Hey Guys, yep I'm starting another fanfic even though I haven't finished the others. I can't help it. Tell me what you think...

Aaron and Ruby were in her new room unpacking her things.

"Geez Rube, how much shit do you own?"

"Just shut up and unpack" Ruby laughed.

They sat in silence for a while, this wasn't normal because when Ruby was with people she was comfortable with, you couldn't shut her up. He could tell she was nervous.

"Everything will be fine now sis, no one will dare say or do anything to you here"

Ruby didn't say anything for a while.

"What makes you so sure?" she almost whispered

"Because I won't fucking let them, that's why".

Ruby laughed.

"It'll be different, I promise!"

"You don't know that Aaron, I can't hide what I am. People are mean..." she started to protest, but he cut her off.

" You can't hide what you are? Fucking hell Rube, you're talking as if you have a disease ". He hated when she put herself down like that.

"I'm fat Aaron, normal people don't like people like me. What they like is to spit on me or pin signs on my back saying 'kick the fat ass' or say shit like 'hey ruby show us your fat boobies'".

'Those Fucking arseholes' thought Aaron.

"It won't be like that here ok?" he tried to reassure her.

The truth was that Ruby was very pretty. She had wavy black hair up to her shoulders, deep chocolate brown eyes and delicious full red lips that many a male wanted to suck, bite and kiss. She was also overweight, but this didn't mean that she was any less attractive. She had just grown up in a world where it was made to seem like it did.

"I guess" she answered quietly. She turned her back to her brother and began to unpack another box. She knew she was going to cry and she didn't want him to see that.

"Hey I have this weird craving for strawberry milk, do you think you can get me some while I finish up here?" she just wanted him gone so she could let everything out.

"Sure, I'll be back in 10". He understood that she wanted to be alone.

As soon as he shut the door she collapsed on her bed and just let the tears roll. It was always better if she didn't fight it and let them come. Her mind wondered back to two years ago the day it all started.


She was at her locker putting some books away when the most popular guy in school came up to her.

"Hey Ruby" said Josh with a smile.

"Hey" she smiled back shyly.

They had been partnered in Chem class a few weeks back and they had basically been flirting the whole time. She had grown up over the summer and it seemed like the boys had noticed. At this stage she had neither been popular or unpopular. But things were about to change.

"There's a party on tonight at Luke's place you wanna come?"


"Cool, i'll pick you up at 9"

She had been so excited.

That was of course until she got to Luke's place and after a while Josh had taken her up to one of the bedrooms and locked the door.

At first she had thought it was kind of romantic. They were alone together and he had kissed her. Her first kiss. But then he had started to get more demanding and forceful, grabbing her tightly and putting his hands where she really didn't want him to.

"No!" she had screamed and had pushed him away.

"Oh come on Ruby" he had laughed.

"Stop it, no Stop it". She pushed him again.

The third time she pushed him he had gotten mad and jumped off the bed.

"So this is how you want to play it huh? You flirt with me, act as if you want me, get me all excited but then you don't want to follow through?"

"I-I barely know you, I thought you li-liked me" she stuttered.

"I thought you liked me too Ruby, but apparently you're a fucking cock tease. I will ruin you for this. Now get the fuck out of my friend's house".

Josh hadn't lied about ruining her. The very next day back at school it all started. The teasing, the taunting, the tripping, the name calling, the pushing and sometimes even the spiting or hitting. Joshes friends all did what he said as if they had no minds of their own. And the rest of the school followed because it was easier to go with the popular kids then against them. No one wanted to risk being bullied themselves. Ruby lost all her friends and the word Fat became the word she heard the most in a day.

The funny thing is she wasn't even a little overweight. She was curvaceous and womanly. Everyone had just called her fat because Josh had.

And over those two years of being picked on she had used food as an outlet – it wasn't in her control. She had become an emotional eater and had gained weight which only made them pick on her more.

She looked up at the ceiling and wiped her tears away.

'I'm not there anymore and I'm not alone' she thought. 'I can do this'.

She got up off the bed and continued unpacking.


On his way back to the girls dorms Aaron passed two people he really hated. Reid Garwin and Tyler Simms. He really hated them, they were such pricks. All the chicks flocked over them and their friends as if they were fucking Gods, they were loaded – didn't have to work for a thing and they were arrogant. They walked around as if they owned the place. He especially hated Tyler. And because of recent events Tyler hated him just as much, possibly more.

Everyone knew what had happened, they just all knew Tyler's version. The sooky bitch. A few months back over the summer break Tyler had caught his girlfriend Danielle in bed with Aaron. This was true. What Tyler didn't know was that Danielle had been dating them both without either of them knowing.

For the first time Aaron had actually thought he was in love, she had somehow managed to get him to trust her. But then he had seen them together at Nicky's acting a little too friendly and his cold side came back – the one that defended him and he began to hate them both. He used his hate to hide his pain from himself and he hatched a plan to fuck them both over and show them that he didn't give a shit. And it had worked. Only he came off looking like the bad guy. But it was ok, he preferred to look like an asshole then a miserable bitch.

Aaron walked up the steps ignoring Tyler and Reid, he just wanted to get back to make sure his sister was ok. But they wouldn't let him pass.

"Drinking strawberry milk huh Aaron? You really are such a pussy" Tyler mocked as he walked in front of him blocking the way.

Tyler wasn't normally like this. He was normally shy and level headed. He normally had to pull Reid back from a fight. But since the Danielle situation, wherever Aaron was concerned, Tyler was the first in line who was up for a fight.

Aaron would have usually had a dirty come back or would have just punched him. But this was different. His sister was here and she was the main priority.

"Yeah, yeah I am" he answered to a shocked Tyler.

Tyler couldn't believe what he just heard that he let Aaron pass and go through the dormitory doors without saying anything.

Tyler and Reid were left staring at each other in shock.

"What the hell just happened?" asked Reid.

Tyler just shook his head with the most confused and angry expression on his face. He had really wanted to let off some steam by kicking the shit out of Aaron, but because of Aaron's reaction his anger just grew.


"Hey Rube, you know we should celebrate that you're here?" Aaron said as he gave her Strawberry milk.

Ruby smiled. Her brother could be really sweet.

"Sure, what do you wanna do?"

"There's this bar 'Nicky's'. We always go there"



Sarah and Kate were waiting for the Sons of Ipswich at their usually table staring and Aaron Abbot and the girl he brought in with him a few tables away.

"Hey baby" Pogue said as he sat next to his girlfriend.

"What are you two staring at?" Caleb asked curiously.

Reid and Tyler were both barely listening as they sat down too, Tyler was still thinking about Aaron's weird reaction this afternoon and Reid was busy checking out anything in a skirt. But Sarah's answer made them both look up.

"Aaron and the girl he just brought in. It's so weird, when they got here he pulled out her chair for her and he hasn't touched her the whole time".

Tyler felt his blood begin to boil at the mere mention of his name.

"Tyler chill" whispered Reid.

The other's all looked at Tyler and waited for his reaction. They had all been shocked at his behaviour after everything that happened with Danielle, but now they kind of expected it.

He just looked down trying to control the rage he felt.

"Maybe she doesn't know who she's dealing with" said Reid. "She doesn't look like she's from around here".

"Hey she's coming over here" whispered Kate quickly. "We should probably warn her about him".

Kate kind of liked the drama.

Aaron had actually gone to the bathroom and Ruby was on her way to the bar to order something, anything that would calm her nerves down about starting at a new school.

On her way she was stopped by two girls who were sitting at a table with 4 guys who she honestly thought had to be male models.

'Damn they are mighty fine' she thought. 'Maybe it won't be so bad here'

"Hi" said the girls in unison. Everyone was staring at her. Ruby started to feel self-conscious. Oh God they're all so beautiful and I'm so ugly.

"Uh hi" she answered.

"Sorry I know this is kind of weird" began the blonde girl "But you know that guy you're with? He's kind of a jerk, treats girls like dirt". Sarah gave Ruby a look of sympathy and her temper flared.

What a fucking bitch!!!!

"I beg your pardon?" she replied her voice dripping with disdain.

"I'm so sorry, what Sarah means is that no matter what he's told you, he's just not the guy you think he is". This time the dark haired beauty spoke.

"I'm sorry what's your name" Ruby asked the two girl not trying hard to keep the anger out of her voice.



"Ok well Sarah and Kate" Ruby began in her bitchiest voice. "I'll have you know that Aaron Abbot is probably one of the best men that I have ever known..."

But she was cut off by a very pissed off Tyler. He hated this girl whoever she was, he couldn't believe what he had just heard.

"Then you obviously haven't ever met anyone else" he lashed out viciously. "What did he tell you? That you're like no one he's ever been with? That he loves you? I hate to break it to you baby but Aaron Abbot usually likes his sluts to be taken already..."

"How dare you..."started Ruby he cheeks going red with anger.

This made Tyler even more mad. She was still defending the mother fucker? He wanted to shut her up.

"And he usually likes them thin".

The whole table was silent as they waited for her reaction

He was successful.