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Embracing The Future

Graduation day had finally come. All the girls were busy getting ready and packing up their things in the dorms. Everyone was bursting with excitement and looking forward to attending college in the Fall. Everyone that is, except Linda.

As Kara, she spent her recovery time at the Fortress of Solitude under Kal-El's watchful eye. When she gained enough strength back, she, as Linda, went and stayed with Clark at his apartment for the rest of her senior term.

Not once during all that time did she ever go back to the home she once shared with Ethan. Taking Clark's advice to heart, she fought the urge to go to Ethan even when she saw him on campus. Something that tore her apart because she had reassured him of her love at the fortress before. Somehow, Ethan seemed to understand her need to stay away even without her saying a word. They were on amicable terms, greeting each other when they crossed paths, even waving at each other when they were too far apart to say hello.

The length of time that it took for graduation day to arrive seemed so long to Linda. What if, during all the time that he had honored the space she asked for, he had fallen out of love with her? Could she handle that? What if her future did not lie with him afterall? What if her vision was only what she wanted to see, but was not the reality of her future?

"Just enjoy the day will you Linda? Don't rain on our parade. We have all worked really hard to get here." Lucy encouraged her as they checked each other's turqoise toga outfits.

"But what if he did fall out of love?" Linda asked worriedly as she brushed off her friends shoulder.

"Then you will grieve a little but life will go on. Ethan will not be the end of your world Linda" Lucy reassured her.

"All seniors report to the main quadrangle. The graduation march will start in 15 minutes." Came the voice of Principal Danvers over the sound system.

"Grab our caps and let's get outta here!" Lucy instructed Linda.

Ethan watched from a distance as he continued to prune the bushes near the quadrangle. How he wished that he could be a part of Linda's big day. He was staying away for a reason and he could only hope that she understood how much it hurt him to pretend to be a mere friend to her. How hurt he was that he could not be there with Clark and the Lane's in the audience to watch her receive her diploma.

As if she sensed that Ethan was nearby, Linda suddenly turned and looked in his direction. He knew that she could see him clearly and that she would hear him if he spoke.

"Congratulations Linda. You have come very far. I am sure your parents are very proud of the woman you have become.I know that I am very proud of the woman whom I love with all of my being." he whispered in no particular direction.

The smile that she threw his way was enough to make him feel like he had actually participated in her graduation festivities. He had no idea about the life altering surprise Linda had in store for him.

This was Linda's first visit to the Daily Planet office. Jimmy wasn't around and somehow she ended up conversing with the Editor in Chief while waiting for Clark to come back to his desk.

"Clark, some kid looking for you. Calls herself Linda. Says she is is your cousin." Perry White ducked into the copy room where he was running drafts of his report.

"Yes she is. Thanks Perry. I'll be there in a bit." Clark replied.

"Never thought he had family. Never spoke about parents or anything. This Kent is really a strange one. Cousin my foot. Looks more like his daughter to me."" Perry was mumbling under his breath.

Clark chuckled at what he heard through his super hearing. Maybe he did look like Linda's father. After all he had been through to save her and protect her, from death, Selena, and now psychosis, he did have a sort of fatherly feeling for her.

"If you are sure that is what you want to do and be, you have my full support" he told her as she explained her detailed plans for her future life. Clark could tell that she had given the matter a lot of thought and somehow, he believed that she had found a way to glimpse into her future.

"In a way Clark, Earth has always been my home like you said. It has always treated me well and provided for me. It gave me the most important people in my life when I thought I would be all alone or dead. I can learn to become human without abandoning who I really am. Kara and Linda can live alongside each other. Kara is my heritage but Linda is who I am now. With your guidance, I know that I will eventually learn how to continue to be both human and Kryptonian. My future has always been bright. I just refused to see it." She told him as they walked together out of his office.

Clark put her in a cab and waved her off. He looked in her direction long after the cab had disappeared form human view. She was headed into a future that only she knew about and understood, and he would always be right beside her with unwavering support.


Ethan could never get used to living in the house alone. Linda went home to Clark's apartment after resting at the fortress. Without her in the house, it was simply too big for him. Every nook and cranny of the house held a special, now painful memory for him. She had kept her distance from him during the graduation party Clark had thrown for her. He would have to accept that everything had changed between them now. It would never be the same again.

He was about to go up to bed when he heard some rustling noise at the front door. Hearing the door unlock, he opened the hallway closet and got his baseball bat. He swung the bat the minute the door opened.

"Ethan! It's me!" Linda caught the bat in midswing. Crushing the wooden rod like a hard boiled egg in its shell.

"Linda! What are you doing here?" he felt a sudden rush of happiness.

Linda was vacationing with the Lane's as far as he knew. Just until her college studies began in the fall.

"I need to talk to you." she had a note of uncertainty in her voice.

"What's wrong?" He asked as he followed her into the living area.

"Can I move back in?" she asked with the fear of a negative answer visible on her face.

"You know you can." he beamed at her.

She smiled at him and kissed his cheek. "I'll move back in as soon as I can. There is just one thing."

"What's that? All your stuff are still in your room."

"I don't want separate rooms anymore." she was shaking in nervousness while she spoke. Deep inside, she knew she was ready. This was the right thing for her to do.

What? Was he hearing right?

"Clark would tear me limb from limb if I allowed you to do that." he could already imagine Clark going into superman mode if he caught them doing a horizontal dance in bed.

"He knows my plans." Linda teased Ethan.

"Plans?" His interest was teased. Exactly what was she leading up to?

"Ethan, a wise woman once told me that I know I am ready for marriage when I can't see my future without you beside me."

"And?" he was waiting for the rest of her story with baited breath.

"And ---I've come to realize that I can be everything I want to be. I can achieve everything I ever dreamed of but, I won't be able to do it alone. I won't be happy. I won't be a complete person without you by my side."


"So, Mr. Logan, I'm asking you to take me back. As your best friend, your girlfriend, your lover, and your wife. Will you have me?" She was still wondering if it was normal for Earth girls to propose marriage but decided that since he proposed first, she should not expect him to do it again.

She had looked away from him in embarrassment. Her cheeks were flushed from the anticipation she felt for the answer to her question. What if he said no? What if she had totally blown her chances to win him back ? What would she do without his love to guide and support her?

"Kara, look at me." he touched her chin and guided her face back so that she faced him. His eyes were filled with happiness and love. Using his thumb, he lightly traced her soft lower lip ever so slowly so that she took slow deep breaths while sighing in rhythm to his motions. The answer was clear as he held her face up to his so that their lips met once again.

The electricity they both felt within the kiss told them both what they already knew but needed to confirm. Ethan would never leave her. Their hearts will always be one and at home within each others souls. Kara's heart was now finally home and would never be separated from Ethan again.

When they finally parted, Ethan could not bear to let her leave the house again.

"Spend the night in your room? Don't leave me tonight. " he practically begged her as he buried his face into her neck. Taking in the scent of the woman he had missed for so many days and nights.

"Make sure you don't sleepwalk." she reminded him as their lips came together for another deep kiss.


The civil ceremony was held at City Hall with their closest friends and family in attendance. They made for a small group. Just the Lane's and Clark with Jimmy along. For safety purposes, the rings ran through Kal-El's Kryptonite scanner before the wedding.

The bellboy helped them get their things into their honeymoon suite at the Metropolis Hotel that night. Ethan did not even try to carry Linda over the threshold. The bellboy had a questioning look on his face as he and Linda walked into the room hand in hand.

"I have a bad back." Ethan lied as he handed the bellboy his tip and sent him on his way, closing the door behind him.

"You have a bad back?" Linda pushed him onto the bed and jumped on beside him.

"Oh yeah, it really hurts." he kissed her softly while he leaned over her and reached to turn off the main light control switch. Linda was already messing with his shirt buttons at the same time.

The desires that they controlled within for each other over the years they were separated first by location and then by differing social traditions burst forth like a tidal wave. They acted upon their urge to unite their bodies and souls in the ultimate act of love and possession. The starlit night glimmering just outside their window bore witness to the explosion and satisfaction of the desires that bound them in life and in love.

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