Need by WickedDiSaster

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Hermione is attacked by her nemesis, but what should become a traumatic experience turns into the catalyst of a very complicated relationship...

"You just don't realise yet do you Granger?" and he pressed up his body to hers, realization suddenly dawned on her, eyes wide open, an expression of shock and horror on her face"... "As he felt her melt under his touch, he thought he'd never get tired of her..."

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Chapter 1: Prologue - The Task by WickedDiSaster

"What the heck do you want, Malfoy? Following me around like that won't get you anywhere, you prat!" Hermione yelled, after making a swift turn into an alley to prove her point. "Think I haven't noticed, do you? P-L-E-A-S-E! How thick do you think I am?"

The silence that met her was eerie but only infuriated her more...

"Going to invent some excuse now, Ferret? Tell me then; what were you looking for in an empty alley like this, huh?" She raised an eyebrow as she turned to face him. "There's nothing here! NO ONE! Not even a store around! You are obviously following me!"

"So tell me, are you going to stay quiet all day? … Did Daddy send you? Told you to investigate us, did he? … Is that why you've been throwing glances our way, Malfoy? Ron's going to break your neck if he catches you staring again! …" She waited for Malfoy to respond. "What happened, Malfoy? Cat got your tongue?" She taunted him.

"ARE YOU GOING TO SAY ANYTHING?" she yelled, exasperated at his lack of response.

"God, Malfoy, you are pathetic! YOU ARE JUST-"

It happened so fast, she didn't quite know how he did it… He suddenly had her pinned to the wall, wrists gripped over her head, sneering at her with his face two inches away from hers.

"Think you know me so well, do you, Granger?" he said in a deadly whisper. "Think you know everything, don't you? Silencio," he whispered. "Who do you think tricked who, Granger?" When did he get his wand? What the heck was he playing at? Pompous git!, she wanted to yell at him, if he thought he could get away with this! She was going to curse him to hell and back when she got her wand.

He was breathing down her neck now…

"You were right in a way, Granger, my father did send me after you, just not to gather information." – Was that a chuckle? – "Honestly, Granger, I believe even I am better informed than you and your dream team put together." He was definitely chuckling and right down her collarbone! What the heck is he playing at? He kept whispering down her throat and she wanted to scream at him to get the fuck away … Stupid bastard!

"You see, Granger, my task wasn't to collect information about you... it was to break you!" He was grinning, and something about his grin made her stomach lurch. She felt sick…

"You just don't realise it yet, do you?" He pressed his body up against hers, hips pushed forward to give her a hint. Realization suddenly dawned on her; her eyes wide open with an expression of shock and horror on her face. All too quickly, it wasn't funny anymore. It wasn't just anger and frustration; dread spread through her body like cold water.

He wouldn't do that, he couldn't; he wasn't that evil, was he? All right, Malfoy, you got what you wanted now, wanted to scare the crap out of me? Done, now let me go. Please, please let me go...

She was squirming out of his clutches, desperate to get away and it only made him press himself harder against her.

"Quit it now, you don't need to make it easier for me. As it is, Mudblood, I'm already quite hard." He put a charm on her wrists and stuck them to the wall above her head. He started groping her with both of his hands.

No, no, no, NO! This couldn't be happening, please god NO! Not this, not like this, god let it be a nightmare. Someone please help me …. How could I've been so stupid? Tears started to appear in her eyes. Oh please don't do this… She tried to convey her pleas through her face but he just lowered his head and nibbled her neck, hands groping at her breasts, moving down to her thighs.

GOD, no please DON'T! Let me be somewhere else, let me wake up, just a nightmare, just wake up, Hermione, this isn't happening to you, WAKE UP! WAKE UP, WAKE UP! NOOO! She was sobbing now. Not like this, MERLIN PLEASE! Suddenly it seemed worthless the way she'd been saving herself for someone special; it seemed hilarious, really.

He was pushing up her skirt and pulling apart her blouse, pressing himself against her thigh. She tried to kick him away but he had her legs trapped. He pressed his knee between them to pull them apart, keeping his rhythmic movement against her skin, he whispered in her ear in a husky voice, "Fuck! Mudblood, this won't be so hard after all," and he nibbled her ear.

It felt so intrusive; she was so ashamed. She wanted to cry out. But of course, the spell wouldn't even let her do that. God, she hated him.

"Fuck, Granger! You're so dry; I can't have that, can I?" He muttered a spell and brushed the tip of his wand against his fingers, a translucent liquid soaking them one by one before he lowered them to her centre, pushing away her underwear. He touched her there, soaking her skin and rubbing it in circles, coating with what felt like a cold gel he was using to entice her. "That's better," he breathed between his teeth, and bit her neck making her take a sudden intake of breath.

"So fucking tight... Fuck! You're a virgin, aren't you, Mudblood?" He whispered next to her ear and kissed her then, hard and demanding, pushing his tongue through her lips, forcing her to part them.

She felt the liquid inside her tingling with magic. She didn't know what he was doing, but the liquid seemed to spread a sudden warmth in her womb, a sudden feeling of excitement filled her nerves, coming through the base of her head through her spine and exploding in her lower abdomen; like electricity flowing through her nerves, making her toes curl. She felt herself sigh and he seemed to feel it too, for he made his kisses all the more rough, all the more passionate.

Maybe that's what the liquid was suppose to do, make her more willing, make his work easier, make her body betray her. It was probably a spell. It didn't matter, she wanted it to stop, she wanted for some miracle to happen; someone had to pass by, someone had to save her from this. She was feeling like she was being dragged to hell and this only made the way to the gate seem closer, made her dread it even more.

Her skirt was all the way up; her knickers had been ripped apart. Sometime, maybe while he was kissing her, he had done it, and the fact that she couldn't tell when, scared her shitless because she couldn't help squirming under his ministrations. She was sure she was moaning now, even if she was under the spell, she couldn't deny it, her treacherous body was making her weak in the knees and she was no longer sobbing.

GOD! What is happening to me, I can't let this happen! What is wrong with me! Why am I letting him do this?

He seemed to feel her reaction and smirked between his kisses. The heat in her womb seemed to increase in delight and she felt all the pent up energy flow through her again. She felt herself coming closer and closer, like all that energy was accumulating in her and she couldn't hold it any longer. He was whispering something but she couldn't hear it.

All it took was a caress of her breast and a slow stroke along her centre to send her over the edge and break her apart. She gave a long moan that was suffocated by his mouth. She realized he'd taken off the spell to hear her.

And now he was kissing her hard and holding her head in place. He lifted her legs and locked them around him. She was barely aware of what he was doing until she felt him down there.

"I think you've had enough foreplay, Mudblood. I must admit I got a bit carried away there, but don't think I've forgotten what I came for…"

She gave a heart wrenching sob of "No!" as she felt him enter her… the fire inside her seemed to explode in joy while she wallowed in misery, she heard him grunt and mutter under his breath what seemed to be lots of profanities. He had his head in her shoulder as if supporting himself there. He wasn't moving, just taking deep breaths, letting her brood over what she had just lost. What he had just taken.

He started moving after a few seconds, attacking her neck again with furious abandon. Along the way, he had freed her hands as well, and she found herself clutching at him despite her better judgment.

He was heaving against her, now kissing not only her neck, but her cheeks and eyes, nose and forehead. He grasped her curls and pulled her head back, exposing more of her flesh while thrusting against her; ravishing her into oblivion.

She was not just whimpering, and moaning and grinding at him; she was being loud and on the verge of screaming. She couldn't understand how it was possible that no one could hear them; that no one had yet come to her help. Somewhere in the back of her mind, she realized that he must have casted an Imperturbable Spell around them.

She was filled with despair at the thought, no one would come and no one would put an end to what has happening with her, not that anyone would… They'd probably mistake them for a young and horny couple making love. And as she had said, there weren't even stores nearby; no one, not even her friends would worry about her on a Hogsmeade weekend, when they had already parted ways and planned to meet so much later on, not for at least two more hours, and she didn't think she could bear it for that long.

She came twice before it all ended, and they both slipped down the wall after that, both panting and drenched in their sweat… He was smirking still, and she started to hug her cloak around her. She couldn't look him in the eyes, so she kept her stare to the ground while he dressed, pressing her knees to her chest and rubbing her arms, trying to cover every bit of her body with her cloak. Her clothes were still ripped and she thought, with a bitter laugh, that she couldn't even see traces of her underwear. She tried to focus on the buttons from her blouse, that were scattered all over the ground.

He knelt in front of her and forced her to look at him. "What happened, Granger? Cat got your tongue?" he asked with a smirk, mocking her earlier words, "Because you seemed to be pretty loud, just five minutes ago. Who would have thought little bookworm Granger was so fucking naughty?" He was leering at her and she still couldn't force herself to look him straight in the eye.

"What would Potter think?" That did it; the rage that swept through her made her glare at him and stare directly into his eyes.

"You wouldn't dare!" she said through greeted teeth.

"Wouldn't I?" A grin spread across his face. "Think about it, Granger. You were not under the Imperius Curse, or dosed up with potions, nor were you hurt in any way..." He smiled at her. "Not physically, at least…"

"They could even put me under Veritaserum! Merlin, I'd be willing to give them a Pensieve so they could see it, see how you were writhing and whimpering and moaning while you clutched at me for dear life."

"You put a spell on me!" she yelled, and his smirk grew larger.

"Did I? Is that what you were telling yourself, Mudblood?" That chuckle again… She wanted to strangle it away! "Would like to see you try that one… But if you really wanted to take it that far, Granger, you'd have to make it public as well, wouldn't you? And something tells me you don't really want that to happen; your little Weasel finding out and that Pothead you seem so fond of… How I'd enjoy watching their faces as I showed them how I rutted into you, up against the dirty wall of an empty alley. Don't doubt that I would, Mudblood," he sneered at her. "Part of me is even looking forward to it. If it weren't for my father, Granger, I'd even do it myself! Boy, I certainly didn't expect it to turn out this way," he said with glee.

She wanted to spit on his face.

"Now, now, don't give me that look, Granger. Stand up, little girl, stiffen up that upper lip, we need to fix your clothes now." He pulled her up and, intently or not, he used her wand to fix her blouse.

Later she would find out that he had been using the same wand – her wand – to utter all the spells…

He was leering at her while he pulled her blouse together, "Funny, don't you think? You're going to be wearing this same uniform everyday… reminding you of what you did with it on." He fixed the wrinkles of her skirt, covering every inch he ironed with the wand. "Only fair that I keep my own souvenir, don't you think?" She saw him pocket her missing underwear and bra as he continued to fix her hair and face. He licked her tears before he gave her one last bruising kiss and left her there in the empty alleyway…