It was dark outside by the time Sara finally was able to leave Fox River. She let out a breath she didin´t realize she had been holding. Ever since the escape things had been tense around Fox River, especially around her. Sara knew people gossiped behind her back, how she and Michael had seemed so friendly before his escape, and how it came that she had "forgotten" to lock the door behind her that evening. Of course, her relapse the night of the escape didin´t exactly help her case.

It was only thanks to her father that she still had a job. Warden Pope had wanted to fire her and had told her so, but his hands were tied. Her father being the guvernor and the fact that there wasen´t any evidence of her guilt had let her off the hook. That didin´t stop people from talking about it.

Unbidden her thoughts once again turned to Michael, and how he had lied to her. When she woke up at the hospital she had been informed of that eight convicts had made it over the wall that night. He had played her from the beginning, flirting with her, getting to know her, making her care about him.

"Sara!" It was Brad, Sara sighed to herself. Ever since she got out of the hospital Brad had become her shadow. Almost every night he showed up outside of work to walk her home. Just to be safe he said. Brad was one of the few friends she had nowdays, but that didin´t stop the frown that had settled on her face. But really she shouldn´t be picky.

"Hi Brad how are things?"

"Good Good, you know head up, legs down" he grinned like a madman. "I just thought I´d walk you home since I was in the area".

Funny how Brad always seemed to be in the same area as she was she thought herself then immediatly felt bad about it, he was just trying to be nice afterall. They started walking in silence towards her apartment her thoughts once again drifting. She remembered the one time Michael had kissed her, his smooth lips and his sweet breath... How he had gazed into her eyes with so much longing that she thought she was going to melt. When she realized it had all been an act to try to steal her keys she was devastated.

And when that didin´´t work he had his skanky wife do it. Gaah she hated him she thought angrily, hated him for lying to her, for making her care about him, most of all she hated that despite all of that she still wanted him. Damn him.

Brad insisted that he follow her to her door to make sure she got in okey. Either he didin´t see the doorman or he just pretended not to. She unlocked her door and Brad walked in and took a quick look around before coming to stand in front of her.

"Uh well everything seems to be in order so..."

"Yeah thanks Brad" Sara smiled lightly. Brad turned to leave but then quickly turned around and kissed her cheek, then walked away closing the door behind him. Sara stood in shock staring after him before she took a few steps forward and locked the door. Shaking her head she turned and headed into the bathroom. A nice hot shower was just what she needed right now.

She stepped into the hot spray and let the water cascade down her smooth back. Washing her hair she wondered where Michael was right now... Then cursed herself for thinking about him again. Wasen´t she stronger than this? He had certainly proved that he couldn´t care less about her. And after all, she would probably never see him again. She rinsed her hair and stepped out of the shower. Wrapping a white bathtowel arund her she opened the door to let some of the steam out. She made her way into the living room and put on her favorite CD, as she turned to walk to her bedroom a movement behind her caused her to twirl around and let out a frightened gasp. A few feet away from her stood Michael.

"Hello Sara".