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Jefferson High, 10./C


1. George Adams

2. Jacob Anderson

3. Benjamin Booster

4. Gabriel Donaghy

5. Peter Gayle

6. Mark Hawkes

7. Arnold Ledger

8. Edward McGrant

9. Thomas Reed

10. Daniel Scovell

11. Michael Spencer

12. Jonathan Stanley

13. Alistair Vine

14. Nicholas Wallace

15. William Wosley


1. Josephine Anderson

2. Madeleine Beaumont

3. Lily Bell

4. Kristen Boone

5. Lindsay Carter

6. Rebecca Chapman

7. Susan Fletcher

8. Rose German

9. Martha Miller

10. Darla Peterson

11. Hannah Poulston

12. Mary Rogan

13. Dora Sanders

14. Frances Swearingen

15. Belinda Sykes


Jefferson High, 10./C – PE Class, Wednesday, 10 AM

"Good, very good, girls!" Miss Harriet Durham, the PE teacher, blew a whistle after the first of the two classes in a row was over „once you've all run the 20 rounds, leisure time!"

"Great, finally!" Lily Bell (Girl #3), who had finished a while before, jumped up from the bench, and immediately called her wide group of friends, better known as "Clan Lily" "hey girls, what about volleyball?"

The whole group immediately began to show their agreement.

"I'll grab a ball!" the dyed blonde-haired, slightly overweight Belinda Sykes (Girl #15) quickly went in search of one.

The other members of the "clan", namely Kristen Boone (Girl #4), Rebecca Chapman (Girl #6), Susan Fletcher (Girl #7) and Darla Peterson (Girl #10) got busy discussing possible tactics.

"Why do we always have to play volleyball?" panted Lindsay Carter (Girl #5), still at the 19th round, visibly running out of both breath and energy.

"'Cause Lily said so! And not everybody is a complete failure like somebody I know!" mocked Susan "Lily, I hope you will be the first to choose between the team captains!"

"Why, of course, I suggested volleyball in the first place… Krissie, would you take care of the other team?"

"But Lily, then she will be in my team!" Kristen looked sadly at Lindsay with her beautiful black eyes.

"Volleyball, volleyball, always and only volleyball!" a deep voice was heard "why not soccer or basketball for a change?"

The whole Clan Lily stared with open hatred at Rose German (Girl #8), who towered above them with her 185 centimetres.

"Leave them be, they said volleyball, and volleyball it will be" sighed the top student Martha Miller (Girl #9), Rose's best friend "and Rory, you really shouldn't bug them constantly."

"Who cares about these snobs?" snickered the girl who fully deserved her boyish nickname, while putting a hand on Martha's shoulder.

At this, Susan and Rebecca immediately began murmuring. Martha had to grab Rose's arm to stop her.

"Don't mind…"

"Girls!" Miss Durham's called again "the boys will join us soon, it started raining outside!"

"Boys against girls, then!" laughed the petite Darla.

"But Krissie!" said, almost panicking, the not too bright Rebecca "you'll have to play againt Pete!"

"And…?" Kristen tilted her head. A second later, she was already happily waving to her entering boyfriend, Peter Gayle (Boy #5).

"Will it be a soccer match? We couldn't finish ours out there!" asked Michael Spencer (Boy #11), the star attacker of the school team.

"No way, you're too good at that!" laughed Frances Swearingen (Girl #14) "what are you trying to suggest, poor, weak girls against the school team?"

"Well, why not?" the mulatto Arnold Leger (Boy #7) was ready to back-up Michael "show us what you've got!"

"La reine said it will be volleyball, and volleyball it is…" Madeleine Beaumont (Girl #2), originally from Lyon, France, threw a bored glance at Lily, who was busy inspecting the ball Belinda got her.

"Dictionary, anyone?!" skater Thomas Reed (Boy #9) immediately caught her slight mistake as she forgot to say everything in English.

"Right, try to speak some common tongue already!" Mark Hawkes (Boy #6) laughed.

Madeleine's dark sapphire blue eyes sent them a killer look, but they just winked.

"But that's sooo girly!" Arnold still didn't seem very pleased with volleyball.

"Come on, Arnie, we'll just play" Edward McGrant (Boy #8), another member of the team, tried to calm him down "it's just one hour!"

He didn't add "and then there will be my favourite, literature class!" for he knew too well Arnie couldn't stand it.

"Jayyy!!!" shouted Josephine Anderson (Girl #1) to her twin brother "the neeet!!!"

"Okay!" Jacob Anderson (Boy #2), quite used to the tyranny of his dominating sister, surrendered and went to help her with the volley net.

"So it'll be volleyball after all" Dora Sanders (Girl #13) sat on a bench, not sure if this was what she really wanted to do. Who cares, she would never get to decide after all…

"We'll defeat the girls for sure" Jonathan Stanley (Boy #12), tough boy in class, grinned.

"And I already know what we'll ask as a reward!" added his buddy, Benjamin Booster (Boy #3).

"What?" Dora looked up interrogatively.

Benjamin just licked his lips, to which the girl immediately frowned.

"In your dreams!" Lindsay gasped, as she had just finished the 20 rounds, her two low ponytails dripping from sweat.

"Excuse me, little retard, but who ya think is such a loser to waste any time on you?" George Adams (Boy #1), the cool trendy boy who at the moment happened to be Lily's boyfriend (quite intermittently, to tell the truth) joined Jonathan and Benjamin.

"Could you please leave her alone, once in a while?" Daniel Scovell (Boy #10), Lindsay's best childhood friend, tried to get them to stop.

Jonathan just gave him a shove, but at least walked away.

"Let's beat the girls! Oh yeah!" the last boy to enter, William Wosley (Boy #15), class clown, stormed in soaking wet and leaving a trail of muddy footrpints.

"Wosley, wipe your shoes NOW!" Miss Durham ordered angrily.

"It's… dirty…!" Gabriel Donaghy (Boy #4), who all in all, seemed Prince Charming incarnate, stared at the ground in disgust.

"Gabe, Gabe" he heard Josephine's voice "Jay is sooo clumsy, will you help me with the net instead?"

"Sure!" Gabriel threw back his golden locks.

"Poulston!" Miss Durham called, annoyed "I already told you to get those things down!"

"But… I…" Hannah Poulston (Girl #11) nervously reached for her jewels.

"It's dangerous!"

"Let me help" Mary Rogan (Girl #12), a mature, calm friend of Hannah's (their close-knit group included also Madeleine and Frances) walked up to her, ready to rid her of her two necklaces, three bracelets and two rings.

"Let me leave these on, please!" Hannah pointed at her huge, gold hoop earrings.

"Fine then" Mary found it useless to tell her, for about the hundredth time, that she looked much better without all those striking accessories.

"Let's get ready then, I don't mind if it's not basketball…" the voice, though it wasn't directed to her, sent a jolt down Mary's spine.

Nicholas Wallace (Boy #14), school champion and excellent sportsman, looked at the finally complete net. The tallest student in class, though there was no noticeable difference between him and Rose.

"You'll have an advantage in that, as in everything!" the extremely short, perhaps even less than 140 centimetres, red-haired Alistair Vine (Boy #13) walked up to him.

William, Alistair's best friend, chuckled seeing their difference in height.

"Come on!" the short boy blushed "erm… let's start!"

"Of course! And, obviously, the boys will begin!"George took the ball from Lily, almost casually brushing a finger over her smooth, solarium-tanned skin.

As the bell rang, the current result was a draw. Sadly, they couldn't continue, as the literature lesson was drawing near.

"Hallo?"Miss Durham, in total secret, made a phone call after everyone had exited "it's been a long time now, right? So… yes. There would be a class here, Jefferson High, 10./C… just perfect for the Training."

I'll frequently use French when Madeleine is speaking. Translations will be at the end, similar to footnotes. Here "La reine" = "The queen".

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