Title: No Rest For The Wiccans

Rating: M

Summary: When teens that practice Wicca are found dead it is up to Tony and Carol to figure out what the killers sick motives are. Of course they get a little help from Rowan Gant. Wire in the blood, Rowan Gant Investigations Crossover.

Disclaimer: I dont own Carol, Tony, or any of the authors blood and gore. I dont even own M.R Sellars characters. I just like to take them out and play with them.


To WriterApprentice: Youll soon find out, hopefully by the end of the story.


Chapter 13: Carols Nightmare

Normally Carol would take care of any questioning but she was tired and wanted to shower and change. So far the whole thing had been tiring and she wanted it all to be over. She was sure that Tony would be at the station, asking his usual round of very unusual questions, and for the first time she wanted to be away from anything that was connected with Tony. When she arrived home she unlocked the door and then walked in.

Turning on the lights she headed to her bedroom and pulled off her clothes. She turned the shower on and waited for it to get hot and then stepped in. The hot water washed away a lot of things but as she stood there she thought about what Rowan had said and how it somehow connected to what Tony had said. The killer was killing these people to send a message and she wasnt going to let this monster get away with it. She stepped out and putting her nightgown on she walked back into her bedroom and thats when the phone rang.

Carol here, Carol said.

Hay, its Tony, said the familiar voice.

Carol wanted to groan. She wanted to be away from Tony for a bit and here he was calling.

Hello, Tony, what are you doing? Carol asked.

Thinking, Tony answered. What are you doing?

Trying not to think, Carol answered, and then lay down. I dont understand any of this.

Youre not supposed to, Tony said. The man is a monster and we all know it.

I know that, Carol said. But it doesnt make this any easier. Im still having trouble staying rooted to the spot.

Well thats what happens when the police trust a nut, Tony said.

I trust you and youre a nut, Carol countered.

Tony hissed. Okay, sorry that I said that, Tony said. Do you want me to come over?

No, Ill just turn in and see you in the morning, Carol told him and hung up.

As Carol fell asleep she had a horrible nightmare. She was running down a corridor, blood coming down the walls and coating the floor. Screams were coming everywhere and thats when Carol woke up, sweat pouring down her face. She had no idea why she had that dream and what it even meant. Suddenly she looked up and let out another horrible scream. Words were written all over the wall in black marker.

Help us, help us now.

Carol at once called Rowan Gant.

Carol was waiting on Rowan when he showed up and she let him in. He at once looked at the writing and then asked her if she had any strange experiences.

I had a horrible nightmare, Carol told him.

It wasnt a nightmare, it was a vision, Rowan told her. And the difference between the two is that you can really remember them and this message is another indication that you did have a vision.

How do I make them stop? Carol asked.

The only way that you can make them stop is if you solve this case, Rowan told her. And thats why Im here.

Carol took a deep breath. Thanks for coming over, she said.

No problem, Carol, Rowan said. And Ill make sure that no harm comes to you or anyone else.

When he left Carol felt better enough to finally go back to bed.


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