Space Warrior's

Sacred Guard.

Heading Home. Shadow Ho oh.

As the six of us headed back to the Halberd, Fuijin decicded to start a conversation.

"I cannot believe you are the Guardian of the Life Aura's!?" She said.

"Yeah, they picked Me for some reason, why I still don't know, but I must protect them, along with my friend's," I said. As the six of us arrived on the Halberd Hinaten had already dispelled her clone. As they approached the Halberd Marissa came running out.

"Ross-kun, we have a problem!" She yelled.

"Don't worry, Hinaten is right here," I answered.

"Oh...Hinaten, why did you run off," Marissa asked.

"I'm sorry but I wanted to see Otou-san in action," Hinaten said.

"It's alright, we managed to stop those Sacred Guard and we have a new member," I said gesturing to Fuijin. Marissa almost froze.

"Don't worry Kyorge, thanks to your friend I realized that my team was going down the wrong path." Fuijin said as she was still holding the Spirit Balls.

"Come on let's head in I'm starving!" Micheal said before walking in.

"Me and Alistair are going to work on those Fusion Attacks, see if we can think of other combos." Andy said before he and Alistair walked in.

"I'll go with them," Fuijin said before heading in as well, leaving Me, Marissa and Hinaten.

"Well maybe we can have some fun with the Author Fighters, I still have to introduce our newest member to them," I said glancing at Hinaten. Who smiled.

"So then let's go and Hinaten we will have a talk about this," Marissa said. Causing Hinaten giggle nervously.

'I wonder where Resshin headed off to? But he has no more members even he would not try to take on all of us,' I thought before heading in with Marissa and Hinaten.

(Meanwhile in an unknown cave)

We find Resshin still alive and very pissed off. As he punched the wall of the cave.

"WHY!? Why did I have to lose!!" Resshin yelled unknown to him a strange figure was watching him.

"It's because you where unprepared" The voice said. Causing Resshin to turn around and froze.

"Lord Rasets," He whispered. Rasets suddenly smiled when he noticed Resshin's face.

"My old friend, I didn't know you where back, I thought you where sealed away along with the rest of the Sacred Guard." Rasets said.

"Only Me and the traitor Fuijin are unsealed the other two have lost their spirits. I am on my own," Resshin said. Rasets then began to ponder some ideas before grinning again.

"Maybe you can help me with a job," Rasets said.

"You see I have a successor to prepare, but I need someone to watch him till he revives my General's," Rasets said letting the question linger.

"You want me to help this successor?" Resshin asked.

"Exactly! But with your current power's you might not exactly impress him, and he is hard to impress," Rasets said before gathering a strange Black Energy. Resshin quickly got what he was doing and closed his eyes.

"Make it quick," He said as the Black Energy shot from Rasets to Resshin. As the Black Energy completly covered him. You could almost hear the screech from Ho oh. When it cleared Resshin was almost the same except he had Black Streaks in his Orange Hair. His eyes where now a glowing Red.

"Shadow Ho oh!!" He yelled. As Rasets started Laughing.


(Meanwhile on the Halberd)

As Fuijin was staring at the stars she also heard the screech.

"Resshin, what have you done?" She whispered.

(That's it, if anyone want's to use Resshin they can, he will now work for either Drake or Shade, depending on who want's to use him.)