damn it! After that whole blow up months ago we had about that miscarriage thing I thought we were solid again."

"You have to tell her."

"I don't know where she is."

"I do."

Chapter 22 – First Night Home

The first day they took Adam home from the hospital Booth drove as slowly as he could. Grandmothers passed him by as Booth weaved the streets of Washington D.C. Adam had stayed a little less than a month in hospital and by the time he was ready to be discharged, Booth and Brennan couldn't wait to get him home.

Adam was still small but the doctor assured the worried parents that there was no permanent effects from his prematurity and that he would grow and catch up soon enough.

That night Brennan fed little Adam, then rocked him to sleep in her arms. She held the little baby close to her heart. She still felt guilty about his early arrival. Never did she think she could be so attached to one human being. Sure she loved Booth, she was certain of that fact now but being a mother made her experience emotions she thought she never would. It has hurt terribly to worry about Adam, she still was worried for him, but having him asleep in her arms more than made up for everything.

As she rocked Adam the thought struck that she was responsible for this little person in her arms. He was dependant on her for his everything. She was his everything. The memory of her parents leaving her caused a stab of pain in her heart.

"I'm never going to leave you Adam," she whispered.

The baby continued sleeping and Brennan blinked back the tears that were threatening to fall on her son's face.


Brennan jumped,

"I didn't hear you come in."

Booth smiled. "Kinda missed you in bed."

"What time is it?"

"Oh a little past one."

Booth knelt down next to the rocker on which his wife was sitting. He ran a hand over the baby's head. "He's pretty amazing huh?"

Brennan beamed. "Yes he is. And given my superior intellect I'm quite certain he's going to be of above average intelligence."

Booth laughed. "Yeah I think so too. Although it'll be great if he became a football or hockey star."

Brennan stifled a yawn.

"You must be tired. He's gonna wake up hungry soon. You should try to get some sleep."

Brennan got up from the rocker, then set the baby in his cot. She felt Booth snake an arm round her waist. He pressed a kiss to the side of her head.

"Thanks Bones."

"What for?"

"For this. You, Adam, this is what I've always wanted."

"Guess maybe your parent would be happy with you now huh?"

"Nah, I don't think anything I do would ever measure up to Jared. But I don't really care anymore."

They stared in silence at their sleeping son. Brennan broke the silence.

"I guess maybe this is what I've always wanted too."

Booth pulled her into his embrace. "Let's get some sleep ok Mummy?"

He led her back to their bedroom and promptly fell asleep with her in his arms. But Brennan couldn't sleep. Her thoughts were still with Adam. Was he sleeping well? It was his first night home, without nurses and monitors to make sure he was ok.

Brennan slipped out of Booth's arms. She went into her son's room. The baby was so still she thought for one terrifying moment something bad had happened. She placed her hand gently on Adam's chest, feeling the rise and fall below her palm. She smiled to herself. She was enjoying this motherhood thing already.

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