Episode 1

Six Years Later...

It's been six years since Gokuu left the world on Shen Long's back. After the defeat of Ii - Shenlong, no evil has threatened the peace of the universe. However, that doesn't mean that the z - warriors' life has become boring...

Capsule Corporation HQ.


It was nine o'clock in the afternoon, and they were sitting at the kitchen table. Vejiita's blood pressure was rising quickly. Bulma could tell by the swollen vein that appeared on his forehead, and the purplish red color his face was taking.

- Now, now, Vejiita, don't go blowing your top for this -, she said, in her coolest tone. - You knew this day would come, sooner or later.

- You...let...her...go...on...a...DATE!?! - Bulma sighed. Though it was good to see how much Vejiita cared for their daughter, Bra, it annoyed her how overly protective he was of her.

- Oh, for Dende's sake, you blockhead! She's twenty already, what did you expect!

- She could be 61 for all I care, woman, and she would still not go on dates! She should think only of her studies and her training, not go around flirting with worthless humans! Oh, but I'll bet this is your influence, isn't it! I'm going to go after her, kill the insolent cur she is with, and bring her home where she belongs!


Flying three hundred yards away, Trunks could still hear the yelling going on at his house. He sighed. He thought about sleeping over at Goten's place. At least at the Sons' house there would be no shouting... except for Chi Chi's pestering Goten to go get a job. Son Gokuu's thirty - four year old offspring had decided a day from the mighty saiya - jin's departure to follow his father's footsteps and become a fighter. Trunks smiled. He'd had a good laugh at his best friend's expense when his mom grabbed a broom and chased him around the house, basically breaking everything in sight, berating him for being such a bad son and Gokuu for being such a bad influence on both their children. In any case, Goten had both his father's determination and his mother's stubborn nature, so ChiChi had finally relented. Together with Trunks he convinced Bulma to build an upgraded gravity room next to the Son house, behind Gokuu's childhood home. Maybe he'd go over tomorrow, instead.

Trunks frowned. There had been another reason for Goten to become a fighter, besides admiration for Gokuu, and was also the reason for Trunks to follow his friend's example and leave Capsule Corporation, much to Bulma's dismay.

A new enemy might come.

He was amazed at how soon people relaxed after the many threats to the planet, and every time they thought that peace would last forever. Even Chi Chi and Bulma had this kind of mentality. Trunks and Goten knew better. No matter how powerful the enemy they defeated was, an even more powerful one would come and try either to wipe them out, or turn them into slaves. And the last one was Ii - Shenlong, a monster so strong as to bash around with ease both Vejiita and Gokuu in their ultimate forms. He still couldn't believe that Gokuu managed to defeat it.

However, this only meant that a more powerful fighter would come next time, so they had to be prepared. That's why, every day for the last six years, he and Goten had trained in the gravity room twelve hours a day. The saiyan prince smiled again. The next Tenkaichi Budokai was only seven days away. Vejiita would be surprised to see how prepared his son was.

Son Residence

- Again.

In the Sons' gravity room, Pan was breathing hard after ten hours of training with her father, Son Gohan, who wasn't even working a sweat. Piccolo's only student didn't show it, but inside he was actually very proud of the progress his daughter was making. Just like his first taskmaster, he wasn't very keen on expressing his approval during training, for he knew this would only make his student become content with her status, and ease off on her training.

Pan had enormous potential, and it was helped by the fact that she had inherited her grandfather's love of fighting. Gohan would sometimes be amazed at the sight of Gokuu's eyes framed in Videl's face, for that's who Pan looked the most alike. She was a dead ringer for Videl when she was eighteen, even more since she had cut her hair short.

Gohan examined his daughter further. Her body had become pretty muscular, though not boyish. She was known to be a knockout amongst boys, much to his disliking. Like today, she was dressed in a gi identical to that of Gokuu in his last days, blue shirt and yellow pants held by a white belt. Her fighting style was something of a puzzle. Though she had been taught most of her life by Gohan, and thus was pretty much a heir to Piccolo's school of fighting, she seemed to have picked up a lot of her grandfather's moves during their trips through space and in search of the evil dragons. She had become a much more competent fighter this way, and had participated in the last two Tenkaichi Budokai, not making it quite to the finals in either since having been beaten by Trunks in the first one and by Uubu in the second. This only encouraged her to train even more.

Gohan stopped his daydreaming as he saw his daughter power up. The whole gravity room started rumbling as her ki reached critical levels. Gohan could tell she was exhausted, but still wanted to fight. He wasn't about to curb her warrior's spirit.

Then, he felt it.

The electric burst of saiya - jin blood going over the edge filled the room. Man, this power's incredible!, he thought, amazed at the huge ki he was reading in Pan. Could she finally have...? Gohan thought, and his eyes widened as his daughter, her battered frame flowing with energy, cried out.

Enveloped in an explosion of golden light, Pan turned Super Saiya - jin.

- Pan! You did it, honey!-, shouted Gohan, but even as he said those words, he noticed something wrong with the girl. Her face was a mask of fury, her every muscle tense. Her now - azure eyes were almost aflame, and her ki was quickly rising. Whoa, maybe I went too hard on her, Gohan thought. The shock of the sudden power - up must have sent her over the edge.

Suddenly, without a warning, Pan roared and launched forward. She sent a roundhouse kick to Gohan's face, which he easily blocked. Then she dropped to the floor and tried to sweep his feet, only managing to kick the air. The battle went on for hours, with pretty much the same result every time: Pan attacking and Gohan dodging easily. Despite her newfound power, Gohan was still one of the top three fighters in the universe, after Vejiita and Uubu. Indeed, thanks to constant training since Gokuu's departure, his power had increased tenfold. He was at his prime now, though his daughter's fierceness impressed him. Such speed and strength..., he thought. It's like...

Pan roared again. Her ki rose like volcanic eruption.

...she's at the threshold of going beyond Super Saiya - jin?

Again she surprised him, by launching herself head on. This time she charged with her right fist, which Gohan caught easily. He opened his eyes in horror as, twisting to break out of his grip, her wrist snapped. The gut - wrenching sound made him let go of his prey, as he was now getting very concerned, while Pan wasn't even acknowledging the pain.

Okay, this has gone far enough, he thought. He became a blur and zipped behind his daughter, surrounding her with his arms strongly, yet without applying enough pressure to do her any harm. She screamed as if possessed by a demon, and began kicking wildly.

- Pan, that's enough! You have to calm down before you hurt yourself!-, her father said. One of her kicks actually hit him in the knee, and he realized she wasn't the only one who might get hurt. He also realized his words weren't getting through.


The voice rang through her head like a million church bells. She froze instantly as her mind reasserted itself in her brain, and she understood her father was trying to reach her through telepathy. In an instant Pan powered down and out of Super Saiya - jin.

- D-daddy?- Her voice gave away her confusion, while a sharp pain in her wrist attempted to numb her brain. She could only remember powering up, trying to break her limits, when her whole world went black. Then, she was in her father's arms, his voice echoing in the walls of her skull. In the last few seconds, though, she remembered a dizzying sensation of power and a golden glow surrounding her. She wanted to explore the possibilities, but the drowsiness that was overcoming her only allowed her to seek only one confirmation.

- Did... did I do it?- Her father's gentle smile gave her all the answers she needed, yet his voice joined her dreams as she passed out.

- That's right, honey. Grandpa would be proud.

Eastern City

Kamesennin was sweating profusely, in part because of the heat the burning, turned over car was generating, but also because of the toll the fight was taking on him. I'm too old for this crap, he thought, his eyes focused on his enemies. One of them he knew only too well, and he wouldn't be too worried about him, if only he weren't accompanied by his younger brother. The latter snickered, his electronic eyes burying into Kamesennin's.

- So, old man, you think you can stop us?-, Tao Pai Pai said. The evil cyborg and his older but weaker brother, Tsurusennin, circled around the old turtle master. - maybe a few hundred years ago you could have posed a threat, but now you're only an annoyance.

- This time, you no have Tenshinhan or bald boy or monkey boy to protect you, Roshi. You be finished!!-, Tsurusennin added, wishing he felt as confident as his words made apparent. The old man with the staff on his hand dressed in black was always a force to be reckoned with, even more so when he took off that heavy turtle shell he carried on his back for training, as he did now. His brother, however, was a cyborg, and his power was much greater than his, Tsurusennin's own. Then again, so was Kamesennin's, though he would never admit it out loud.

Some similar thoughts were going through Kamesennin's head. Even though he was more powerful than any of those two alone (not to mention handsomer, and definitely more popular, he thought with a smile), he wasn't so sure about it when they were together. And they were a pretty good team, moving on perfect synchrony every step. He wondered why he'd even bothered to protect the wimpy politician they'd been going after. Then he remembered: he'd bolted on instinct when he felt their ki signature, and jumped in time to deflect the Super Dodonpa that had tried to vaporize the limousine the politician was riding in. Besides, he didn't like them.

- Enough with the yappin' and more with the scrappin', loudmouth!-, he shouted, and charged all of a sudden. His plan to surprise them worked, and his fist landed hard on the cyborg's nose, sending him crashing against a concrete wall across the street. Startled by his old rival's speed, Tsurusennin charged wildly with a flying kick, and found only an image that dissipated into thin air.

- WHAT!!-, he cried, realizing he'd been fooled by Kamesennin's multi - image technique just before the latter's knee made contact with his temple. He too was sent flying, this time against a parked car, and lied there, grabbing at his head.

- Ready to give up?-, Master Roshi said, when a twinge in his neck made him duck out of a Super Dodonpa that only managed to singe the fabric of his sleeve. He turned around to see Tao Pai Pai aiming at him with his cannon arm, holding an unconscious girl with the other.

- You're the one who better gives up, geezer, or the girl gets it!-. The cybernetic assassin almost flinched at the cliché that blurted out of his lips, but his grip remained still. Kamesennin cursed to himself, and Tsuru laughed out.

- Well done, Tao Pai Pai! Now, I get rid of annoying old pervert!-, he said, as he prepared Dodonpa on his right index. Master Roshi's head worked fast, trying to figure a way to avoid getting crispy while rescuing the girl.

Then, suddenly, a blur of motion, too fast for Tao Pai Pai or Tsurusennin to see, swept across the earlier's field of vision. The cyborg only felt a tug, and before he realized, the girl was nowhere to be seen.

- WHAAAAA----!!!-, both brothers shouted at the same time, not knowing what had just happened. Kamesennin, however, had seen just fine. In one fast, fluid jumping roundhouse kick, he smashed his left foot on the back of Tsuru's head, sending the old crane master flying towards his brother. The cyborg barely managed to catch the bewildered projectile in time to see their enemy in a pose they knew and dreaded way too much. But, his hands busy with his elder's humanity, there was not enough time to do anything.

Heh, heh, time to show off my new move, Master Roshi thought with a sly grin. He finished gathering his ki into his hands and extended them.

- SUPER KAMEHAMEHA!!!-, he yelled, and the trademark blue power beam of the Kame school of fighting streaked with a vengeance towards the two assassins, blasting them through the building behind them and into the horizon, until they were little specks that eventually disappeared.

- You really should leave the super hero stuff to the real superheroes, mister-, an amused, feminine voice behind him said. Master Roshi smiled and turned around. He'd already recognized the girl from her extremely fast move, but nonetheless he was pleased at the sight of a smiling Videl, holding the young would-be-hostage in her arms. The girl was as cute as ever, even though you could hardly call her a girl anymore, what with her motherly status and all. Despite that, she still retained her shape and good looks, even more accentuated by the black leotard and green jacket she was wearing. Her hair was pretty long now, reaching down to her waist, and she only held it out of her face with a bandanna.

- Hey, now, if it isn't my favorite half of team Great Saiyaman!-, the old man said, taking his sunglasses out of his pocket and putting them back on.- Thanks for the assist, kid. It might have gotten ugly if you hadn't popped in like you did.

- My pleasure, Master Roshi -, the woman smiled. Then she looked at the seven-foot-wide hole in the building the assassins had just been blown through, out of which several scared people popped their heads. She could see through the eight rooms to the sky beyond. Good thing the hill took a dive from there, or a lot of people would have been hurt.- Super Kamehameha, right? I see you've been training.

- Well, you know that with my new celebrity status and all, I've gotta keep in shape, or else my fans would be disappointed-, he said. It was a damn good thing his shades prevented her from seeing where his eyes were set, or else he knew he would have gotten one of those earth-shattering slaps to the face Bulma used to give him on a regular basis. Even better because this particular woman was a hundred times stronger than Bulma, specially when she was angry.

Videl rolled back her eyes, annoyed at the old man's bragging capability. Master Roshi had been picked up by some graphic reporter when he was busting up a gang of bank robbers two years ago, and made a big deal about it in prime-time news. The producers, amazed at the old geezer's physical prowess, gave him a contract for his own fitness and health television show, from where he went on to making his own line of videos, making guest appearances in talk shows, and gathering his own little army of squealing girl fans who (heaven knows why) happened to think he was a stud. She wondered what they would have thought if they knew about his near-millenium- spanning age (which he'd trimmed down to a good short 52 years for the public). It was a good thing that old turtle of his was always around to keep him in line, or else he would already be father to a gazillion kids. Videl barely managed to hold back her laughter when she pictured a bunch of super deformed Mutenroshis in kids' clothes running around chasing after crying little girls.

All the time, Kamesennin had been drooling at the woman's well defined breasts. When she giggled, he quickly went back to his serious face.

- Huh? Oh, yeah! Listen, kid, I gotta go now, I've got a meeting with the network executives in half an hour. Tell Gohan to come visit sometime, and bring that healthy girl of yours along, ok? See ya!

With these words, Kamesennin turned around and walked down the street.

- Bye, Master Roshi!-, Videl said. Yeah, right, like I'm gonna let you get your hands on Pan, you old pervert, she thought with a grin. Well, I've lost enough time here. I better go pick up Bulma and Chi Chi before they go ballistic on me.

The next day...

Son Residence

- Yo, Goten, you home!?!-, Trunks shouted. Gokuu's youngest son came out the door.

- Jeez, man, shush!

- Hey, what's with you?

- It's Pan-, Goten whispered, gently closing the door as he got out.- She injured herself today, and is resting now. She went Super Saiya yesterday, dude!

- Really!! Oh, man, that's so cool! And about time, too!

- Oh, give her a break. She's only a quarter saiyajin.

- Yeah, that's true. So, c'mon, buddy. We've already lost most of the day, let's get busy.

- Can't. Gohan said not to make any noise, so we can't spar in the G room.

- Damn, and my dad's using mine at about this hour. Hmm.- Trunks rubbed his chin. He finally sighed and his shoulders slumped.- Well, I guess it's light training for today. What do you say we go to the desert and fight there till we drop.

- Sounds good to me. Let's go!

- Think your brother wants to come along? We could have a better fight with him than by ourselves.

- Nah, Videl's and mom aren't home, so he's staying to watch Pan. Besides, he's got some books to read, as usual. Now let's move!

The two half-saiyajin blasted off into the ski. In ten minutes of top speed flying they reached the desert, touched down, and immediately started fighting. Their skirmish could be heard in Krillin's place, startling the aging runt and his beautiful android wife. By the time they were done, eight hours had passed, and the sun had already set. Panting heavily, the two lay down on the grass.

- Well, that was certainly light, wasn't it? You sure had a lot of fight in you today. What's up?-, Trunks asked. Goten frowned.

- It's Paresu. I broke up with her.

- Again? You guys are making a habit out of it. You've been breaking up and getting back together almost every year.

- No, this time it's for real. That woman's too possessive, Trunks. Would you believe she got angry at me because I said hi to Bra when we met in the movies?

- See? I've been telling you, Goten, "drop that girl like a bad habit", but, do you listen to me? Nooo, you just run back to her after two months and it's the same story all over again. By the way, you haven't been doing anything with my sister, have you?

- Jeez, Trunks, come on!-, Goten cried. Trunks laughed, and couldn't help but notice that Goten was starting to look a lot like he did when he was a kid, since he'd let his hair grow naturally. Actually, he was looking a lot like his father now, with a bewildered look on his face.

- Haha, just kidding! Now let's go get some brewskies and I'll introduce you to some of my model friends, the hottest girls in Satan City. That's the benefits of playing the field, and not settling for one!

Man, he's never gonna change, Goten thought with a smile. He helped his best friend up and together they flew off.

Six days later...

The Tenkaichi Budokai had finally begun. This time, the tournament was hosted in a deserted island far away from civilization, since no city would take the risk of being blown into oblivion by one of the fighters. The tournament grounds had been built quite differently from the original ones, the traditional brick and stone decorations replaced by a large concrete and steel dome for the preliminaries, and a huge stadium-like building for the main fights. An airport had been created to receive the fighters and tourists, too, as well as an enormous hotel.

The fighters were inscribing their names in the lists, and most of them were gathered in the outer terrace. Pan made her way through the mass of people and into the inscription line. Man, this place is crowded. I wonder how many of these people are up to dad's level? Then, a big, boar-like fighter bumped into her.

- Hey, watch it squirt!-, the giant said, baring his teeth. Pan only scowled at him.

- You watch it, you pig!

- What!! Why, you little..!!-, he roared, lifting his fist. Pan was about to kick the fighter into oblivion, when a man's voice called out.

- Leave her alone.

The two of them turned around to see a tall man, not as tall as the bully, but still really big for a human, standing in front of them. He was dressed in a green gi with a red belt and black slippers. He was bald and incredibly muscular, and Pan was impressed with the aura of wisdom and confidence he irradiated, as if he were some battle-worn old soldier, backed up with some awesome power.


The bald man didn't even flinch at the verbal assault from the porcine giant. Pan just felt his ki rise slightly.

-WAAAaaaaaaaa.........!!!!!-, screamed the giant as an invisible force sent him flying away and out of the tournament grounds. Pan turned from the wall the pig disappeared behind, hearing a loud crash, and looked at the unknown fighter. He looked at her and smiled.

-Are you okay, miss?-, he said. She looked at him again, feeling as if she should know him, but couldn't recognize him because of something really obvious she had overlooked. Then she realized what it was: that big third eye he was flashing at her from the middle of his forehead.

-Hey! Tenshinhan, don't you remember me!?!-, she yelled. Tenshinhan's three eyes widened in surprise at the young girl who knew his name. He tried to remember her. Then he snapped his fingers.

-Ah! Of course!-, he said happily. Pan was about to hug him.- How have you been, Videl?

Pan face-faulted. In response, she jumped and whacked him over the head.

-Ouch! Why did you do that!?!

-You idiot! It's me, PAN! Can't you tell me apart from a thirty-nine year old!?!

Tenshinhan's eyes opened even wider. THIS was Gohan's little girl?

-Pan!?! I can't believe it! The last time I saw you, you weren't taller than my knee!

Pan smiled. And I'm still not taller than your shoulder. Bless my genes.

-Well, what do you expect, you big lug! You haven't come around the house for ten years, after all. Are you going to fight in the tournament?

-Yes. I'm looking forward to see the results of my special training for the past twenty years.

-Well-, Pan said smiling-, don't expect to get to the finals, buddy. After all- she did a weird, almost fusion-like pose-, the great Pan is going to fight, too!

-Of course. I can feel your power, even if you're trying to mask it-, Ten said with a smile.- You certainly have grown up to be a fine warrior. Gokuu would be proud. By the way, how is your family?

-Oh, everybody's great. Daddy and Uncle Goten are going to be fighting too. They should be around here any time, now, because they said they'd catch up...Ah, there they are!-, she exclaimed, pointing a finger to the sky.

Tenshinhan looked in the direction she was pointing, and what would have seemed like a dot in the horizon to another person, to his three eyes the image cleared to show the entire Son family, minus Gokuu of course, flying in their direction, Goten carrying Chi Chi. In a matter of minutes they landed amidst the crowd, getting a few shocked faces and gasps from the younger people. The older ones had seen far too many weird things in the past tournaments to be surprised by anything. Gohan was dressed in his classic blue gi, quite like the one Piccolo wore. Goten was wearing a suit just like the one he used to wear when he was a kid, identical to Gokuu's red and blue one except for the long sleeves. Chi Chi looked for her granddaughter, and when she found her, she noticed their old friend.

-Hey, Gohan, look who's here!

-Oh, hi, Tenshinhan! Man, it's been... how long?-, he said, hugging the taller man.

-Too long, my friend. I see life has treated you well.- Gohan smiled. Then they all felt two very powerful ki heading their way.

-Hey, Trunks and Vejiita are close-, Goten said. They all nodded. As if on cue, the Saiyan royal family dropped from the sky, Vejiita carrying Bulma and setting her down.

-Woman, you have been eating too much-, the Saiyan prince said, trying to get on the aging woman's nerves as usual. She just chose to ignore him as she walked to her friends. To make it short, after all the hellos and how- have-you-beens and ha-you-won't-make-it-to-the-second-round-human were said, the fighters inscribed in the tournament. Saiya-jin appetites flared, so they all went to the hotel to eat. When night fell, they went to their rooms to sleep.

The next day, Tenshinhan met the Sons and Vejiitas at the preliminary battle ground, past the door through where the families could not pass. They took their times getting wished good luck.

-Do your best, okay Gohan? And you, Pan, don't get cocky, there might be people stronger than you out there-, Videl said, wishing she were fighting too.

-That's right sweetie. I don't need to say that to you, Gohan. And you, Goten-, Chi Chi said, turning to her younger son, who was already tip- toeing off-, I want to see you in the finals. I don't want to feel like I let you become a rebel for nothing, you hear? You better bring home the big prize, or you're gonna end up sleeping in that damned gravity room, understand!?!

-Oh, mom....

At the Vejiitas' side, the same thing was going on, pretty much.

-Woman, where is Bra?-, Vejiita asked, looking over her shoulder-Why isn't she here to see us fight?

-I don't know. She said she would be here when the fights started, but she hasn't arrived yet.

-Hmph!-, he grunted, and walked over to the Sons, who were joining Tenshinhan.

-Good luck, sweetie. Watch that your father doesn't kill anyone, okay?

-Sure thing, mom-, Trunks said, giving his mother the thumbs up and turning to follow his father.

Afterwards, the usual ballot-picking process went on, and they were surprised to see they were all in different groups. Tenshinhan actually got the first fight. Before he climbed to the ring, Gohan put a hand on his shoulder. He turned, and they smiled at each other. They all gave him the thumbs up, except for Vejiita, of course. But he wasn't expecting him to.

Ten climbed to the ring. His opponent had not yet arrived.

-Number two?-, the referee said, looking around. No one answered.- Could the fighter with the number two approach the ring , please?

Again, no answer. Am I going to win my first fight by default? That is no way to start a tournament, Tenshinhan thought.

-If fighter number two does not approach the ring in the next minute, he'll be disqualified!-, the referee announced.

-Hey, wait a sec!-, a voice called in the crowd. A young man, about Pan's age, dressed in black leather pants, boots, a black cotton shirt and a long sleeved synthetic one underneath, ran through the crowd. He was holding a rice ball in each hand and pressing a carton of milk to his chest with his forearm.- Jeez, let a guy have some breakfast, would ya?

-Very well, let's get started-, the ref said, writing something in his little board.

-What, now? Okay, just a sec-, the young man said, and opening his mouth wide, jammed the two rice balls in at the same time, swallowing them almost immediately. Then he proceeded to gulp down the whole milk carton in a second, much to the referee, Tenshinhan, and pretty much everyone else's revolt. Except for the saiyans, who usually ate that way.

Still, they were all disturbed. There was something very familiar about this boy, they all thought, but none of them could place it.

-Oh, well, that wasn't much, but it'll have to do for now-, the youth said, licking his fingers and throwing away the carton. Then he looked at Tenshinhan and smiled.- Sorry I'm late. Wanna start?

Tenshinhan smiled. He also felt something strange about the boy, about his eerily happy attitude. He took a stance.

-By all means.

The young man nodded and took a stance himself. Then his expression changed: it went from a happy, almost dumb look to a determined, concentrated, yet smiling stare.

-Then let's go. The ref gave the signal. They launched towards each other.