"So like what's going on between you and Lance?" Kitty asked as they got off the plane and headed towards the X-Van.

"Ah don` know yet. But no one is goin` to believe it."

"Ja, I'll say." Kurt said. "Virst Keety and now you."

"I think it's nice." Jean said smiling. "She went unhappy and now she's happy again."

"I'm just curious on why Tabitha didn't go with them." Evan said.

"Mystique probably needed someone to keep her company." Scott chuckled.

"You kids have fun?" Logan asked.

"You can say some of us did." Jean told him.

"Well you seem to be in a better mood, striped." He told Rogue.

"Ah guess ah am."

They reached the mansion to see Cannonball, Jubilee, Iceman, Beast, Storm, Xavier, and the others waiting for them. "Did you have a good time?"

"Some more then others." Kitty giggled.

Iceman looked at the gate and saw the Brotherhood in a car. "Figures they'd start when you guys came back."

"Should we suit up professor?" Jubilee asked.

"No, I don't think they want to fight." He said seeing Rogue go near them.

"What are ya'll doin` here?" She asked.

"Well, you forgot this." Lance said giving her a purple bear. "The one from the boardwalk."

"Thanks, ah would have gotten it sooner or later."

"What's going on?" Cannonball asked confused.

Storm smiled. "I believe a lot happened on they're vacation."

"Lover boy come on!" Todd called from the car.

"Shut up!" Peitro told Todd hitting him over the head.

"I'll call you tonight?"

"Ah'd like that." She said smiling.

"Lance get in the car please." Raven Darkholme told him. "You can talk to Rogue later."

"Right." He said smiling. "Bye."

Rogue smiled and walked back to her friends who half of them stood shocked and the other half just smiled. "He brought my mah bear." She said.

"This can't be good." Logan said.

"Sure it can." Scott smiled. "We had a nice beginning, rough middle, and perfect end."

"Just like a fairy tail." Jean said.

"How do they end up in the fairy tail?" Jubilee asked.

"Lance turned out to be like Rogue's prince charming." Kitty giggled.