"Please, Mrs. Cope," I began in my most compelling voice. "We don't really need to call Car--, er, my father. My car is here, and the principal can just send me home. My father's busy at the hospital, probably in surgery right now. I think we can both agree there are better uses of his time. My mother is busy, too. We don't need to involve them, do we?"

I smiled sweetly and tried to win the battle that was waging in her head.

Jesus, he is gorgeous. Even still, I have to follow protocol. I can't lose this job. Mr. Brown is already angry with me over the attendance records fiasco last week. Oh my, but so handsome…

Fuck it all, I lost the battle. I couldn't suppress my frown before she delivered the bad news.

"I'm sorry, Edward, but I have to call your parents. It's school policy. I'm sure everything will be alright, dear."

Before I could try to persuade her again, the principal's office door opened, and Mr. Brown popped his head out. "Edward," he said brusquely, "I'll see you now, young man."

Mrs. Cope gave me an apologetic smile while I trudged into the office, already preparing myself to kiss ass. I could hear her dialing our house phone, and my frown deepened. This would not be fun. At least Esme and not Carlisle would be on the receiving end.

"Edward, take a seat. I need to understand what happened here." I wonder what caused this outburst? The kid has such a good transfer record from LA. Is this about the Swan girl? Maybe I should call Chief Swan and bring this to his attention.

I instantly panicked. I couldn't let Mr. Brown involve Chief Swan. That was the last thing I needed, so I decided to deflect away from Bella.

"I'm sorry for my behavior, Sir. Casey was ogling my sister, at least I thought he was, and I got overprotective. He said something disrespectful that I assumed was directed at her, and I lost my temper. I was just trying to look out for her, us being at a new school and all. It was all a misunderstanding. I'm truly sorry."

He contemplated my words, and I listened to his perverse thoughts. He saw Rose in his mind and became more convinced of the likelihood of my story, believing full well that Rose could be the center of that type of attention. The girl is more a supermodel than a high school student. You just don't see a bombshell like that every day. Can't really blame Casey for trying to get a piece of that sweet ass…

He started envisioning several possible disciplinary scenarios with Rose, which all ended up with him getting head from a half naked Rosalie. I kept an innocent, repentant look on my face, thankful he wasn't thinking about Bella. I didn't like seeing Rose that way, but the images didn't elicit the same level of jealousy and possessiveness that I felt when it was Bella.

After a few moments of feigned contemplation (aka horny fantasizing), Mr. Brown finally got his hormones in check and addressed me. "Well, I understand how that type of attention would upset you, Edward, but we cannot condone violence at Forks High. I'm afraid you'll have to be punished for this. We don't make exceptions." Not even for the hotshot son of our new chief surgeon. I'm sure this kid is used to getting his way from people, but unless he turns into his blonde sister and blows me, he's not getting out of this.

"What do I need to do?" I said a little too harshly. His thoughts were pissing me off.

"Well, normally we suspend for this type of behavior. Seeing as you're new to the school and seem to understand what you did wrong, I'll make an exception and go easy on you. Let's have you do some community service, instead." I'll put his good looks to use. I bet with him in our concession stand, we'll triple sales this season.

My mouth fell open when I realized what he wanted. No. Fucking. Way. I did not sell candy to fucktards at sports games. I had to draw the line somewhere in this human charade.

"Are you okay?" he asked in response to my gaping expression. Oh yeah, he hadn't spoken yet.

"Er, sorry. What type of community service?" I inquired unnecessarily.

"Well, we need some help with the concession stands for the home games this season. I know you're not playing for any of our teams at the moment, so I assume you're available. I'll put this all behind us if you'll help out the PTA for the first half of the season."

Gritting my teeth, I forced a smile. "I'd rather not."

"Alright," he hedged nonchalantly, "I guess we can just suspend you instead. We'll discuss it when your parents arrive. It will go on your permanent record as a disciplinary infraction, but I'm sure you won't let that slow you down. You'll just have to explain it in your college application essays." He waved his hand dramatically. "No big deal."

The bastard was baiting me. Little did he know I already held several degrees and could care less about his little infraction. However, this wasn't about my academic future; this was about me seeing Bella. I could tell I would be suspended for a week if I didn't agree to this.

I ran a hand through my hair, leaving it in even more disarray than usual. If I had to sell junk food to see Bella, I would do it. A month ago, I would've ripped this guy's head off, apologized to Carlisle, and took off for a few years. I couldn't do that now. As Emmett would so eloquently say, I was 'pussy whipped.'

With a sigh of defeat, I muttered, "When are the games usually held?"

Mr. Brown smiled broadly, realizing he had won. I really hated this guy.

"They start this Friday. It would be great if you can start then."

"Can I stay at school today?" I didn't want to miss seeing Bella for the rest of today.

"I don't think that's a good idea. Just go home, cool off, and I'll have your sister bring you your homework." And then I'll bend her over my desk and give her some extra credit. I bet she'd like that…

I cleared my throat, bringing the attention back to me.

"You can return tomorrow. We'll let this be a free day, huh?" The asshole winked, which made me want to violently poke his eye out. Unfortunately, I wouldn't be a normal teenager if I argued over a free day off from school.

"What about my car? Can I at least drive home? There's no need for my mom to come down."

"Sorry. She has to sign you out." Hmm, the mom is coming. I wonder what she looks like. I bet she's as fuckable as the sister.

I rolled my eyes and slunk back into the seat, trying not to put too much weight on the chair.

A few minutes later, Esme was ushered into the principal's office by Mrs. Cope. Esme gave me a motherly smile, but her thoughts were full of agitation and confusion.

"Hello, Mrs. Cullen," the pervert leered, all smiles. Damn, what are they breeding in LA? Carlisle Cullen is a lucky bastard. She sure is a young MILF, but if I remember correctly, these kids are adopted.

He stood up to shake her hand, lingering just a little too long for my liking. I glared at him, but he ignored me.

"Hello, Principal Brown," Esme began politely. "It's so nice to meet you. What exactly did my son do?"

Mr. Douche bag recounted the story, and Esme commented where appropriate and signed me out. Finally, we were heading out to our respective cars and I was free from his asinine thoughts.

"This wasn't about Rosalie, was it?" Esme said softly in the parking lot. She knew me too well.

"No, it wasn't," I conceded with a sigh. "People are giving Bella a hard time about us dating. Casey, the boy I confronted, called her a whore. I lost my temper. Don't worry; it won't happen again."

I meant what I said – I wouldn't let my temper get out of hand again. However, I would have to find another way to deal with Casey, Mike, and the other assholes if this continued, not to mention the foreboding feeling I had about Jacob Black. I hadn't seen the last of that prick.

Esme was mainly sympathetic. "I can see why that would upset you, but in the future, you can't attack everyone who calls Bella a name."

"I know."

"Are you coming home?" Outside of our human charades, Esme respected the fact that I was independent. She knew better than to pull rank on me and demand that I do anything like come home.

"Yeah, I am." I didn't tell her that Bella was likely pissed at me, and that Rose was, too. I'd just go home and wait for the storm to hit.

Later on that day during lunch, I got a text message from Bella.

Can I come over after school, or are you in trouble?

I couldn't tell if she was still angry, but I texted back a preemptive apology, anyway.

You can come over. I'm sorry for earlier.

She ignored my apology and texted that she would be over right after school. I couldn't imagine her dad being okay with it. Maybe she was sneaking over. For her to sneak over, it must be bad. Perhaps this was going to be a quick, unpleasant visit. Shit, would she break up with me?

I spent the rest of the afternoon impatiently waiting for Bella to arrive. When I heard her pull up a little after 3:00pm, I rushed downstairs to answer the door before Esme could.

I leaned against the door, enjoying her presence on the other side. Please don't let her break up with me, I chanted to myself. Please don't let her be too pissed.

After the first ring, I launched the door open. She looked startled at how quick I got to the door, and then her mouth turned into a knowing smirk. Of course I'd be waiting, she seemed to think. Obviously, I couldn't be sure what was going on in that mind of hers. At least she didn't look angry.

She appraised me, taking her time assessing my appearance with a quirked eyebrow. I decided to do the same, enjoying every lush line of her form. Fucking adorable.

"Are you going to invite me in?" she asked, an amused expression on her face.

"Er, yeah. Sorry. Come in."

"Is anyone home?"

"Esme is in her room. No one else is here yet."

"Can we go up to your room? We need to talk."

"Sure, but I don't have any twizzler up there," I warned. "Do you want anything to eat, or drink?" I needed to remind her not to bring up anything about vampirism.

"Some water would be great. I'm not hungry for any food." With the way she looked at me, I could've sworn she was flirting. But shouldn't she be mad at me? God, this was confusing not hearing her thoughts.

I got her water at human speed, and she followed me to my room. I decided to be the first to talk after closing the door.

"Bella, I'm sor—"

Before I could apologize, she threw herself at me, pushing me against the wall. Her hot lips were devouring mine, and I responded enthusiastically. If this was my punishment – to be pinned to a door by Bella's hot little body and heady scent - then I'd put Casey up against a locker every day.

She pulled away in between our heated kisses to speak. "What you did to Casey" – kiss – "was incredibly stupid. Don't ever do that" – kiss – "again."

"Why are you kissing me?" I asked stupidly. "Aren't you mad?"

"Yes, I'm mad. And mortified. But that doesn't change the fact that it was fucking hot."

Bella saying 'fuck' shredded the last of my control. I picked her up and covered my mouth with hers when she tried to protest. I carried her over to my bed and laid her down, crawling on top of her and balancing my weight on my arm.

She had a glint of mischief in her eye as I used my free hand to push her hair out of her face.

"You have a dirty mouth, Bella. I think I'm going to need to punish you for that."

"Speaking of punishment," she breathed, "the whole school is talking about your pending community service. I have to admit, I thought it was hilarious. I couldn't stay mad at you after I found that out."

I smiled halfheartedly, roving my hand down her neck and to her waist. "You're to thank for that, you know. Normally, I'd be suspended, but I had to work out an alternative. Not seeing you for a week would be torture." To make my point, I bent down and kissed her slowly.

I could smell her growing arousal, and it was driving me insane. I ground my erection into her, eliciting a moan. "I think you owe me, Bella. Not only did I defend your honor, but I even agreed to manage a concession stand with a bunch of old women for you."

She started laughing hysterically, which was not the reaction I wanted. I frowned, although I was enjoying the gentle shaking of her body against mine.

"What's so funny?"

"Just the image of you at the concession stand, driving all of the women crazy as you scoop snow cones. Will you have to wear a hair net?" Whatever she was seeing brought on another fit of laughter.

I pretended to pout and rolled over onto my back. Truth be told, it would be amusing, but I didn't feel like being laughed at. I wanted to make out more.

She calmed down and propped onto her side, looking at me with amusement. "Did I upset you? I'm sorry." She stroked the back of my hand with her fingertips.

"You did upset me." I already missed the weight of her body under me, but I tried to hold out for a few seconds longer.

"Well, perhaps we're even now," she relented. "No more attacking guys that say inappropriate things to me, agreed? You have to let me take care of myself."

"I can't agree to that completely. I will refrain from attacking dickheads at school. Regarding the latter, I'll never stop trying to take care of you. I plan to be around for that, for as long as you'll let me." And then after that, I'll do it from the shadows.

She considered my words and said nothing, which I assumed meant she accepted my modified terms.

Her shirt had ridden up a little, and I could see some of the smooth flesh of her stomach. I reached out and touched it, causing her to quiver. I gave her my best crooked smile.

"Will you let me apologize to you, Bella?" I started playing with the zipper of her jeans, asking for permission. "You never did let me finish apologizing when we came up here." In that moment, I wanted to taste her so badly. I'd been craving it ever since a few nights ago in her bedroom, and I didn't want to wait any longer.

Predictably, she blushed, but again said nothing, so I took it as permission to continue. I gently pushed her onto her back and kissed her neck as I unbuttoned her jeans. I was on a mission to get what I wanted. I'd had a hard day, damn it. Only Bella could make it better.

"You're so beautiful when you blush," I murmured into the side of her neck, breathing in her scent.

She entwined her fingers in my hair and lifted her hips, letting me push her jeans off. Toned, ivory legs were waiting for me, along with some incredibly sexy panties with a bow adorning the front. I moaned and palmed her center through the cotton underwear, making her arch into me.

"Are you trying to drive me crazy?" I asked, referring to the panties.

"Mmm," she responded. "Why?"

"Your panties have a damn bow, Bella."

"I didn't even think about it." Clearly, it was only a big deal to me. Maybe I just found everything about Bella sexy.

I kissed my way down her body until I was sucking on her hip bone. I lazily drew circles with my thumb on her stomach and felt her legs quiver on either side of me. Not being able to wait any longer, I buried my nose on top of the panties and then licked her slit through the thin material.

"Please," she whimpered.

"Please what?" I teased. I was getting better at this self-control business, and I wanted to make her beg.

I licked once more, and she whimpered again, spreading her legs wider. "Edward."

"Tell me what you want," I demanded, enjoying her pleas.

"You know what I want."

I did know what she wanted, and I gave in. I pulled her panties down and dived into her wetness, swirling my tongue around her clit. I wished I could keep her here for days doing this, tasting her. It was like I had been created to serve her.

I stopped for a moment, which took all of will power, and looked up at her. "If you want me to continue, you need to take off your shirt."

Without questioning me, she pulled her shirt over her head and looked down at me, her chest heaving. Her breasts were barely covered by a thin bra, and I could see her nipples straining against the fabric, begging to be licked. Yes, I could definitely keep her here for days.

"Good girl," I whispered as I worked two fingers into her wetness. I wanted to watch her face as I penetrated her, imagining what it would be like when we actually made love. She bit her lip and rocked her head back, moving with my hand.

"Fuck, Bella," I growled. "You look so good like this."

So that I could taste her again, I removed my fingers and went back to working her with my tongue. I moved my hands up to gently tweak her nipples, because they needed attention, too. She brought her hands up to mine and used them to massage her breasts, which was almost my undoing.

Wanting to give her release, I moved my tongue in the way she liked, bringing her to orgasm quickly. I did it faster this time, not needing to hide my abilities from her. Just like last time, I savored every millisecond of her release. It was definitely better than blood.

I looked up at her blissful, limp body. I massaged her thighs and watched her completely relax, never having seen anything so appealing as Bella after an orgasm…well, except for Bella during one…and right before one…and first thing in morning when I got to kiss her at school…

Okay, so maybe she was always breathtaking, but I particularly loved this Bella state of being.

I was so distracted that I hardly noticed the suburban pulling up in front of our house. When I realized who it was, I panicked. I would know those muffled thoughts anywhere.

"Fuck, your dad's here!" I said urgently.

"I left my cell phone in the truck." Pure terror coursed through her. "I'm dead."

"No, we can do this. Let me get Esme to answer the door. Get dressed and downstairs now. We'll make it look like we were doing homework again."

Esme had already heard the suburban and was heading downstairs. Chief Swan was just getting out of the car and walking up to the door. I left Bella frantically changing in my bedroom and met Esme in the foyer.

"Cover for us?" I quietly begged.

"Of course." She wasn't happy about this, though. I didn't blame her. It felt kind of wrong lying to Bella's dad, and I knew we'd be talking about it later.

Bella came tearing down the stairs, looking disheveled. I was laying out books and papers on the dining room table, trying to make it look like we were working.

"My back pack is still in the truck," Bella said frantically.

"Just tell him you were dropping off homework for me and helping me out again. You haven't been here long."

She nodded her head as we took our spots at the table and Esme opened the door to an agitated Chief of Police.

"Chief Swan!" she said with warmth. "Hello. Please come in. It's so nice to finally meet you."

He looked around Esme's shoulder and found his daughter immediately. "It's nice to meet you, too," he said politely while looking at Bella sternly. "Welcome to Forks. As I'm sure you've guessed, I'm looking for my daughter, and I see she's here."

"Yes, she came to bring Edward his class assignments. Bella is just wonderful. I was just asking her if she'd like anything to drink. Would you like some lemonade, Chief Swan?"

"Er, no thanks." His thoughts didn't seem particularly angry now that he'd met Esme and saw that we were studying. If he knew what we'd been doing moments before, however, I'm sure he'd be lunging for my throat. That thought had me remembering Bella in the throes of her orgasm, which had me getting hard again…

Fuck, this was not the time. Once again, I tried to conceal my erection from Bella's dad and think about anything but his gorgeous daughter.

"Bells, are you almost done here?"

"Yeah, dad," Bella said, her voice breaking a little, "I'll just be a few more minutes."

"Alright, well I'll see you at home. I get off at 6PM tonight."

"Cool, I'm making enchiladas."

"Chief Swan," Esme interjected to seize the opportunity, "I've been meaning to call and invite you over for dinner. Carlisle, my husband, wanted to meet you, and we wanted to get to know your family better since Edward and Bella have become friends."

At the mention of us as friends, his eyes narrowed slightly, but he smiled politely. "That's mighty thoughtful. We'd love that. Work out a time with Bells, and as long as I'm off, I'll make sure to attend."

He turned his attention back to Bella. "See you at home." With a nod at Esme he said, "It was nice to meet you." And with that, he left.

Esme gave me a pointed look and went back upstairs after chatting with Bella for a few minutes, at which time Bella thanked Esme repeatedly for being so nice to her dad. Esme, of course, told her not to worry. Once Esme went back upstairs, Bella looked at me and let out the breath she'd been holding in.

"That was close," she whispered.

"Definitely. I think it's okay, though."

"Well, even still, I better get home."

I grabbed her hand and gently rubbed her warm flesh. "I'll walk you to your truck."

As we were approaching the truck, Rose and Emmett drove up.

"Bella baby, what's up?" Emmett yelled as he jumped out of the BMW.

She smiled radiantly, finding his enthusiasm infectious. I was glad she wasn't intimidated by him. "Not much. Just visiting Edward here."

"No wonder you're leaving," he quipped.

"Har, har," I cut in dryly. "Bella was just heading home, unfortunately, so she doesn't have time for your clever banter." I opened her car door. "Call me later?"

"Of course." I could tell she wanted to know if I was coming over later, but I couldn't answer that at the moment.

After a kiss and a low whistle from Emmett, Bella drove off with a furious blush painting her cheeks.

"It's so weird to see you kiss someone," Emmett mused.


I was gauging Rose's mood, and she was more amused than angry. Clearly, my community service punishment had tempered her anger, too.

"Don't even say it, Rose," I warned.

"Fine, but can I be your first customer, Edward? Pretty please, with sugar on top?"

"Fuck off," I said lightly as I walked off. I couldn't get angry after spending the afternoon with Bella.

I headed for the woods without inviting them to go with me, leaving their questions unanswered. I was going hunting, and then I was going to see Bella. I wouldn't leave Bella's questions unanswered, and I knew she had some for me after processing the weekend. We needed some alone time. Hopefully, I could keep my desire in check enough to just talk.