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"So when were you...made?"

Felix shrugged and pondered the question for a while. After a dance that should have been more awkward than it actually was, we'd settled onto the grass and started to talk.

"Italian renaissance. I was a soldier in the army, not that Italy really needed an army at that point. My time was spent drinking beer and cavorting with girls." He turned and gave me a cheeky wink.

"Your turn to answer a question. What exactly happened between you and the wolf man?"

If I even considered the possibility he would ask, I would have dreaded this question. "Long story."

He made a show of shifting into a more comfortable position. "I'm not getting any older." Then he stared at me, making it clear that he wasn't going to let it drop.

So I told him. I told him the long, full story of Leah Clearwater and Sam Uley. And all the way throughout, his expression never flickered from mild interest.

When I finished, he rolled his eyes and said; "Young love is always painful but it always passes."

"You don't get it," I told him, my voice somewhere between angry and desperate.

His expression stayed the same. I couldn't figure out whether he couldn't understand or just didn't want to try.

"It wasn't some childhood romance. We loved each other, really loved each other. We were gonna get married, share a home, start a...life together. We were forced apart, it never ended for us."

Still no emotion.

"Everybody tries to make it less than what it was so they can justify it, and him and her but I know what it was, I remember, even if he doesn't."

His eyes flickered to the grass and I knew I was beating a dead horse. This guy had probably never even felt real emotion before he was changed. I shook my head, humiliated that I'd poured my heart and soul out to someone who could never understand.

"So, what is your plan, for your kind?"

"Don't know." I sighed. "To get stronger, better."

Felix studied me for a long moment. "You do know that not everyone will come out of this war alive."

It was a statement more than a question. I shook my head stubbornly.

"None of mine will be among the dead. I won't let that happen." As I said the words, I was surprised that I actually believed them.

The look Felix gave me was pitying but I didn't care. He would see.

"I'm going to Romania."

Shit. I'd surprised myself with that one. It was something I'd considered and almost immediately dismissed for being too fucking crazy. The furthest I'd been outside my own home state was Colorado for a powow. And how could I justify flying half way around the country in the middle of a freaking war?

Felix lips curved in a smile and he gave me the slightest nod of approval. Not that I needed it. Leah Clearwater made her own decisions now.


Sometimes, you're faced with a decision where you just can't guess the outcome. To tell or not to tell. That was the question. In the end, I decided to bite the bullet and just go for it.

"You can't go."

Of course, it was never going to be that easy.

"Just listen to me for a minute, Quil."

He had to forcefully bite his lip so he wouldn't talk over me. I cleared my throat and took the floor again.

"We need help."

"Well, that's nice and vague," Embry spat.

A low growl warned him not to push his luck. "By going to Romania, I could find information that may help make us stronger, things that we never knew before."

"We have the tribe legends for that, Leah, and Jasper already tried." Jacob said. He still seemed a little out of it after the imprinting schminting announcement but he was starting to regain his...fire, slowly but surely.

"The legends didn't know about the imprinting get out clause and I think the other pack would be a little more willing to share with someone who wasn't a mortal enemy."

He didn't answer but I could see the anger simmering behind his expression. His accusing eyes screaming how could you just leave me alone with this; in the middle of a fucking war?

I needed to make Jacob see. "Look, I'm not just talking about finding information that will help us with this battle, I'm talking about every battle we face after it. We can just keep getting by or none of us are going to last very long."

His expression didn't shift. He just stood there with his arms folded and jaw set.

"It won't be for long." I said softly, to him more than anyone.

"Bullshit!" Embry snapped, the fury in his voice surprising me. I gave him a hard look and he sat back down again but not before grumbling; "This is just an excuse to leave us. You'll probably just end up staying there."

"I won't."

There was no way I was leaving any of them to fight this war alone, not if I could help it. I looked at Seth making sure that he knew I was coming back. He gave me the smallest smile as though he never doubted me. "I'd ask you to be careful but I think Romania has more to worry about than you."

I playfully scuffed him around the head. "Mean."

Jacob cut off the rest of the squabbling. He stood and strolled over to me, arms folded. "Promise, and I won't give the order to make you stay."

I snorted. He would never have given that order anyway. "I swear."

He nodded. "Fine, but there's one thing you seem to be forgetting in this little plan of yours. You can barely afford a new T-Shirt, how the hell are you going to pay for airline tickets to Romania?"

Good question.


"I could put you on my back and we could swim."

I gave Felix a you crazy, fool look before I answered him. "No!"

I continued stuffing my very limited wardrobe into a bag. I had a few more things to pick up from my place and then only the small obstacle of finding hundreds of bucks to overcome.

Felix reclined on the bed and sighed dramatically. I'd given up telling him to take a hike because that only made him stay longer. "Or we could just take the private jet, if you weren't so proud."

"Okay, one; you're not coming and two; tell your boss to stuff his jet up his ass. I'd rather hitch hike all the way there than be indebted to a leech."

Alice popped her head around the door," Jasper and I would like to repay the favor you did us by buying you a return trip to Romania."

Favor? Oh, she must have meant letting Jasper slack off research duty so they could travel the world in search of monsters. Quid pro quo. That worked for me. "Done."

Felix began to protest but I shut him up with a death stare. "Don't start."

Alice even went as far as to book the flight for me which was good because I probably still would have been staring at the computer ten hours later.

"I got the first one I could find. You have to be at the airport by 6AM tomorrow."

Fuck, that was early, but little miss never sleeps carried on without realising my suffering. "There's a hotel room in your name, don't argue." She held up a hand to cut me off before I started. "We can't have you sleeping on the street, can we?"

That was going way beyond repaying a favor and I wasn't taking extras. The room would stay empty, I'd find my own digs.


If I was smart, I'd be getting some sleep right about now but I figured I could sleep on the plane. It would save me from having to pretend to socialise with strangers. Instead, I was spending my 4AM watching old westerns with Jasper and asking him whether they were factually correct or not.

We were in the living room and the kitchen was on the other side of the house but that still didn't stop my nose from twitching as the smell of baking cookies wafted over. "Those better be for me," I said, inhaling deeply.

Jasper chuckled. "You can smell them through my Eau De Vampire? Well honed skill or just well honed appetite?"

I sat up with a sigh and took the remote from his hand. "Both. How's the war going from an experts perspective?"

He produced a bottle of whisky from inside his jacket.

"That bad, huh?"

I wasn't too surprised when he took a swig from the bottle. I'd seen Rosalie mix and down Black Russians just for fun."The in-fighting has started. That's never a good sign." Another swig. "They're trying to hide it from you and the others because they still consider you an enemy but it's happening. It was bound too. The guard are seeing the Volturi's weaknesses for the first time. You, especially, should try and keep out of Aro's way."

I grabbed the bottle from him."Concern for my safety?"

"No. I just don't want you inflaming the situation with your hostility and sarcasm."

We both laughed because I appreciated his bluntness and he appreciated my inability to give a fuck about anything.

The whisky burned a path down to my stomach. Firelight flickered from the hearth. It would be almost peaceful if the circumstances weren't so fucked up. I could make a vow to forget about them for one night but I knew I could never uphold it. There was too much at stake. Jasper seemed to think so too.

"You're worried about Alice."

He looked up sharply at the mention of her name and gave me a crooked smile. "I worry about Alice daily."

"Because she's yours. She's your life and your purpose." Thankfully, my voice didn't catch or anything so melodramatic but I felt it in my gut.

Jasper simply nodded. "You miss it."

"Not as much, anymore." I took a heavy gulp from the bottle this time. "My Pack are my purpose but I don't understand them. I don't understand us. And in the middle of a war, that's probably one of the most dangerous disadvantages we can have."

"Jacob should be the one concerning himself with this." Jasper said disapprovingly. He respected Jacob simply because his bloodline determined he should. If any leech knew the importance of hierarchy and command it was the one sitting in front of me, but all he could see was Jacob not fulfilling his duties.

"He's trapped. Because Nessie is his purpose. Not his only one but his most important one. And it's my job to make sure that someone is always putting the Pack first." I drained the bottle and tossed it to one side.

Jasper reached into his jacket pocket and pulled out a folded slip of paper. He handed it to me. On it were a list of names and locations. "It's vague at best but it's a start. Though there's no guarantee that they'll still be there. If they're smart, they'll have moved camp."

"I'll find them." I slipped the paper into my bra. "I have a built in tracking system." I settled down again and curled my legs underneath me.

"Any news on the rest of the cavalry yet?"

"The Denali's will arrive by the end of the week. The rest we are keeping updated or still trying to contact them. It's hard to keep track. Our kind are violent by nature, most are fighting wars and battles of their own."

They could of done with better timing. "Damn, where's the whisky when you really need it?"


After saying goodbye to everyone, including Renesmee's doll collection, Jacob and I hit the road. He'd demanded that he drive me to the airport and considering he was in charge of telling my mom after I'd already gone, I think he deserved the honor.

We made half the trip into Port Angeles with only the sound of the radio between us. It was awkward as hell and although he wasn't pissed anymore, something still seemed to be bothering him.

"You got everything; tickets, passport; shit, do you even have a passport?"

"Jasper hooked me up with a fake one. The guy he gets them off put a rush on it last night. Look," I held it up for him to see it.

He squinted and leaned closer. "Amelia Wolfe?"

I nodded enthusiastically. It was my own idea to use a fake name. If I did get caught, I wanted to be able to get away without them being able to track me down.

Jacob shook his head. "Subtle."

I doubt he even knew what the word actually meant.

"You're coming back though, right?" He tried to make light of the question but there was no fooling me. I'd know him for way too long.


His fists clenched the wheel. He made an attempt at a smile but it was totally forced. " I mean, you've got your new name, new country...you might decide to run away and join a new pack."

"Leave my brother, my pack brothers to get slaughtered while I take a vacation, you mean?"

Jacob sighed and one wrong response from him and I knew I'd be leaving on a bad note. "Sometimes, I wonder if any of us could blame you if you did."

"Well, maybe you're right but either way I'm coming back...so don't go hiring a new Beta."

He grinned at me and for a split second I could see the old Jacob. Pre-imprinting, pre-Bella, pre-all this wolf shit. It was only a shame it couldn't last.

He shifted in his seat and moved his arm around my shoulder. The comfort of his warmth made me feel like a little girl, nestling into her father's embrace. I'd know Jacob too long for him to ever take on the paternal role that his position implied but on an instinctive level, I could recognise him as my protector, something secure and safe.

"Never, you'd probably eat 'em alive and I'd don't think the guys would ever forgive me if you weren't there to keep them in line."

Probably not true but I loved him for saying that, I really did.

He stayed with me until I boarded. We took the time to discuss what we really wanted to get out of my trip.

"Find out what they know about imprinting, whether they did anything special to break it."

That shocked me, it really did. "I thought you'd given up on that idea."

Jacob grimaced and shook his head. "No, I'm just not getting very far with it."

I nodded and hugged him goodbye as my flight was called. "You'll do it, just keep trying."

Story of my life but hopefully, that nasty little chapter was on it's way to ending.

"Remember to tell my mom but only after the plane has taken off. You know how she gets, I wouldn't put it past her to to make a mad dash down here to try and stop the flight."

Jacob chuckled but he couldn't deny that my mom was an overprotective nutcase. Then he winced. "Uh, I think I'm just gonna call her rather than tell her face to face."

"Good idea." I grabbed my bag from the back of the Rabbit. "I'll see you when I get back."

"Have fun. Don't kill any of the other passengers. I heard flying can be pretty rough."

I shrugged off Jacob's concerns. Neither of us had ever flown before. It was never much of a concern for families with very little money and no where to go. So our experiences with airlines were hearing those stories of obese people squishing you into the window and brats kicking the back of your seat for twenty four hours. "Those stories are probably just made up. Urban air travel legends. It's gonna be fun."

As for how the flight actually went; don't even fucking ask.