Title: No Rest For The Wiccans

Rating: M

Summary: When teens that practice Wicca are found dead it is up to Tony and Carol to figure out what the killers sick motives are.

Disclaimer: I don't own Carol, Tony, or any of the authors blood and gore. I just like to take them out and play with them.

Chapter 1

The summer air was crackling with electricity, as though the night knew that something special was about to take place, something as old as time. The druids once came here but that time was over, at least in the past sense. The new druids occupied this spot and it was their night to be out. However the people that were occupying this space weren't druid, but teen. Teens that practice the ancient traditions while pretending to be God-fearing people. Each of them had a parent that wouldn't approve but they didn't care.

They were leader of their own fate, a fate that they had a lot of control over. Some wore street clothes but two wore the color of the bard, the poets of the druid world that had their stories saved by monks rather then let them die out. Night had really fallen by time the last teen arrived and they knew they only had a few hours to celebrate, to be themselves, before having to return to the real world, the world were parents controlled their lives and was always in their things.

One of them opened a large green book and flipped it to where she needed to be. For this rite she was the High Priestess, the only one allowed to lead the rite at all. She raised her hands up high, as though to greet a lover.

"Guardians of the Watchtower of the East, come to our circle and watch over us," she called out.

She lit a candle and then moved on.

"Guardians of the Watchtower of the South, come to our circle and watch over us," she repeated.

She lit another candle.

"Guardian of the Watchtower of the West, come to our circle and watch over us," she repeated and lit another candle.

"Guardian of the Watchtower of the North, come to our circle and watch over us," she repeated for the forth and final time and then lit the fourth and final candle. "Great God and Goddess come to our circle and watch over us."

"Blessed Be," said the group of about eleven.

"Their here with us and now we're protected," she said, smiling with pure joy. "Tonight we celebrate the Alban Heruin, a time of the descending sun. We prepare to bid the sun farewell until it comes back again."

She raised her hands and so did the others and that's when they started to chant. The words simple but the chant hard to follow. Several of the members beat drums while the High Priestess poured a liquid on the ground. The energy grew intense until it peaked and they were all sure that they could feel the sun winking. An hour later the group had cleaned up and headed back for their cars. The ritual was over and now it was time to return to the real world, a world were true evil truly lived.


The killer watched them leave, the feeling that they were doing great evil building up inside the killers soul. The killer hated these people, hated everything that they represented. Soon all witches would pay, pay dearly for what they did to the people around them.


"Where have you been?" 31-year-old Brian Slaw asked his daughter when she came in.

He had come to England from America and had loved every moment of living in this place. But he worried that his daughter was getting involved in things that she shouldn't. He didn't have proof, yet, but he knew she would slip up and then he would know what she was doing.

"I was out joyriding," his daughter answered.

"And you decided to come home at nearly nine at night," he said.

"I have to go to bed," she told him. "Goodnight."

And she was gone before Brian could say anything.

"I'm worried about her," Brian told his wife. "I think she's doing something."

"Like what?" his wife asked.

"I don't know," Brian answered. "But I'm determined to find out."

His wife sighed. She feared that her husband would do something to push their daughter away.

"Can you just leave it alone," she asked.

"No, I can't," Brian said, determination in his voice.


"Can you believe how my dad was," Sally told her friend. "I mean, he acts like he can tell me what to do."

"Do you think he suspects that you're a witch," her friend asked.

"Goddess, I hope not," Sally said. "I don't know what he would do if he ever found out."

"Well let's hope he never finds out," her friend said.

Sally hoped not either.

When school had ended Sally walked across the parking lot to her car. She would head to work and then get back home. She hoped that her father was cooled off by the time she did get home. As she pulled away she failed to notice another car following her. She put a Celtic CD in, part of her secret stash that she kept, and continued on her way. She never made it to work.


"Where is Sally at?" her boss asked.

"Don't look at me," her friend answered. "Maybe she just ran into some car problems."

"I hope so because if she doesn't come into work she is fired," her boss said, hissing in rage.

They had seventeen boxes to unload. Sally had always been a good worker, even though she never exactly told her parents what she did. Her boss didn't care, personally. Work was work, as long as it wasn't debasing work. She would never force any of her employees to do that sort of stuff.

"Do you want me to call her father?"

"No, I'll do it later," her boss said and they started to unload the boxes.


Brian was worried when his daughter failed to show up at the appointed time. He took his car out, telling his wife that he was going to look for her, and then pulled out. He started at where she went to school and then continued from there. Of course he never found her car and around midnight he gave up and went home. He was determined to beat her to an inch of her life if she ever showed up.


The sun was rising when the hunter smelled something that he hadn't smelled in his life. His hounds smelled it too because they went down a direction that he had hunted a number of times. As he followed them, the smell getting stronger, he wondered what kind of animal could produce such an odor. Suddenly he noticed something taller then he was.

As he got closer his curiously turned into horror. Standing, bolt upright, was a dead body and it was tied to a stake. He motioned his dogs to follow him and he ran to get the police.


DCI Carol Jordan arrived on the scene to find something out of a horror movie. The corner was already looking over the body and she covered her nose and mouth in an attempt to keep the stench out of her nose and mouth.

"Welcome to backwoods justice," he commented.

"Very funny," Carol said. 'So when did this happen?"

"A few hours ago," the doctor answered. "Though I won't know for certain how long it has been tied up until I get it down and take it back to the lab."

"I want a full report on this," Carol told him. "And let's hope we can catch him, or her, before this happens again."

"Don't we all wish for that," he muttered.

"So any ID on the victim?" Carol asked her friend, Paula.

"Not that I know of," Paula answered.

"Who found the body?" Carol asked as someone took shots of the scene.

"A hunter, he's over there," Paula answered. "He smelled something and went to investigate. That's when he saw a page out of the inquisition, according to him."

Carol hoped that his comment wasn't true.

"God, who can burn someone on a stake," she asked herself.

"Someone with an even sicker imagination then Jack," Paula answered.

"Well keep me informed," Carol told Paula. "Let's hope the good doctor can give us a name."

Paula nodded and Carol left.


Brian never thought he would end up here, filing a missing persons, but when he got a call, telling him that Sally hadn't shown up for work, then he knew that he had to come here. The officer that took his statement asked if she had any enemies.

"No," Brian answered. "Look, just find her."

"We'll try," the officer said. "But you're not giving us much to work with."

Brian knew that the officer was right so Brian told him about the phone call telling him that Sally hadn't shown up for work.

"And where did she work?" the officer asked.

"I don't know," Brian answered. "I mean, we never asked where she worked. She got a paycheck and then used some of the money to buy things that we were low on."

"And when did you notice that she hadn't come home?"

"When her car didn't pull up," Brian answered. "Look, could you find her."

"Like I said, we'll try," the officer said.

They didn't make Brian feel any better.


Carol and Paula walked into the corners office after receiving the call that the autopsy was completed. When they walked in the doctor looked at them as though he was the one that had grave news.

"Well we identified the victim through dental records. Her name is Sally Slaw and the killer worked her over before he actually tied her to the stake."

"What was the cause of death?" Carol asked.

"Internal bleeding," the doctor answered. "He used some sort of device to part her legs, but I don't have any comparison to let you know what it is. But a rod was forced upwards, causing damage to several internal organs. She was then tied to the stake, dead, and burned."

"Anything special about the wood?" Carol asked, starting to feel sick.

"Well I thought, at first, it was local but then I noticed something odd about it. It's a really rare wood known as green wood, the wood used to burn witches," he answered.

"But why this wood?" Carol asked.

"I'll leave that up to you and your team to find that out," the doctor said. "Oh and I found something that managed to survive the fire."

He took out a small evidence bag and showed it to Carol. It was Pentacle.

"Okay, so what do we tell her parents, that your daughter was a witch and she was burned alive because of it," Paula said when they left.

"I don't know what to tell them," Carol said. "But I want this madman stopped. I'm getting Tony on this."