This is a story about what could have happened. What if Edward were one of the Volturi? What if Bella and Edward were mortal enemies? I'm about to tell you.

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Chapter 1

First Sight


The hall was quiet, deathly silent. I suppose death is an accurate metaphor for the situation. That is what we were, the messengers of death. To the people about to enter this hall we would only be known as dark angels, swiftly delivering that final rest. So it was silent. My silence was in preparation. I had never been as excited about "feeding time" as Jane. Her thoughts assaulted my mind, as disgusting as ever. Aro stood calmly. He didn't move, just waited with that knowing smirk on his face. I despised that smirk.

Truth be told, I often found myself despising everything here in Volterra. I hated the need to hide away like criminals. I hated "feeding time". I hated my own family. I spent most of my days secluded in my room, listening to music or playing the piano. There was no rest from the monotony.

Almost silent footsteps approached the hall. We all straightened to form a group. Aro and I stood toward the front, flanked by Marcus and Caius. Jane stood behind us. Demetri, Felix, and Alec were out patrolling. Heidi was the one returning. I knew immediately that something was wrong because, although I had not yet heard Heidi's thoughts, there was a distinct lack of shuffling human footsteps.

Aro's head inclined slightly, letting me know that he had also noticed this discrepancy. I listened harder, using both my ears and my extra talent to search for the source of the problem.

We were attacked. Heidi's thoughts spit fire. Some rebels decided that it was time to act. I'm bringing them in. She was incredibly angry. I wondered exactly what had happened.

"Apparently, they had a little trouble." I told Aro.

"Trouble?" He laughed. "What kind of trouble?"

"Something about rebels."

"Hmmm…" It was plain to see that this was all great fun to Aro. Anything unusual, anything promising a battle (of wits or warfare) always brought about his excitement.

Heidi burst through the doors at the end of the hall. Demetri and Felix followed. Both Demetri and Alec held on to struggling, captive vampires. Felix's captive was very small. It seemed odd to me that Demetri, with his large size, would be restraining such a small creature. Nevertheless, the girl was putting up a good fight. She had spiky hair and pale skin. She was most definitely a vampire.

Felix's captive was struggling even more ferociously than the petite girl. She was taller and appeared stronger than the other. Her hair fell in a brown curtain around her face. It was tangled from struggling. When the light hit her, I could pick up on streaks of reddish mahogany in it. She was breathtaking.

I imagined how her skin would feel, how she would taste. She smelled amazing. If she had been human…I don't know what I would have done. She was passionate as she fought Felix.

I found myself taking a step forward to help her. What was I thinking? My Volturi robes swirled as I stepped back into place. Aro gave me an odd look.

They are sisters. Marcus thought. I raised a skeptical eyebrow. They looked nothing alike. Hmmm…maybe…best friends? Marcus was rarely confused. Apparently, chaos had stormed our halls in the form of two small vampires.

As Marcus quietly related this information to Aro, I studied the beautiful girl. She was very graceful, but that's not what caught my attention. I couldn't tell what was different about her. I tried to catch her thoughts and gain some insight. I let out a small gasp at what I found.

"What is it, Edward?"

"I can't hear her thoughts." I whispered. Aro looked incredulous.

"Bring her over here, Felix." Felix had to drag the girl over. It took Heidi's help to move her. The girl was snapping ferociously at Felix. "Now, now. Can't we be civilized?"

"Okay. In the interest of civility, do you think we could do without the guards?" The girl said, standing up straight and dusting off her clothes. Her voice was beautiful, like bells. Aro laughed.

I like this one, Edward. He thought. I tried not to think about why that worried me. Felix released the girl.

"What's your name?" Aro inquired.

"Do you think you can let my friend go too?" The girl countered. She was fiery and her anger made her even more exquisite.

"Of course." He waved his hand, and Demetri dropped the pixie-like girl. It wasn't as if they were a threat to us. We outnumbered them by far. The girl stood up, but she remained where she stood. "Now, I'm Aro. This is Edward, Marcus, and Caius. Behind me is Jane. Those are Demetri, Felix, and Heidi." He took her hand with his. I heard shock and surprise in his mind. He couldn't read her either. Then a deep satisfaction ran through him.

This is very interesting. She'd make a nice acquisition. Don't you think, Edward?" I didn't bother to respond.

"Come along, tell me about yourself." The brown haired girl remained still and silent. The smaller girl heaved a sigh and walked forward, it was more like dancing though; she was so graceful.

"I'm Alice." She smiled. "This is Isabella, but you'd better call her Bella. She might get angry otherwise."Bella, a beautiful name. The girl stopped at Bella's side. Bella shot Alice a scowl. I almost smiled. That was very rare. I never felt the need to smile.

"Do you mind if we experiment a little, Bella?" Aro asked.

"That all depends." Bella hissed.

"No need to be hostile. You see, my power doesn't appear to work on you, neither does Edward's." She didn't seem surprised that we had tested our powers on her. I suddenly got the bright idea to try and read Alice. I was really getting slow. I found Alice translating the Canterbury Tales to Dutch in her head. So, they knew what our powers were. Maybe the footing was a little more even than I had thought.

"I'd rather you didn't." Bella said.

"Of course." Aro said, but he gave the command to attack at the same moment. The girl was too fast though. I felt a shifting in the air as if some invisible force field had been moved to encompass a larger space. Alice's thoughts completely disappeared.

Jane stepped forward, and smiled evilly. She concentrated harder. Her expression then turned to anger and frustration.

"Excellent." Aro clapped his hands together. "You're simply amazing my dear." He was the only one who was so enthused. Everyone else was terrified. We had never encountered something like this before.

"Thank you." Bella managed. I could see it was a stretch for her to be so polite. She obviously had a deep hatred of us. I felt a sad stirring in the vicinity of my heart, but immediately squelched it. Why should I care what this girl thought about me?

Aro had us moved to a more comfortable location. Jane seemed especially upset. Her thoughts portrayed a mixture of jealousy, anger, and hate. I felt almost worried for Bella.

"So, Bella, what brings you to Volterra?"

"Vacation." Bella lied smoothly. I noticed how she avoided making eye contact with me in particular. What did she have against me?

"I've been informed that you put quite a damper in Heidi's hunting plans." Aro admonished. Bella smiled. My breath caught. She was stunning.

"That was the idea." She admitted. Alice gave Bella a look that I couldn't quite decipher.

"Why would you want to mess with poor Heidi?" Bella opened her mouth to speak, but Alice cut her off.

"Bella and I were just unaware that Heidi was one of yours. We thought we had a rogue vampire on our hands." Alice smiled innocently, too innocently. She was lying. I chose not to point this out to Aro. I preferred to see how things played out.

"I think there's more of a story than you are telling me, Alice. However, I'm willing to let I go…for now. Tell me about yourself."

"What do you want to know?" Alice asked sweetly.

"Everything." Aro said.

"I don't really remember that much." Alice admitted.



"Forgive me if I have a hard time believing that. Would you care to prove it?" Alice held out her hand. She definitely knew too much about us. They didn't stand a chance. If Bella and Alice didn't join us, they were as good as dead. I had an almost irresistible urge to run Bella far away where Aro couldn't hurt her.

The door opened before Aro could touch Alice's hand. All of our heads whipped up. We had been too involved to even notice the approaching vampires. Alec came into the room with another captive. This one wasn't struggling. At least, he wasn't struggling until he saw Alice. Then he fought free of Alec and went to her.

His thoughts were full of love and worry. I was suddenly very envious of the couple, but I didn't know why. I had never cared about finding a mate before. Bella's eyes were on me. I looked at her and our gazes locked. There was something different about her scarlet eyes. They didn't look right.

I realization hit me. Contacts. She was wearing contacts. I had noticed how, periodically, Bella and Alice would brush their faces or rub their eyes, something that vampires didn't normally do. They had been sneakily putting in contact lenses.

"What?" Bella asked, noticing my expression. I debated about whether or not to reveal what I knew. I decided not to, for now.

"Nothing." I looked away. Jasper had been seated with Alice.

"I take it this is a friend of yours?" Aro asked Alice, clearly amused.

"Yes." She smiled. "This is Jasper."

Mate. Marcus said in his mind. They have a very strong connection. I nodded a little. It was hard to communicate secretly when Bella's eyes were still on me.


Alice had failed to mention how perfect Edward was. She had told me in great detail about all of the Volturi. Or at least, she had told me what Carlisle had told her. Carlisle had never met Edward before though so I suppose it would be wrong to blame either of them for my sudden lack of control.

He was amazing. Every line of his face was perfect. The only things out of place were his burgundy eyes. He would look incredible with gold eyes. If only…

It was too late to save any of them. These were the Volturi, the oldest and most powerful family of vampires. I doubted any of them would be willing to change their ways. Still, he was almost painful to look at. Edward looked like an angel. The dark robes seemed out of place on him.

The whole time that we had been here, he had had a few silent conversations with the others. I knew because I had been staring at him almost the whole time. Too bad he was a monster. I knew firsthand what monsters could do.

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