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"Rogue you have to come out of there some time." Kitty Pryde told her roommate.

"No." She heard.

"What's going on?" Scott Summers asked.

"Rogue locked herself in the bathroom and refuses to come on this vacation with us." Kitty told him.

"So why not walk in?"

"I can't it's a bathroom." Kitty told him.

"But it also belongs to you." Scott said knocking on the door. "Rogue please."

"Ah ain't coming."

"But you have to. Aren't you eager to see Alex again?"

"No." Rogue said sitting on the toilet fully dresses looking at an e-mail Alex had sent her.

"Vhat zis going on here?" Kurt Wagner asked.

"Rogue locked herself in the bathroom." Kitty said.

"Vell, we juzt go in with her." He said disappearing.

Scott and Kitty exchanged looks and backed away from the door. They heard a loud thump and saw the door open. "An` stay out!" Rogue told him going to shut the door, but couldn't move it. "Jean!"

Jean Grey appeared. "Sorry Rogue, but you're going. Even if I have to use my power to get you there."

Rogue sighed and crossed her arms over her chest. "Fine, ah'll go."

"See was that so hard?" Kitty asked her as Scott, Jean, and Kurt left the room.

"Ya know why ah can't go." Rogue told her.

"But if you see Alex you can ask him about the e-mail."

Rogue sighed. "Ah guess." She said looking at it again.


I enjoyed our date last night very much. I do hope there are more to come. I was sort of seeing someone before I met you, but Marie lives in New York and I do hate long-distant relationships. I broke up with her this morning. If you'd like how about dinner tonight at the Seafood Cafe. If you say yes I'll pick you up at 5:30 for 6:00 reservations.



She folded it up neatly and stuck it into her pocket. "Let's go."

"Goody." Kitty said smiling as they went downstairs where Scott, Jean, Kurt, and Evan Daniels were waiting.

"Have a good trip." Professor Xavier told them.

"Are you sure you don't want me to stay, ah mean in case Mystique shows up?" Rogue asked.

"Rogue, go and have a good time." Ororo Munroe told her. "You kids need the vacation."

"But ah..."

"Come on Rogue." Scott said touching her shoulder. "Let's get out of here before they change they're minds." He said leading her out of the mansion.

"Rogue don't vorry, everything vill be okay." Kurt told her.

"Ah doubt it." She said.

"Hey what's eating you?" Scott asked her keeping his eyes on the road. "You seriously seem like you don't want to go."

Rogue just glared at him. "She's just eager to see Alex." Kitty said.

"Just think Rogue, two weeks without trouble or the Brotherhood to worry about." Jean told her.

"Are we sure she's not sick or something?" Todd Tolansky asked.

"Hey we should be happy about this, we deserve this." Fred Dukes said eating a burger.

"Well, it is rather strange." Peitro Maximoff said. "I mean since when does Mystique do anything nice for us, especially give us a vacation?"

"Well, it's not like we don't deserve one." Lance Alvers said pacing the room. "We've had out hands full with those pesky X-Freaks and school."

"Am I hearing complaints?" Ms Darkholme asked entering the kitchen. "Cause if I am I can take those plane tickets back and use the money on myself."

"No complaints here." Todd said jumped out of her way.

"Then finish getting ready. You're flight leaves soon."

"But why Hawaii?" Peitro asked out loud.

"Imagine, us riding first class." Evan said smiling. "Professor is the coolest."

Scott looked at Rogue and then at Jean sitting next to him. "Do you think something's wrong with Rogue?"

"I'm sure it's nothing Scott. Like Kitty said she's probably anxious to see Alex again." Jean told him.

"So like when will you like ask Alex about the e-mail?" Kitty asked Rogue.

"Ah'm not sure ah'm goin` to." She said.

"But you like have to."

"Vhat are you two talking about?" Kurt asked.

"Nothing." They said in unison.

"I'm surprised we didn't get the baggage part of this plane." Todd said.

"Well, we do get a vacation, which we do need." Peitro said.

"And no X-Freaks." Lance said.

"Well, we could have brought Jean." Fred said.

The three of them glared at him. "Well, Rogue would have been nice to bring." Lance said. "Well, to keep Jean company you know."

"Last I heard our little traitor was dating Summer's brother." Peitro said. "Thought she'd have better taste in guys, like she was fine when she hung out with us."

"Hey!" Alex said smiling as his brother and friends got off the plane.

"Hey little bro." Scott said shaking his hand.

"Well, let's get to the hotel. I want to hit the beach and look at all the girls." Evan said chuckling.

"Ja." Kurt said in agreement noticing the look Kitty was giving him. "Or not."

"Hi Rogue." Alex said smiling at her.

"Hi." She said.

"Maybe the sunshine will cheer you out of your dark gloom, huh?" Scott asked her.

"Of course it will. All she needs is like tons of sunshine. And to wear her new bathing suit."

"You got a bathing suit?" Evan asked.

"Kitty an` Jean dragged me to tha mall." She said.

"Ja, and maybe Rogue can look normal." Kurt said.

"Look Fuzzy-boy." Rogue said.

"Okay no fighting you two." Jean said. "Let's get to the hotel."

"Yeah, can't wait to play with this." Evan said taking out a small water pistol and squirted at Rogue and gasped. "I didn't know it had water in it, honest Rogue."

Kurt doubled over laughing. "Surprise."

"Kurt you are so dead!" Rogue said.

Toad looked around. "What's wrong?" Peitro asked him.

"Yo, I thought I heard Rogue."

"Maybe if Lance never mentioned her, we wouldn't have those X-Freaks on the brain." Fred said.

"Well you went and mentioned Jean." Lance said.

"Let's just get to the hotel okay." Peitro said.

"Right." They said taking the taxi.