Shawn walked into his house, then screamed at the top of his lungs. A quick, muffled curse, and then his father was rushing down the stairs. The sound of glass breaking, a 'whoops', and then Shawn's mother ran into the front hallway, too.

"Goose, are you alright?" She asked, worry fading in her voice as she looked her son over curiously. Shawn nodded, grinning.

"Then why the hell did you scream bloody murder?" Henry demanded.

"I want you to meet someone!" Shawn said excitedly.

"Oh?" Maddie asked, smiling broadly. "Who is it?"

"A kid from Kindergarten!" Shawn said. He ran out the door, leaving Maddie leaning over where her son used to be, as Henry simply stared at the door.

"Is he coming back?"

"..." His question was answered after a few moments, when the youngest Spencer returned, arm wrapped around the shoulder of a nervous looking young boy.

"This is Gus."

"Burton Guster," The boy said meekly, looking up at the intimidating Henry Spencer, before relaxing as he saw Maddie, who smiled comfortingly.

"Nice to meet you, Burton."

"Gus." Shawn corrected. Maddie, smirking, nodded.

"Mm-hm. So, you two met today?"

"We met last week, Ma-am." Burton said, fumbling with the bottom of his shirt.

"This is my mom," Shawn said unnecessarily. He turned next to Henry. "And this is my dad." Gus looked up at the towering man, eyes widening. Henry looked him over, then asked,

"Do you prefer Gus, Guster, Burt, or Burton?" The young boy looked at Shawn, as if for guidance. He merely grinned, and nodded encouragingly.

"Gus, sir." Henry nodded, as if somehow satisfied.

"Well. Nice to meet you, Gus."

"Stay for dinner?" Maddie offered.


"We'll have dessert!" Shawn tempted. "Pineapple cake!"

"We don't have pineapples," Maddie said.

"We'll find some." Shawn assured her, before dragging Gus out the front door again. Maddie turned to Henry with a smirk on her lips.

"Well. Shawn changed his name."

"I give them a week."