Short drabble-esquepiece about Galvin and Mina. Can't wait for next weeks episode after that preview!

He pushed her against the wall, his hands against her waist as the front door shut loudly behind her. He always thought he surprised her when he did this, but of course she could smell when he was near. She still gasped seductively and dropped her cane to the floor. It fed his ego which, in turn, fed the excitement.

He chuckled as her stick fell with thumps against the hardwood flooring. "Most people just say 'hello', Rupert," she breathed against his cheek as he placed kisses along her neck. He always liked to start there - it gave him some perverse pleasure in fuzzing the boundaries between black and white, full and half-life, friends and lovers.

"Hmm," he vibrated against her heated skin, "Hello, Mina."

"That's better," she smirked, threading her gloved fingers into his hair. She pulled his head up so his lips met hers, a familiar dance beginning.