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I woke up, screaming as usual. My face was covered in sweat and my body was trembling. I've gotten use to this over these past few months. The dream still haunted me after months and months of therapy. It is on nights like these that I wish I were in his arms, soothed by his warm, amazingly muscular body and melting smile. Oh how I wish he was still here, with me, but he had to return home. How I missed him so. "I'm scared, Miyu. Bring him back soon, 'kay?" I asked into the starry sky, sitting up. I looked around to see a very concerned looking inu hanyou staring at me from across the campsite.

"You okay?" He cocked his head to the left. I gave him my most convincing smile, but he saw right through it. "Don't think I didn't hear those screams. Remember, I got ears like a hawk." I sighed and looked up. Of course it would be a Full Moon.

"I thought I had gotten over it, but it still haunts me. On every full moon, at least," I sighed, playing with the strings on my kimono sleeves. "Kagome's gone. Where'd she go?"

"She went to get more firewood with Sango. I can go get him if you want." It was so amazing how he can tell what I'm thinking. Although I would've gladly said yes, I simply shook me head and laid back down. "You sure?"

"Mmhmm. Just let me go back to sleep. I'll be okay," I yawned, turning over in my bag. I felt a soft, clawed hand run over my cheek then my arm, stopping at my wrist. "Inuyasha, what in the world are you doing?" I looked up at him to find him blushing. My tail twitched under my sleeping bag.

"I never thought I'd fall in love with an ookami youkai," he whispered before planting his lips on mine. I struggled at first, but some kind of feeling made me stay.

I'm in love with him, aren't I? That has to be it. I'm in love with Inuyasha…. We broke apart, panting. I smiled up at him and sat up, my tail excitedly wagging in the moonlight. "I… love you, Inuyasha," I admitted, blush rising on my cheeks.

"And I love you, Michiko. I always have and always will," he whispered, caressing my cheek.

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