DBN Episode 7

Akira vs. Gohan!!

Space seemed to bend and break in the places where Akira and Gohan clashed. Their fists grazed each other, and static electricity became hiperexcited into lightning bolts. They moved so fast within the Dimension Cube that a normal human being would have been taken apart molecule by molecule in a fraction of a second by the sheer force of their wakes. The crowd was in a roaring frenzy, the intoxicating pace of the battle driving them wilder by the second.

Fighting for every inch of ground inside the Cube, Gohan wrestled to remain calm. Within five seconds of the fight Gohan had breached the gap between normal and Super Saiyajin Level 3, and Akira was matching him blow for blow. How is he doing this?!, Gohan thought. Every blow, every kick he dealt was being blocked and returned in kind. Akira's own strikes had power enough to test the limits of Gohan's strenght and endurance, not to mention they were dealt intelligently, never a wild swing or superfluous move. It was as if he were not fighting a young man, but rather a seasoned warrior who could predict his every move.

This is insane, Gohan thought, using his forearm to block a fist that made his whole frame shake, then twisting in midair to avoid the ensuing roundhouse kick. I can't believe a normal human could have that kind of power! And one so young! A demi-saiyajin might do so, if it trained constantly, but not a human!

Gohan was shaken out of his thoughts by the sudden intensity of Akira's attack. The elder Son could barely block a barrage of fists, and was taken by surprise by a planet-shattering uppercut to the chin that sent him flying. He recoiled in mid-air, but Akira was already on him, pressing his advantage. Trying to buy himself some space, Gohan swung at Akira with enough force to implode the Sun. He missed, leaving him wide open for a right punch to his ribs that drove all the air out of his lungs. Without missing a beat, Akira grabbed his leg and swung him like a hurricane, finally throwing the demi-saiyajin to the ground, where he crashed brutally. The crash would have created a cloud of dust, except for the fact that all the tiles and concrete had already been disintegrated, therefore leaving Gohan to clash against the Cube-wall. Despite this crushing blow, Gohan was not one to be beaten so easily. He quickly sprung back to his feet and sidestepped, narrowly avoiding a powerful kick by his opponent, who crashed to the ground with both feet. Gohan now went on the offensive, blasting towards Akira like a rocket and unleashing a hail of blows upon the young man. Akira was now hard pressed to block them all, and finally blasted away to get a better position. Gohan blasted after, and continued to press his advantage. Akira suddenly locked Gohan's fists with his hands, beginning a power struggle in midair. Their kis flared like stars around them, and plasma sparked all over as they clashed.

They had already been fighting for what seemed to them to be months, but were only seconds to the people outside. Their speed made it so that time became compressed, years turning into minutes. Gohan' and Akira's faces were strained, their veins bulging out of their skin and their grinding teeth giving proof of the toll the fight was taking on them. Gohan's power levels were increasing rapidly, but Akira showed no sign of being overpowered. Then, to Akira's surprise, Gohan's eyes began to shimmer like white stars. Two laser beams shot from his pupils suddenly, blasting Akira in the forehead and rocking him back. The youngster lost his concentration, his grip on Gohan's hands weakening, which gave the elder warrior the opening he needed. Twisting with the power of a tornado times one million, Gohan used his momentum to slam Akira against the floor. As quickly as the young man started to recover, Gohan was on him, following his last attack with a star shattering punch that caught Akira right in the chest, then a kick to the ribs that sent him flying. Akira somersaulted in the air, just in time to catch an energy blast in the face. The ensuing explosion created a nova flare, and Gohan followed it up with the biggest Masenko blast of his life, which added to the explosion and blinded everyone outside the ring temporarily. Even Master Roshi, with his opaque glasses, had to turn his eyes away.

Vegeta, who did not need to use his eyes to see what was happening, was amused. A surprising move by Kakarott's brat had given him a temporary advantage. I believed only Nameks could perform the eye-beam attack, but it seems that this pup learned more than even his green-skinned mentor knew, he thought. If I'm not mistaken, however, our young wildcard is not completely out of the fight yet.

And he wasn't. As the luminiscence died out, Akira was still in the air, his arms crossed in front of him, the forearms somewhat burnt and blistered, but not bleeding. He was breathing heavily, the exertion of blocking Gohan's energy attack apparent on his face. The battle was taking a toll on him, but no less could be said about Gohan. Sweat ran down his face like a fountain, and he was as short of breath as Akira. He couldn't remember having fought so fiercely since his first fight with Vegeta, way back when. Of course, the power levels were nowhere near as great, but the effort just as grinding and desperate.

- What the heck happened? Gohan's not using his Mystical Power! He should have been able to wipe the floor with him by now!-, Goten said, watching the fight with sharp eyes.

That was the same question on Trunks' and Uub's minds. Gohan had the ability to fight all the time on a level of power that exceded Super Saiyajin 3. He'd gained this ability through a strange ritual performed by Dai Kaio-Shin, greatest amongst the gods of the galaxy, back when Gohan's tremendous potential was needed in order to defeat Uub's prior incarnation. It was called the Mystical Level, and it drew out all of his latent biological and spiritual potential. No one but Gohan knew how he accessed it, but they expected it would be enough to beat anyone short of Gokuu or Vegeta in Super Level 4.

- Do you think he's playing with Akira?-, Trunks asked. Goten shook his head.

- Gohan, play with an opponent? Get real! I don't get it. Maybe he's saving it, you know? Sort of like, try to beat Akira while transforming, then wait until the final fight and surprise his opponent with his real, ultimate power!

- Well, maybe... but-, Trunks said.- Gohan seems to be having a heck of a lot of trouble beating Akira. I'm not sure if he can beat him as he is. Maybe he's got a new technique under his sleeve, which he's banking on to get him through as he is?

- Perhaps. Or it may be something far worse-, Uub said, and everyone turned to stare at him.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------- -----------------------------

-It is, after all, a magical thing, Mr. Popo. And as Kamisama, I am well acquainted with all matters magical-, said Dende of Namek-sei, otherwise known as Kamisama, Kami to his friends, God to most people.

-Then enlighten me, O Green One-, muttered Popo, Heaven's Palace's immortal assistant. He could not have held back a note of sarcasm in his voice even if he'd tried. Another lecture on a topic that he knew by heart was coming on, as was becoming increasingly more frecuent with this young Kamisama. Ever since he'd gained an interest in the World Archives, a compilation of every event and oddity that occurred on Earth, Dende had become the most annoying smart-ass he'd ever known. Not even his predecessor had been so bad, snooty as though he may have been, bless his (their, whatever) soul. Although this may have been because the past Kami had removed his evil side, which contained all the self-importance and bad pride. This one would have trouble unless he kept them in check. But, how do you tell God that no one likes a know-it-all?

-It's really very simple, you see-, continued Dende, not hearing (or not wanting to hear) Mr. Popo's cheek.- The Mystical ritual that Dai Kaiou-shin performed on Gohan opened a mystical shortcut to his powers. It used magical powers to create a lifeline to a deeper level of Gohan's potential.

-This would be analogous to digging a mine shaft into the earth to reach a gold mine, no?-, said Popo, playing along for Kami's amusement.

-Quite right! Very good, Mr. Popo.

-Well, I do try, Your Greenness.

-Following up on your mine shaft analogy, magic was used to hold the doorway open, just as wooden pillars and beams are used to keep the tunnels from caving in.

-Aaah, I see...-, Popo said, acting as though he'd just figured out something new.

-Yes! Just as wood deteriorates and fails, magic fades with time, particularly when this magic is used to channel the tremendous amount of power from deep within the core of a Saiyajin half-breed! Dai Kaiou-shin's power may be superb, but unless the Mystical link is renewed every now and then, it will fade, forcing Gohan to access his power the traditional way, training until he has the ability to transform!

---------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------

Gohan was now regretting not having trained a hell of a lot more during the last five years. It had been quite a shock, really, trying to summon his full power about a year after his father's departure and, despite his best efforts, finding its totality to be about half of what it should have been. He'd consulted Vegeta ("What did you expect, you lazy brat? You waste your life with your nose inside books while your body becomes soft and weak, and actually have the nerve to ask me why you've turned into a wimp? Feh! Out of my sight, before I decide to see just how weak you've become!"), Krillin ("Gee, I don't know, Gohan. Maybe it's some kind of age thing, you know? I mean, after I hit forty-five, I started getting winded a lot more, and I hurt like hell after working out. Maybe it happens sooner for half- saiyans, you lose some power. But hey, if I had half your power, I wouldn't complain!"), Bulma ("Hmm... well, I've run CAT scans, blood tests, dna scans, bio-spectral analysis, psychic probes and spiritual probes, and nothing suggests any good reason for your power loss, Gohan. Are you sure this isn't just depression? Maybe it's a psychological thing, so soon after losing Gokuu. If you want, I could refer you to dad's shrink..."), Master Roshi ("What? Power loss? Ooooh, I see, marital problems, huh? The little one-eyed warrior's let you down? Not being able to do the horizontal tango? Well, don't worry, kid, that happens to lots of people! Heck, I haven't had one naturally since... Hey! Where you goin'!?"), and, through the aid of Uranai-baba, Piccolo ("I think Rou Kaioushin knows something about it, but the old bastard won't tell me a damned thing. He just chuckles and says that things are more interesting this way. Whatever the hell that means. I have half a mind to put the old goat through a wall, but I don't think that'd get me anywhere.") Finally, he'd had the wit to ask Dende, and he'd come up with his theory. It made sense, actually. After all, Rou Kaioushin didn't say the effects of the Mystical Boost would last forever. It was likely just a temporary fix to a current problem, i.e. Majinn Buu. So he'd had to start training from scratch. He'd put himself through the grinder, and managed to get his power almost up to the level in which Gokuu had been when he transformed into Super Saiyajin 3 back during the Buu crisis. He had a feeling that his father had been at the limit of the power that SS3 could provide. Gohan was currently between the basic SS3 beginning level (at which Goten and Trunks were) and maximum SS3 power.

Which Vejiita had attained. Which Akira may easily be at, as well.

This is not good. I'm not gonna be able to beat him like this. I'm gonna start losing power very soon.

He looked at Akira. The youth's breathing was beginning to become normal once more, and the confident smile had returned to his face. His eyes hadn't lost the excited glimmer they had in the beginning. In fact, they seemed brighter, as if the difficulty of the battle made him even happier to be fighting it.

Man, I almost wish he were some kind of deranged, evil lunatic... that way I could actually get really angry and juice myself up, like I did against Raditz and Cell... but there's no way I can get that pissed against this kid...


...hey, wait a minute...

Gohan lowered his arms. The smile faded from Akira's face, to be replaced by a quizzical look.

- Huh?! Hey, you're not giving up, are you?! Please tell me you're not giving up!!-, Akira said, sounding extremely disappointed. Gohan chuckled, an almost sad smile creeping onto his face.

-Heh... you're not gonna be sorry you said that in a second, kid. I really don't wanna do this, but all my family and friends are looking, and it'd be embarrasing if I lost in front of them. So, then-, Gohan said, crossing his arms in front of his chest.- GET READY!!!

-WHAA!!! You were holding out on me!! You're gonna use some secret technique!!- ALL RIGHT THEN!!! BRING IT ON!!!

Gohan's ki flared. His whole body flashed... and two Gohans remained where there once was only one. Akira face faulted and almost fell over.

-Hey! I thought you were gonna do something fun! This isn't even Tenshinhan's technique, this is just regular body division!

The two Gohans didn't answer. They turned to face each other, and stared deeply into each other's eyes, their expressions like blank walls.

- Huh?-, Goten and Trunks said in unison.

- What the hell is this, a staring contest?-, a random man in the audience grumbled. The entire crowd began booing and jeering, calling for the fighting to resume. It became so loud that no one could even hear themselves think.

For each Gohan, however, everything was deathly quiet. He had long ago learned to block the entire world from his mind when he needed to concentrate. It was necessary when practicing deep hypnosis. All each one knew was the deep blackness of the other's eyes. All they heard was the ringing of a bell, coming from the other's mind. All they saw was the myriad images that flooded their minds. Their hearts began to beat faster and faster. Every image flashed no longer than a millisecond. Every one was a scene of violence. And each one was perpetrated by the same man.


Gohan's ki began to fluctuate. It spiked, then normalized. Image. Spike, Normalize. Image. Spike, Normalize. Vegeta being killed by Cell. Spike, normalize. Trunks being killed by Cell. Spike, normalize. Piccolo being killed by Cell. SPIKE. Akira's face. Spike. Goten being killed by Cell. Spike, spike. Gokuu being killed by Cell. SPIKE. Akira's face. Spike. Chi Chi being killed by Cell. SPIKE. Akira's face. Spike. Videl being killed by cell. SPIKE, SPIKE. Pan being killed by Cell. SPIKE, SPIKE, SPIKE, SPIKE...

Akira's face. SPIKE. Cell's face. SPIKE.

Both Gohan's teeth were grinding so hard they could have crushed atoms. They merged back together, and one Gohan was left,, his head lowered and his eyes closed. Slowly, he turned towards Akira. He opened his eyes.

In his eyes, Akira was gone. In front of him, arms crossed, face contorted into a sickly grin, stood Cell.

Gohan screamed. It wasn't just the warrior's battle cry. It was the cry of a heart filled with anger and hatred without bounds. His ki turned into a monster of power that caused the Pocket Cube to strain despite its enhancements. Everyone's eyes in the fighters' lounge shot open, even Vejiita's. No words came to Akira's mouth.

- W- Wha...!!!- He stammered, his eyes almost jumping out of their orbits. The amount of power coming from Gohan was overwhelming! It was like looking straight at the heart of the Big Bang itself! And the intent! It was so aggressive... not like Gohan at all!

Vejiita was beyond himself with shock. What the...!?! No one can raise their ki level that much in one second!!! This brat's power has grown tenfold!!! And why so aggressive, all of a sudden?!? Unless...

In the VIP box, Pan, much like everyone else, was frightened at the violent monster her father had become. Daddy! What happened to you!?!

Akira was asking himself the same question. Gohan was looking at him with eyes full of hatred. He was completely berserk, out of his mind with anger. That explained the ridiculous power increase, but, why was he so angry?

-CEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!- Gohan roared. In the nanosecond between the yell and Gohan's attack, Akira had time to think ...Cell...? OH, SH--

And then his whole world was pain. He barely registered Gohan's movement as he doubled over after being punched in the gut with devastating force. The pain in his abdomen was quickly replaced by a crushing jolt that struck his chin as Gohan's knee struck it. He barely flew up a couple of feet before Gohan was on top of him, delivering a double fisted smash to the back of his head that sent him crashing into the ground. He bounced a couple of centimeters before he was kicked in the ribs and rocketed to the side of the platform, with Gohan right behind him.

Suddenly, Akira somersaulted, his ki flaring like a star, and shot a devastating kamehameha right in Gohan's face. The elder warrior zoomed out of sight, however, and reappeared behind a stunned Akira, smashing him with a crushing kick to the temple. Before Akira could even recoil from the impact, Gohan kicked him again in the ribs, rocketing him again against the other side.

Trunks and Goten could barely bear to watch. All they could see was Akira getting beaten from all sides by what they knew was Gohan moving faster than they could see, but seemed to be nothing but thin air. Uub and Vejiita, however, were following Gohan's movements, however shocked or irritated they seemed. Akira was trying to put up a fight, but however he tried, he couldn't hit Gohan, nor could he block any of his attacks.

- Dude, this is grizzly...- Trunks said, wincing.- It's all over. Gohan's gonna pound him into the floor. But... why does Gohan think Akira is Cell?

- It's self-hypnosis-, Vejiita said. They all turned to look at him.

- What? How do you know that?-, asked Trunks.

- It's an old warrior's trick. It was invented in the planet Beraseruku- sei. Using a mirror, warriors hypnotize themselves into believing that they are invincible, and go into battle without fear of death. Gohan, however, used it to make himself believe that he's fighting Cell. All of his hatred for Cell, his fears and regret are fueling his power. Hah!-, he laughed, a wicked grin spreading across his face.- I gotta say, I'm impressed. I can't believe he came to invent a version of the Berserker trick by himself, much less that he'd have the balls to actually use it.

- B- but..! If his mind is gone, Gohan might just kill Akira!!- Goten exclaimed. Vejiita just raised one eyebrow, in a so, what's your point? expression. Goten turned to the fight.- No! Gohan! If you kill Akira you'll never forgive yourself!! GOHAN!!!

Gohan couldn't hear him. If he could have seen himself, he would have been horrified at what he'd done. He hadn't intended to go fully berserk. He'd merely hoped that the hypnosis would only cause some of his anger towards Cell be temporarily transferred to Akira in order to gain more power. However, tiredness combined with an extremely altered ki and amateur-level knowledge of hypnosis caused him to completely bury his mind beneath his anger, and turn into a supremely powerful killing machine. He punched Akira again in the face, which sent the younger warrior flying towards the floor.

Surprisingly enough, Akira twisted in mid-air and landed on his feet. He was panting heavily and wheezing. Blood was poring from several cuts on his face and body. He assessed himself. Several of his ribs were broken, and he was pretty sure that he was bleeding internally.

- AKIRA!!! THROW IN THE TOWEL, MAN!!! GOHAN'S GONNA KILL YOU!!!- Trunks shouted. Vejiita scoffed.

- Don't be a fool, Trunks. He won't surrender.

- But dad!!! Gohan's gone!!! He's gonna tear Akira to pieces!!

- He won't give up, not as long as Gohan's mind is still warped like that. The only way to restore Gohan is by shocking him out of the hypnosis, and the only way to do that is by defeating him. Or his opponent himself dying. Which would equally destroy Gohan. Akira knows this. He won't give up. Besides-, Vejiita smiled.- he's not even used his full power yet.

-Huh?!? Who? Gohan? Or Akira?-, Goten asked. Vejiita didn't answer. He just stared smiling at the fighters, who had stopped and were eyeing each other intensely.

Gohan's eyes were blank spaces. His teeth were grinding against each other hard enough for Akira to hear. Suddenly, he launched himself against Akira...

...who had put two fingers to his forehead and disappeared.

Gohan paused. He turned around and shot a beam that a nanosecond ago would have blasted Akira had he not again disappeared, the two fingers still on his forehead.

Vejiita grinned at this. The kid was teleporting. TELEPORTING!!! And not only that, his ki was starting to shoot up. It wasn't as great as Gohan's, but it could get there, given time.

But time was something that Gohan wasn't going to give him. Frustrated, he let his ki burst outwards with a savage cry, creating a fireball that consumed all within the much strained Cube. When all settled back, Akira was kneeling on the floor clutching his side, bleeding from a million open sores. He'd been caught by the fireball as he reappeared, while his ki was still much lower than Gohan's. His eyes burning, he opened them to see Gohan flying towards him, fist cocked back, eyes burning with evil intent.

Vejiita closed his eyes. That's it. He can't raise his ki to its maximum level fast enough. He's dead.

And then, the world went crazy. Gohan screamed. Akira screamed. The laws of physics were discarded within the Cube as an explosion of power only seen in the collision of stars took place. The Cube, its limits exceeded, exploded. And for the terrifyed crowd, all went white. Pan, along with everyone in the VIP box and the stadium, screamed. She clutched her mother and closed her eyes, expecting these to be the final seconds of her existence.

When the brightness beyond her eyelids faded, she opened them fully expecting to see Enma-Dai-Ou-Sama sitting behind his huge desk (which is how Gokuu had once described him.) What she saw, however, was a long, golden mane, falling off a small, extremely muscled man's head. Vejiita?, she thought. Uub was hovering beside him, glowing. The stadium was intact, if only extremely dusty, while a cloud of steam engulfed the arena.

As the cloud of smoke faded and the crowd calmed down, Pan realized what happened. Just as the Cube exploded, Vejiita and Uub had flown between the crowd and the explosion. Fully powered, they extended their kis and blocked the blast, rechanneling it towards space. Concern for their lives was then replaced by another. Daddy!!! Akira!!!

The steam cleared. A lone figure was standing on the platform. It was Gohan- -


--who staggered, then fell flat on his face.

... what?...

Looking around, she saw Vejiita staring at the sky, a strange look of relief on his face. Her eyes turned skywards...

...where, twenty feet above the ground, hovered Akira, a smile of triumph plastered on his face despite the copious bleeding he suffered.

He's alive.... HE'S ALIVE!!! OH, THANK KAMI!!!

Master Roshi popped up from a secret door on the floor. He jumped on the platform, and checked Gohan for a pulse.


The crowd exploded into cheers. Chi Chi, Pan, Videl, Marron, Bra and Bulma where in a massive group-hug, crying their eyes out. Krillin was crying too, but out of pain rather than joy. Juuhachigou was still apoligizing after having crushed every bone in his hand while holding it in a moment of fright. The old announcer had passed out long ago. In the fighters' waiting room, Goten and Trunks were hugging and jumping up and down.

Akira smiled. He put up two shaking fingers in a peace signe.

-... su... SUGOIIIIII!!!!!!-, he yelled. Then his eyes rolled back into his head, and he fell to the platform.

-AKIRA!!!!-, everyone screamed. Everyone jumped out of their places and rushed onto the platform. Bulma took his pulse.

-He's still alive, but they're both in very bad shape! We need to get them to the regen tanks, pronto!

Medics were on the scene in a second. The two men were put on stretchers and taken to the infirmary, with everyone following right behind. Everyone except for Vejiita. He just stared after, smiling.

Teleport... AND that... It's you, isn't it...

Vejiita was sure. Just as Gohan was about to strike Akira, faster than anyone save for himself and Uub to see, something unexpected happened.

The younger fighter's ki had exploded. His aura had turned from a bright white to a blazing crimson.

Akira had executed Kaiou-Ken.