Author Notes: I'm at work, and I'm writing porn. I'm not sure if I should hope this becomes a regular thing or not. Anyway, first smut piece. Had to happen sometime, lol. For week 34 at LJ's naruto_contest.

Pairings or Characters: Kiba/Hinata
Sexing with two teenagers. If you're offended by premarital sex, or ninja sex, or sex in general, steer clear.
Word Count:
It's upsetting when they scream the wrong name.

Just Another Slip of the Tongue

He can't believe it's happening. Here she is, naked below him, panting and mewling the way he always dreamed she would, only it's a thousand times better because she's with him and not that blond idiot she's always been obsessed with. He knows things have to go wrong -- either now, or shortly afterwards, she will think she's made a mistake and leave him -- but even if it's only once, it is enough.

She's tight and hot and wet around him, and he knows it's her first time. It isn't his first, though. He's had many girls with long, dark hair and light eyes, pretending they're someone else until he hears them cry his name in a voice that isn't hers.

He's sure to be slow and gentle, contrary to the voice in his mind begging him to fuck her fast and hard and make her scream and never forget. No, he takes care to ensure that those wonderful noises she's making are purely of pleasure. As he presses into her over and over again, he quietly thanks the powers that be that he's a ninja and has excellent self-control, or else he's sure he'd come every time she lets out that quiet cry when he hits just the right spot.

He doesn't want the end to come. He wants this moment to go on forever, just the two of them. He loves her -- he's always loved her -- but he's certain he's only a substitute. And he fears that, like he's done so many times before, she will cry someone else's name when she climaxes.

The closer she gets, the closer she pulls him to her. Legs wrapped around his waist, forcing him deeper into her with every thrust, and fingers running constantly through his brown hair make him growl low and happy like he were a dog getting his belly rubbed. He knows they're both almost there, but even when he feels her gently sink her teeth into his shoulder, he still keeps himself in check.

It isn't until he hears her whisper his name -- practically begging with only a word -- that he relents.

His pace nearly triples, and all he can hear is her quickening breaths until her fingers tighten in his hair and his name -- the right name -- tumbles from her lips. He loses himself in her shortly after, and though his arms feel like jelly, he keeps himself from collapsing on top of her.

It takes him a minute to catch his breath, and when he opens his eyes again, the sight steals it away again. Her dark hair is pooled around her with some of her bangs sticking to her forehead, her cheeks are stained pink from the exercise and a little from her usual bashfulness, and her ample chest rises and sinks slowly as her breathing returns to normal. But her pupil-less eyes are staring at him like she's confused, and he knows she's already realizing her mistake and wondering where her wonderful N-N-Naruto-kun is and--

"Um... K-Kiba-kun," she begins, interrupting his train of thought, "W-Why did you call for Akamaru?"