Hey peoples! Sorry for the slow update! Really I am! Just to tell anybody that doesn't know I've changed around the characters a little bit. The story hasn't changed at all. If you take a quick look at chapter 1 you will see the list of characters and who they represent. It's in the author notes. Actually I'll just list them here for you again. Happy reading! ^_^

Monica: Alice

Rachel: Bella

Phoebe: Rosalie

Joey: Emmett

Chandler: Jasper

Ross: Edward

The One When They Play Baseball:

It was a cold dark night and I was all alone,

I had no money or a cell phone,

Then I met this old lady, who had one,

And she gave it to me so I could ring someone,

I rang my friend Alice,

She collected me in a car like a palace,

And it was then I got an idea,

A song about a smelly cat and the cat called Leah.

"Well that's all so far!" Rosalie exclaimed as they all clapped, insincerely of course! Nobody knew how it was possible but Rosalie had written so many songs and not one of them are good! It was quite amusing really.

"Okay, when she gets back really cheer her, she was really nervous about this one!" Alice laughed.

"I can see why," Emmett joked.

"Ah leave her alone!" Bella exclaimed in Rosalie's defence.

"What do you think Edward?" Bella asked.

"Well, there is no structure to her songs, there're no verses or choruses, then when you think about it the rhyming scheme is all over the place and the lyrics sound like a conversation more than an actual song..."

"Yeah, yeah we get it," Emmett said rolling his eyes.

"So are any of you up for a game of baseball later on today?" Alice asked.

"I wasn't really thinking about it," Emmett said sarcastically.

"Aw but it's the Gellar cup!" Alice exclaimed.

"What?" Jasper asked.

"When Edward and I were young we'd play a game of baseball with our family. The winner would win the Gellar cup."

"Well we can't get the Gellar Cup now because you threw it into the river when you lost," Edward snapped.

"You threw the cup into the river because you lost?!" Bella laughed.

"No he cheated!" Alice exclaimed.

"I didn't cheat! I won fair and square and you just can't take the fact that I won!"

"You kicked me and broke my leg!"

"That was an accident and I don't consider that cheating!"

"Bella, tell him it's cheating!"

"Well if it was an accident..." she began.

"Oh you're worse than my parents!" she shouted throwing herself back into the chair.

"Okay! Okay! Stop fighting! It's bad karma!" Rosalie shouted suddenly.

"I'll stop fighting when he admits he cheated!" Alice shouted.

"I'll stop fighting when she admits she's lying!" Edward shouted.

"I've a way to settle this, we'll have the baseball match on Saturday, guys against girls and whoever wins officially wins the cup and will have won it then," Bella suggested, sighing as she spoke.

"...Fine..." Alice said stubbornly.

"I guess..." Edward said smiling to himself.

"Well, we could if somebody didn't throw it into a river!"

"Oh don't start this again! We can make another one!" Bella insisted.

"It's not the same..." Edward said in a sulky tone.

"Ugh! I have to get out of here!" Alice exclaimed and stormed out.

Bella laughed slightly.

"What really happened Edward?" Bella asked.

"I hit her leg by an accident; she says that I did it on purpose so I could win."

"And did you?" she asked.

"No!" he exclaimed.

"Fine ok!" she chuckled.

"Are you going to play?" she asked Jasper and Emmett.

"Yeah, the thought of Edward in shorts running around in something I have to see," Emmett chuckled.

"What about you Rosalie?"

"Oh I don't do competitions," she said softly shaking her head.

"Why not?" Bella asked.

"Oh well when people lose it upsets them. Also I think that competition brings out the worst in people."

"You're upsetting us by not playing," she said harshly but she smiled slightly to let her know it was a joke.

"No I'm not playing."

"Oh please Rosalie?!"

"No, I don't want to upset the guys when we win," she said shaking her head.

"Don't worry Rosalie we are going to crush you!" Emmett laughed.

"Don't be mean Emmett!"

"Look Rosalie, if you don't play then the teams will be uneven and then the mean Emmett will win!" Bella shouted encouragingly.

"Ok then I'll play!"

"Great!" Bella exclaimed.

"Oh look who it is!" Emmett exclaimed of a sudden.

Bella turned around and she spotted Paulo.

"Hey there honey!" she exclaimed as she jumped up and kissed him passionately on the lips.

Edward moaned quietly to himself.

Bella continued to kiss him passionately and she started to giggle against his lips.

"Ugh I've got to get out of here!" Edward said as he got up and stormed out of the coffee house.


*Later on that day in the Park*

They all went to the park at five o' clock that evening in their baseball gear. To spite Emmett, Edward wore a pants and large shin pads so he wouldn't be able to run around. Bella wore just a standard outfit, Alice wore a load of padding to ensure that she wouldn't hurt herself, Rosalie wore a really colourful outfit, Emmett wore a Forks baseball kit and Jasper wore a New York baseball kit.

"Look what I got everybody!" Edward exclaimed when he entered the park; he was carrying a badly made trophy which was encrusted with a little rust and had green stains on it.

"Oh my God, you found the Gellar cup!?" Alice exclaimed as she ran over to Edward and looked at the cup.

"You could've cleaned it before you came!" she snapped.

"You're welcome by the way," Edward replied sarcastically.

"You actually went into the river and got out the cup?" Bella asked as she walked up to take a look at the cup.

"Well, yeah," he grinned, hoping for praise from Bella.

"That was so sweet of you," Bella said giving him a hug.

"Well...uh...it was nothing," he giggled nervously.

Emmett smirked and nudged Jasper's arm.

"Okay then let's get started," Edward shouted as he beckoned everybody to the centre of their self-made baseball court.

"Who made you the boss!?" Alice snapped.


"You always made yourself the boss; since we were little kids!"

"Fine then, you be the boss!" Edward replied sulkily.

"Good then, girls against guys. We get to bat first," Alice grinned as she went over to the batting area. A/N: I'm not going to go too detailed into the baseball as I've never seen a game. I've checked out the basic rules and they should be enough. Sorry!

They started playing and Alice was the first to bat. Edward was pitching A/N: Also I'm sorry if I make mistakes with the rules. I'm doing my best! ^_^

Edward threw the ball and Alice missed it.

"Strike one!" Emmett called.

"Hey that was unfair!" Alice shouted.

"How the hell was that an unfair throw?!" Edward asked.

"You threw it really, really low!"

"Well I'm supposed to make sure you don't hit it and get a strike. Isn't that right Emmett?"

"Yeah that's right. New throw!"

"Ugh!" Alice moaned as she really hated losing, especially to Edward.

He threw the ball again and she hit it with the very edge of her bat and it went flying up and behind her. She started running.

"Come back that's a foul ball!" Edward called.

"What?! No way!"

"It's a foul ball Alice! Third pitch!" Emmett called over, sounding rather amused.

"I told you everyone that she only said I cheated because she was losing," Edward grinned.

"Hey! I'm just rusty that's all!" she shouted back defensively.

He threw the third pitch and she hit it really hard, aiming it at Edward, and of course! Edward had to duck back but ended up catching the ball.

"Damn it!"

"Haha! Alice you're out!"

"But you cheated!"

"Uh Alice...he did actually keep the rules. You're out," Jasper said calmly.

"Ugh I hate this game!" she exclaimed and stormed over to the side of the pitch.

"Okay Bella, you're next," Edward smiled.

He threw the ball gently; of course he would go easy on Bella! The ball went past her slowly and she swung after it went past her.

"Strike one!"

"Oh c'mon Bella! Don't let them win! That was terrible!"

"If I remember you didn't hit the ball either!"

"That was an easy throw!"

"Well I don't...know exactly what to do!"

"You don't know how to play baseball? Oh my God," Edward laughed.

"Shut up you, you, nerd!" Bella snapped.

"What did I do?!"

"Guys stop fighting or you'll come back as maggots!"

"C'mon guys, I'm wanna start trashing you again! I haven't got all night to beat you!"

"You are not going to beat us! I can promise you that!" Bella snapped.

"Next throw coming Isabella," Edward grinned.

Bella sighed deeply and missed the second throw.

"C'mon Bella!" shouted Alice.

Bella ignored her and missed the third shot.

"Bella you idiot!"

"Oh whatever!" she shouted back and went over and sat beside Alice.

Rosalie got her bat and stood up in front of Edward. She was wearing a massive grin on her face.

"Okay Mr. Monkey! Prepare to get your ass kicked!" Rosalie said confidently.

Edward smirked to himself and was about to throw the ball.

"No! No! Don't throw it! Aaaaaaaaaahhhh!" Rosalie screamed and she ran away screaming.

"I forfeit! I forfeit!" she screamed and she ran over to Bella and Alice.

The boys laughed.

"Well, time to lose girls," Emmett grinned as he picked up his bat and got ready to hit.

"How dare you! We are so going to beat you!" Rosalie insisted running out to a random part o the field.

They played on and the three boys got three home runs in a row. So by the end of that inning the boys were winning 3-0. They continued playing (the boys really well and the girls badly) and they boys were up 12-0 after the fourth inning. The girls then huddled together.

"Okay girls, we can still win this. If we can stop them scoring and get a perfect score for four innings then we can get level with them. Then if we can beat them in the next one after that we can win. I need that Gellar cup! I have to get it! Mom and Ross always won it!"

"Bella, all you have to do is hit the ball really hard in that direction and run as fast as you can to each jumper there, if you can try to get a home run. Rosalie, just hit the ball and you're fine. Then when we're pitching the ball just try and catch it."

"Okay," they whispered.

They ran back out and played a really great game. Rosalie finally stopped ducking away from the ball and Bella finally learned a few of the basic rules so she was able to play, and she ended up being quite good. As was Rosalie. After the eighth inning the score was 12-11 to the boys. The score at the last part of the inning was 12-12. It was up to Rosalie to hit it. Bella and Alice rolled their eyes, they were really nervous that she would lose them the game. She closed her eyes when Edward threw the ball. She hit it as hard as she possible could and it bounced very close to the foul line.

"Yay! Home Run! We win!" Rosalie exclaimed, jumping up and down.

"Hey wait a minute! No you didn't! That went outside! That was a foul ball so we win," Edward said defensively.

"It totally was inside! We win!" Emmett snapped back.

"No it wasn't! We win!"

"Okay, okay! I can settle this!" Rosalie shouted.

"There's nothing to settle because we won!" Edward insisted.

"Let's just say it was a draw. And the first one to touch the cup is the winner. And it's between Alice and Edward!"

Alice immediately started running for the cup. Edward started running after, and of course, being extremely fast got there at the exact same time as Alice, even though she had a big head start. They both held the cup and started arguing about who got to it first.


It was half eleven that night and Alice and Edward were still holding onto the cup. The other guys had went home a few hours before.

"Let go Edward."

"Why should I let go? We won fair and square."

"No we won now let go!"

"And again, why should I!?"

"Because I'm cold, and I have to pee."

"Not letting go," Edward said in a teasing voice.

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