Hello, This is the sequel to A Band Called Crimson. Hopefully you'll go back and read that story but if not I'll give you a five second summary.

Edward Masen, Bella Swan, Emmett Masen and Jasper Whitlock are all in a band called Crimson. They became famous under the watch of Carlisle Cullen their manager. Edward originally dated Tanya but is now with Bella. While Edward dated Tanya, Bella wrote and sang a now famous song You're Not Sorry. Alice and Rose are in charge of the band member's wardrobes.

That should be enough for this story to make sense. I hope you all like it.


Everywhere I turned I saw my face. And me being the self conscious person I am did not like it. Which leads to me being here, in a supermarket checkout line, in the middle of New York City, staring intently at a pack of Stride Wintergreen gum, trying to ignore all the tabloids at eye level.

Hollywood's newest golden couple! Sorry ladies, Edward is off the market. Bella and Edward the complete story. All of theses headlines were followed by pictures of our now famous kiss at a charity concert. I looked over at the person next to me who was now paying the elderly cashier for our groceries.

"What do you think of this?" I said holding up The Bella and Edward Story for him to see. Piercing green eyes skimmed over the headline before his signature crooked grin broke out across his face.

"Hm, I think I like this one a little better." Edward plucked a magazine featuring People's Sexiest Man, Edward Cullen off the shelf. I snatched the magazine out of his hands and threw it on the conveyor belt.

"Now that I want to read later." I laughed.

We were just gathering up the last of our groceries when a pretty red headed female started navigating her cart into our lane. Her eyes shot up and we heard a her take a quick breath before spinning around on her heel and running off down an aisle. Edward leaned down toward me and laughed.

"And … 3 ... 2 ... 1" he whispered.

"Edward! Bella! We love you! Go Crimson! You guys are my idol!" Screams were echoing throughout the small store as teenagers seemed to be stampeding out of the aisles toward us. I felt Edward place his hand in mine before we took off through the doors laughing as camera flashes appeared behind us.


We ran for 6 blocks before ducking into an alley. Edward grabbed the ladder to a fire escape and yanked it down. It lowered to the ground with a loud creak and Edward glanced toward the street to see if the paparazzi had heard it. Declaring the coast clear we climbed up to the third floor landing before sitting down.

"Well I guess we aren't going to be going to Central Park today." Edward sighed.

"It's okay we would of gotten ambushed eventually." I laughed.

"Yeah but I really wanted to have that picnic. I mean what are we going to do with all this peanut butter and jelly now." He motioned toward the two grocery bags next to him.

"Well we could just have it here."

He raised an eyebrow. "On a fire escape?"

"Well, I'm hungry and right now the paparazzi is setting up camp in the street so I say break out the PB and J."

"Sounds like a plan." Edward reached into the bag taking out the bread and peanut butter.

After were done making our sandwich's, Edward held his up to mine.

"Here's to another year of record breaking songs."

I laughed, "Heres to hoping the paparazzi doesn't make us late to our own concert."

Another crooked grin spread across Edward's face. "That to."


After successfully fighting our way through the paparazzi we made our way back around to Madison Square Garden. Up on the marquee were large letters reading "Crimson – Sold out!"

Edward shook his head before sighing "Sometimes I think that this is truly insane."

I grabbed his hand and lead him around back were a furious Carlisle was waiting for us.

"You guys are twenty minutes late. I've had Jasper and Emmett calling you all day!"

"Sorry Carlisle," I gave him my most innocent look, "we got caught by the paparazzi."

"You still could of made it here on time!"

"Well you know … the more they print our pictures the higher our price climbs and we only had your best interests at heart Carlisle."

He glared at me. "Touche Ms. Swan, now get ready."

I opened up the door to backstage only to be tackled by Rosalie and Alice. They had matching grins on their face were both breathing heavily.

"Man, what happened to you guys?"

"We've been working all day to ..." Alice started.

"...to make the perfect outfit for you. I mean its not everyday you perform to a Sold Out crowd." Rosalie finished.

"Umm, Rose" Alice butted in, "it is everyday. They are Crimson, remember?"

Rosalie gave a quick flick of her hand, "It doesn't matter. Anyways Bella, it's perfect."

"Alright meet me in my dressing room in 20 minutes so I can see this amazing outfit."


The concert was amazing. The crowd was singing along with all of our songs and we even played 3w more songs than originally planned. Rose and Alice's "perfect outfit" consisted of a denim mini and an off the shoulder blue top which definitely won the approval of Edward. It wasn't until I reached my dressing room that I realized how tired I truly was.

"Hello Bella." A woman's voice floated toward me once I walked into my dressing room.

"Hello … I'm sorry but do I know you?"

"My name is Esme Person." She answered while walking over to me to shake my hand. "I've heard your work and I'm very impressed. I think it's time you step out of the shadows of Crimson. I work for Twilight Records and I would like to offer you a solo recording contract with us."

So ... sound interesting?