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Chapter 5

The Sight of Copper


My feet carried me away from Edward swiftly. I didn't stop to think about my destination. I was too consumed in my own confusion and self-disgust. How could I have been so stupid? I had kissed one of the Volturi. I had been so close to, quite literally, sleeping with the enemy.

It felt so right. My traitorous mind whispered.

Let's turn around and go back. My silent heart pleaded. I shook my head quickly to erase such thoughts. Edward was one of them. He was dark, ruthless, without morals, and merciless. He was beautiful, charming, sweet, and perfect. Oh God, I had no idea what to think.

There was a part of me that still clung to sanity, but the larger part just wanted to be I his arms again. How could it be wrong to be with him when it felt so right? I had never felt like that about anyone, never responded so passionately to another's touch.

The section of my heart that was bloody with old wounds throbbed in pain. It would be forever damaged from the loss of my brother. I didn't know if I was capable of allowing someone that close to me again. Although I had let the Cullens in, this would be different. Edward was already winding his way into places of my heart that had long been untouched, and I hadn't even consented to stop hating him. I was afraid that if I stopped hating him, I'd fall in love with him. There was a terrified part of me that was already half way there.

The other part of my heart, the part that was bruised from continually being the lone wolf in a pack of lovers, ached dully, almost half-heartedly. It was as if it had already given up on warning me, so bad was its longing to not be alone.

The last participant in this inner battle was the smallest, weakest part of me. It was the place in my brain that clung to rationality, to safety, to revenge. It was the part that said he was the enemy, the part that called for escape. This was the tiny part of me that was still suspicious of everyone. That little section of me was losing ground with every step that I took.

I actually stopped in my tracks, ready to turn around and go back into those strong, safe arms. I was turning around in the moonlit hall when that miniscule fighter gave its last ditch cry. He could still be a monster. It whispered.

Before, that would have been the argument that put everything into perspective. I would have been able to see clearly, but I no longer believed that Edward was a monster; I had seen the truth in his eyes. I had tasted it on his lips. No monster could create something as pure as that lullaby. No, I couldn't see him that way anymore, but I was beginning to believe that he saw himself that way.

It was this revelation that forced something to click in my brain. My thoughts began computing data at an inhuman speed. Every sad look that Carlisle had cast Edward's way, every laugh that Alice had shared with him, every secret smile between Alice and Jasper behind my back took on a new meaning.

They knew that he wasn't a monster. Carlisle, at least, had known all along. They had all known that Edward was something different that the Volturi. I just needed to figure out exactly what the difference was. I didn't like having secrets kept from me.

I was still standing frozen in place when the man that now haunted my every though appeared behind me. I started and turned to look at him.

"Edward." I inclined my head. His named sounded like an endearment on my tongue.

"Bella, I-"

"It's okay. I overreacted. I just had some things to think about, some decisions to make." I rushed the words out. I was beginning to feel guilty about my actions. Everything that I now knew suggested that Edward was a good man. He had not done anything to merit my doubts, and so I would give him the chance he deserved. Alice had been able to do that from the start.

"What conclusion did you come to?" He asked.


"I'm sorry. That was forward of me." He attempted a half smile. "We are not friends, but I find myself acting as if we are." He wanted to be my friend. I felt joy move smoothly through me, but it was accompanied by a pang of disappointment. Did he want nothing more?

I looked into his eyes. It was odd but, in the moonlight, they seemed less scarlet than they once had. Maybe I was imagining things. All I knew was that I couldn't let this beautiful man go. His copper hair gleamed weakly in the moonlight. I wanted to run my fingers through it. It looked so soft. It was then that I realized that I was irrevocably changed. I couldn't turn away now even if I wanted to. If friendship was all he was offering, I would take what I could get.

"I'd like that." I managed to get out. If I had been human, a fierce blush would have stolen over my face. Thank God for vampirism.

"Bella…" He sighed and stepped closer to me. He ran a pale hand through his gorgeous copper hair. "Bella, I…" He seemed struggling to find words. I bet he wished he could read my mind. I was certainly wishing that I could read his.

"Yes, Edward?" I took a step closer to him. I could smell his intoxicating scent.

"Bella…" My name was more of an observation than a beginning of a sentence. We were inches apart. Our chests brushed together with every breath. I tipped my head up to look into his eyes.

"Bella…" It was a question. I didn't have the words to answer. Instead, I rose up and pressed my lips to his. Instantly, fire coiled in my stomach. I wound my fingers in his hair. His hands traced my lower back.

We broke apart for an unnecessary breath. He trailed kisses down my jaw.

"Bella…" He whispered again. It was a prayer on his tongue. I tilted my head back as his lips trailed down my neck and back up. Our lips met again. He tasted amazing. I had never felt like this before.

Finally, we stopped. I rested my forehead against his. He held me close in his arms. I was surprised at how safe I felt. It was so strange. We stayed silent as we both thought about how complicated this could get. I was still a captive. He was still one of the Volturi.

"I'll see you in the morning, Bella." He said, releasing me. He turned and walked down the hall quickly as if he didn't trust his own restraint for very long.

"Edward!" I called. He turned; a hundred desperate emotions crossed his face. Before I knew what I was doing, I was slipping down the hallway and into his arms. He laughed and kissed me again. His laugh was rich and smooth. It reminded me of caramel, or a rolling stream. It filled me up inside and an answering laugh bubble from my lips.

"Goodnight." I pulled away with the echo of laughter still in my voice. His eyes gleamed with some unnamable emotion.

"Goodnight." he said. This time I walked away, but my thoughts stayed after, dwelling on the copper haired vampire behind me.

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