Space Warrior's

Sacred Guard.

The New Players.

We find ourselves in somekind of ruined temple or cemetery. Where we See non other than the Balance of Hatred Lucifer, along with Tayuya, Nayzormon and his familiar Lilith. Lucifer just finished the reanimation jutsu as four cloaked figures walked out of the four coffins.

"Uh...where are we?" The Yellow cloaked one said as he rubbed his head.

"How should I know?" The Blue Cloaked one snapped. As She glared at the Yellow Figure. While the Red and Orange cloaked figures faced Lucifer. Suddenly the Orange one's eyes started to glow a rainbow colour. As if he was gauging Lucifer's power.

"So you are the one who revived us?" He asked. Pointing at Lucifer.

"Yes, I am Lucifer, I am here to enlist your services in Pokemorph Sealing," Lucifer said. Getting the attention of all four figures.

"Well, I didn't think any Pokemorphs survived our little fun," The Blue Figure said as she giggled.

"Yes I have a little problem with Seven Pokemorph's, all major nuisance's, so I was wondering since you four are experts..." Lucifer said letting his proposal sink in. As the Yellow and Blue ones grinned.

"What do you say Resshin-kun, sounds like fun!" The Blue one said. Looking at the Orange Cloaked figure.

"Hmm...what are there Pokemon halfs?" Resshin asked. As Lucifer smiled noticing he got their attention.

"They have the Pokemon Spirits of Deoxys, Darkrai, Kyorge, Groudon, Rayquaza, Dialga and Palkia." Lucifer said. As he noticed the Orange one smirked.

"Fine then, Pyric, Fuijin, Sangka let's go! We have a mission to finish!" Resshin said. As the four of them dissappeared in a flash of light.

"Should we trust them master?" Nayzormon asked.

"No worries, they will keep those Space Warrior's from Interfering this time, while we prepare our plans." Lucifer said with a grin. Before he and his group vanished as well.


Arceus was once again watching the events unfolding as suddenly he felt a very familiar power.

"No..." He whispered. As he felt the strenght once again. He quickly saw on his screen was the Four Figures from before.

"What fool unleashed the Sacred Guard on the world?" Arceus said. As the screen changed to the Halberd.

"You much be careful my Guardian your biggest test is coming," Arceus said. As the Screen Fades to Black.