Kovu continued to search in for his sister, the light of the full moon iluminating his way

"Vitani where are you?" he said


Vitani continued to stare at her reflection of the hyena in the water. The hyena of course being her

"Nuka what did you do?" Vitani said

Just then she heard a sound coming from some tall grass a sort distance away from her

"Oh no," Vitani said thinking it may be a lioness

"Vitani!" a voice said from the grass

Vitani was shocked at whos voice it was

"Huh! Why is he here?" Vitani said

Just then the person stepped out into view.

"Ed?!" Vitani said

"Who you?" Ed said

"Ed it's me Vitani," Vitani said

"But Vitani lion. You hyena," Ed said

"Yes I know, it's complicated." Vitani said "But Ed it's really me. You saved me from the alligators, and then I saved you from Nala. Ed look into my eyes. It's me"

Ed took a good long look at her and he knew in his heart that this was Vitani

"Vitani," Ed said

"Yes Ed it's really me," she said

"Ed want to make sure Vitani okay," Ed said

"Well that's very nice Ed. But you should leave, what if a li..."

Just then Vitani heard another familar voice

"Kovu?" she said

Then Kovu appearded

"Vitani are you..? HYEANAS!" Kovu said once he saw Ed and her hyena sister

Kovu got ready to swing his paw at the girl hyena but not before Ed got in the way. Making himself a sheild for her

"What are you vile creatures doing in the Pridelands?!" Kovu yelled

"Kovu," Vitani said

"What?' Kovu sais suprised by how the hyena knew his name "How do you know my..?"

Just then Ed sprung back and attacked Kovu. The two wrestled in the dirt for a short while until Vitani spoke up.

"STOP IT! JUST STOP! PLEASE!" She yelled "Ed get off of my brother!" Vitani ordered

Ed did as he was told

"Brother?" Kovu said once again confussed. Then it hit him "Vitani? Is that you?"

"Yes," Vitani said

"What?! But how did..?"

"It's a long story," Vitani said

"I can't take you back home looking like this. What do you think Simba will do?" Kovu said

At that moment Vitani realized why Nuka did what he did to her. He wanted her to be happy with her boyfriend

"I'm not going back," Vitani said as she stood next to Ed "I'm going to live on with the one I love,"

"But Simba..." Kovu began

"Tell him I've decided to leave the pride never to return," Vitani said

"I'll miss you," Kovu said

Vitani came over to her brother and gave him a kiss goodbye

"I'll miss you to," she said

With that Kovu watched as Ed and Vitani went to the Outlands. Both happy that they had found true love

The end