If We Could Be

Chapter one – My Little Apprentice

"Toby my boy…how would you like to learn my profession? A boy of your strength shouldn't be wasting their days in a pie shop all the time." I smirked down at the boy and patted his shoulder, visibly making him shudder. He nodded hesitantly, out of fear, but then his face suddenly lit up with indecision.

"But Mrs. Lovett! How will she keep up shop without me, Mr. Todd, sir? I can't just abandon Mum!"

"Shush shush shush. Hush now you stupid boy. Mrs. Lovett is a tough old woman. I'm sure she can handle working alone a few days every once and a while."

He looked at me curiously.

"Yes. Did you think I'd have you trailing me around six days a week? That would be painful for the both of us. Now go! Be sure I don't see your face until Thursday. Twelve noon sharp. Go!" I snapped the last word, making him stumble backwards and bow out of the room, muttering,

"Y-yes sir. Goodbye, sir."

Foolish boy. I would probably have to knock him around a bit before I even got some sense in his head.

Good thing the judge was dead and gone or I wouldn't be wasting such energy on the little brat. Yes…it was a very good thing indeed.